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Chapter 218 - Is the Punishment Very Severe?

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Chapter 218: Is the Punishment Very Severe?

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The in-charge hesitated when he heard this.

Just as he was about to say something, Mr. Wei entered and said with a smile, “F*ck. These students are all in their teens and are in their rebellious stage. As teachers, can we really be calculative with them? Mr. Li, I know that Xue Xi was wrong, but let’s just forget about this matter.”

Mr. Li’s face darkened.

The in-charge also said, “Mr. Wei, you came just in time. What do you think of this Xue Xi?”

Mr. Wei immediately said, “She’s a young lady. She’s skinny and small. She’s pretty and has good grades. I heard that her family background is also not bad. She’s not much worse than Li Xuekai and his family. It’s normal for her to be arrogant.”

The mention that her family background was not much worse than Li Xuekai’s implied that Mr. Li should not go overboard. Xue Xi was not a person without any powerful backing.

Mr. Li frowned as expected.

The person-in-charge smiled and said, “Your impression of her is not bad!”

Mr. Wei smiled. “F*ck, isn’t it because our Math Olympiad group hasn’t gotten a gold medal in years? That’s why I have high hopes for her and Li Xuekai this year. You don’t know how good her results were during the National Mathematical Olympiad! Moreover, she even proved Bartra’s theory, which means that her mathematics knowledge is very broad.”

The in-charge hesitated.

Just as he was about to say something, he heard Mr. Li coldly snort. “So, such a person should be supported. It doesn’t matter even if she humiliates the teacher. A teacher doesn’t just teach people to get results, but they should also be teaching them the principle of being a good person! She doesn’t even know how to respect her teacher. Do you still expect her to fight for the glory of the country in the future?!”

The in-charge frowned.

Everyone here was a teacher, so they naturally understood that a teacher’s responsibility was not just to teach. Moreover, after so many years, there had been countless students who had come to the Golden Autumn Camp. No one dared to refute a teacher in cla.s.s.

Mr. Li was not an ordinary teacher. Those who could enter the Math Olympiad group must have some capability.

The person-in-charge’s expression darkened. “Mr. Li, don’t worry. We’ll definitely settle this matter seriously! I’ll report it to the higher-ups now. You’re right. Students can’t only look at results, but more importantly, their manners!”

After saying this, the in-charge walked out. “I’ll go to the cla.s.s and ask a few students about the situation. Don’t worry about Huaxia University. Professor Feng Xingshen came to the school today, so he must be very concerned. I’ll report this to him.”


Mr. Li was satisfied.

Li Xi and her cla.s.smates were called away one after another. When they returned to the cla.s.sroom, they looked at Xue Xi strangely.

They were clearly being interviewed as part of an investigation.

The cla.s.sroom was originally undergoing self-study, and the few of them entering and leaving attracted the attention of others. When Li Xi returned and her deskmate asked about the situation, Li Xi smiled. “It’s to warn the person-in-charge and punish someone who humiliates a teacher!”

Her voice was not low. When she said this, everyone was even more certain that she was targeting Xue Xi.

Someone exclaimed, “Would the punishment be very severe?”

After all, they were not students of the Golden Autumn Camp. They were only here to partic.i.p.ate in the training, so it was impossible for them to receive a serious punishment, right?

Just as they thought this, they heard Li Xi say, “It’s very likely that the Mathematical Olympiad committee will cancel some people’s partic.i.p.ation opportunities and chase them out of the Golden Autumn Camp. After that, this kind of thing will definitely be exposed to Huaxia University. I heard that the person-in-charge is going to communicate with them. Those with a problematic character might lose their admission qualifications. Moreover, the in-charge is going to communicate with the relevant high schools. This matter might even chase him or her after they go back there!”


Everyone took a deep breath and sighed. “So serious?”

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Li Xi nodded. “Yes, so those who don’t want to be affected should stay away from certain people!”

After everyone in the cla.s.sroom had left, Xue Xi looked at Xiang Huai and asked, “Are you still not leaving?”

Xiang Huai smiled. “Why are you in a hurry? I’ll accompany you to the evening self-study cla.s.s.”

Xue Xi paused and replied, “Oh.” She then stood up. “Let’s go have dinner!”

Xiang Huai slowly followed behind Xue Xi. He did not have a meal card, so Xue Xi used her own to get him food. When the two of them returned with the food, they saw that there were many people in the canteen and there were no other seats.

Moreover, after what had happened in the afternoon, everyone avoided suspicion and dared not sit with Xue Xi.

At this moment, Zhang Xiaoxiao waved at them. “Here!”

Xue Xi led Xiang Huai over. After they sat down opposite each other, Xiang Huai naturally gave her a piece of his pork ribs. “This pork ribs is not bad.”

Xue Xi also ate it naturally and commented, “Not bad.”

Beside her, Zhang Xiaoxiao: “??”

She looked down at the drumstick in her hand. Why did she feel that it suddenly did not smell good?!

Zhang Xiaoxiao silently watched as Xue Xi finished all the food and drank another bowl of soup. She did not seem to have a bad appet.i.te at all, as though the incident in the afternoon had zero effect on her.

She then asked, “G.o.ddess, aren’t you afraid of Mr. Li?”

Xue Xi replied, “Oh. Right.”

She’d wanted to find someone who could teach her mathematics on WeChat, but her phone was confiscated. She suddenly looked at Xiang Huai and extended her hand to him. “Let me use your phone’s WeChat.”

Fortunately, she had an extraordinarily retentive memory. She remembered Teaches Math’s WeChat and intended to add him to Xiang Huai’s account before telling him about the situation here.

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