Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: I Already Have a Boyfriend

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The entire room fell silent.

Xue Sheng spent the whole drive home pondering, but he still did not understand what this meant. He had brought the tea leaves as a gift, but why was it gifted back to him?

Amid everyone’s deep pondering, Old Lady Xue smirked. “That must be mockery, right? Our old man is not even qualified to drink this tea. Do you think you have the fortune to digest it? So much for giving you the project. As long as the contract is not signed, everything is an empty promise! He might just be giving you empty hope and a flash in the pan!”

Xue Sheng disagreed with her, though.

What status did the Gao family have? If they wanted to crush someone, all they needed to do was to directly display their att.i.tude. Would they need to trick him like this?

Old Master Xue deliberated a little further than the rest. “Did he mention Xue Xi’s matter?”

Xue Sheng shook his head. “Elder Gao didn’t mention anything. He doesn’t seem to know about the children’s matters.”

Old Master Xue then turned to look at Xue Xi, who had been sitting there and silently having her meal. “Xue Xi, did Gao Yanchen go looking for you today?”

Xue Xi was devouring her meal as she wanted to hurry back to her room to study more questions.

Upon hearing the question, she first swallowed the food in her mouth then answered in a laid-back manner, “Hm, he did.”

Her mother panicked. “Did he do anything to you? Or say anything?”

The old patriarch panicked too and cut in, “Xue Xi, what exactly is the matter between you and Gao Yanchen? Tell us everything from start to end.”

She paused, then put her chopsticks down. She politely turned to the old patriarch and said, “I didn’t offend Gao Yanchen. I am now his boss and he listens to me.”


Both the old patriarch and matriarch were stunned, seeming to not have expected this answer.

Similarly, Ye Li’s eyes widened.

In contrast, Xue Yao was not surprised at all, having seen the whole group of people standing before the girl and obediently calling her “Sister Xi.” She merely tightened her grip around her chopsticks.

Rather, it was Xue Sheng who seemed to have an epiphany. “No wonder Gao Yanchen was so polite to me today when he usually ignored everyone and was extremely prideful. Did Elder Gao give the project to us because of Gao Yanchen?”

“How can that be?!” Old Lady Xue was the first to retort. “Those are simply the children’s matters. How can it affect our project?! Gao Yanchen is not such a resourceful person.”

Xue Sheng’s eyes darkened. “Mom, I remember you saying yesterday that Elder Gao accedes to any of his grandson’s requests. Have you already forgotten this? Or… are you unwilling to believe that the Gao family only gave this project to us on Xixi’s account?”

This one sentence struck the bullseye of the old lady’s thoughts.

Her face turned beet-red as she pointed at him in anger. After a few breaths, she finally spoke. “So what if I don’t believe it? She is just a wretch who came back from the orphanage. What kind of abilities does she have to make Gao Yanchen listen to her? What does she rely on? Her face?”

At the words “her face,” everyone turned to look at Xue Xi in unison.

The girl sat there quietly and aloofly, ignoring the humiliation the old lady threw her way. Her huge and beautiful black eyes seemed to be shrouded in a layer of mist, giving off a mysterious feeling.

Beautiful, exquisite, and even more pleasing than idols.

Her facial features could indeed be relied upon.

This thought floated into the minds of the few.

Even Xue Sheng tensed up his jaw. Don’t tell me Gao Yanchen has fallen in love with my daughter?

The old patriarch seemed a little delighted as he inquired uncertainly, “Is Gao Yanchen…”

Alas, he was cut off by Xue Sheng mid-speech. “Out of the question! That lad learns no knowledge or skill and knows only how to fight and get into trouble every day. Xixi definitely cannot be with him!”

Old Lady Xue instinctively looked down on the mentioned girl. “Yo, you don’t even fancy Gao Yanchen. Then who else can you fancy? Fan Han is an impressive one, but do you think he will fancy her?”

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Right as this was said, the taut string that had been in Xue Yao’s mind ever since she found out that Xue Xi was going to partic.i.p.ate in the Physics Olympiad snapped.

Everyone turned to look at Xue Xi.

She had wanted to interrupt many times. Seeing that everyone had finally shut up, she then slowly enunciated, “No need for that trouble.”

She continued slowly, “I already have a boyfriend.”

Everyone else: “??”

Xue Sheng had an ominous feeling inside. Don’t tell me it’s really Gao Yanchen?

Ye Li frantically asked, “Who is it?”

“…The boss of a provision shop.”

Not Gao Yanchen.

This thought popped into Xue Sheng’s mind first, then he was stunned.

Provision shop… The first impression he had of this term was darkness, clutter, and low income from the sales, which could only barely sustain a normal life.

He looked at her blankly in surprise. “How did you start dating this boyfriend?”

Xue Xi sighed. Can’t we speak after finishing our meal?

Still, as a polite person, she proceeded to answer, “Because I said I will give him money. So he agreed to be my boyfriend.”


There was pin-drop silence immediately.

After a while, Ye Li stuttered out, “Xixi, y-you… What stage have you and he progressed to?”

Xue Xi thought for a while, then answered in a serious and emotionless manner, “I will feel a pain in my heart if I don’t see him.”

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