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Young Master Yan

Chapter 219 - See You Tomorrow!

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Chapter 219: See You Tomorrow!

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Xiang Huai, who was having his last bite: “?”

After steadily finishing his meal, he slowly looked up and said, “Oh. My phone is out of battery.”

After saying that, he even raised his phone. Because he was afraid that he would be disturbed after returning to the capital, when he entered the school to act as a student, he’d turned it off and now waved it in front of her.

Xue Xi did not have any doubts. She merely frowned and nodded. “Alright.”

Forget it. I’ll go look for Mr. Wei later and get my phone back.

There was a rule in the camp that students were not allowed to bring their phones to cla.s.s. However, it should be fine for her to call home to inform them that she was fine after cla.s.s, right?

Xiang Huai was not anxious at all. There were some matters that he would settle personally when he returned home tonight!

The little kid wants someone else to teach her mathematics? Is there a need?

After dinner, they returned to the cla.s.sroom to study at night.

Xue Xi went to the teacher’s office. There was only Mr. Wei inside. When he saw her, Mr. Wei heaved a sigh of relief. “Xue Xi, are you here to apologize to Mr. Li? He went back first…”

Before he could finish speaking, Xue Xi shook her head. “No, I’m here to take my phone.”

Mr. Wei: “…”

Mr. Wei was stunned. “What?”

After Xue Xi explained what had happened in the afternoon, Mr. Wei was a little speechless. “Are you saying that Mr. Li confiscated your phone during lunch?”

Xue Xi nodded.

Mr. Wei felt a little speechless.

Although the rules said that students were not allowed to bring their phones when they were in cla.s.s, it was impossible for the camp to not let the students contact their families. Moreover, this was the Golden Autumn Camp, not the summer camp.

Right now, those rules were just short of being abolished. After all, what era was this? How could students not bring their phones?

He stood up. “I’ll help you look for it.”

He went directly to Mr. Li’s desk and was about to open his drawer when he realized that it was locked.

Mr. Wei: “…”

He took a deep breath, picked up a hammer beside him, and smashed the lock. He then opened the drawer and pa.s.sed Xue Xi’s phone to her. “Hurry and contact your house.”

He really could not stand Mr. Li’s actions.

However, Mr. Wei was an adult and had to take care of his family. It was impossible for him to go against Mr. Li and risk his own occupation. The only thing he could do was to speak up for Xue Xi in front of the in-charge and help her get her phone.

Xue Xi looked deeply at Mr. Wei and bowed to him. She took the phone and said, “Thank you.”

Mr. Wei waved his hand. “d.a.m.n, I actually feel quite guilty that I did not help much. Alright, go!”

Xue Xi nodded.

After Xue Xi left, Mr. Wei sighed.

There was no choice. In the Mathematical Olympiad team, Mr. Li was considered a sub-leader. Mr. Wei had to listen to Mr. Li’s words and really could not do anything else.

Xue Xi took her phone out and left a message to Teaches Math. She recounted the events and finally said, “I wonder if you can help me in any way?”

Teaches Math replied very quickly: “Sister Xi, even if you didn’t look for me, I would have already heard of this matter. They actually said that you’re immoral. Ha, what a joke! Don’t worry, I’ll definitely take care of this! Study in peace!”

Learning: “Thank you.”

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After replying, Xue Xi returned to the cla.s.sroom. When she put down her phone, she saw Li Xi roll her eyes at her.

He sat on the wall and waved at Xue Xi. “Little kid, see you tomorrow.”

Xue Xi: “… Okay.”

Immediately, Xiang Huai jumped down.

The moment he landed, Xiang Huai’s expression turned cold. He turned on the phone and dialed a number…

Hearing that the other party was silent, Xue Xi turned around and walked toward the dormitory.

Just as she entered the dormitory, she suddenly heard a commotion.

Zhang Xiaoxiao seemed a little angry. “How can you guys do this?”

The other two dormitory mates hesitated and said, “Zhang Xiaoxiao, it’s not that we don’t support the Master, but we’re also afraid.”

One of them cried. “I’ve been studying only mathematics since I was young. My overall results are not good, so this is the only way I can go to university. If I’m also chased out of the Golden Autumn Camp, I’ll be finished! I’m sorry!”

As they spoke, they carried their school bag and blanket and walked out. The moment they stepped out, they saw Xue Xi and their faces turned red. “Master? G.o.ddess?”

Xue Xi’s expression was calm. She nodded and entered the dormitory after walking past them.

The two of them heaved a sigh of relief and left.

However, Zhang Xiaoxiao was indignant. “G.o.ddess, they were afraid of being implicated by you, so they went to another dormitory to stay tonight.”

Xue Xi: “…Oh.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao: “?”

She was stunned. “You’re not angry?”

Xue Xi replied, “Everyone has their own goals.”

After washing up, she lay on the bed. Outside, Li Xi walked past them and purposely said loudly, “I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I heard that the punishment for Xue Xi will come down then!”

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