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Young Master Yan

Chapter 216 - : Who Are You?

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Chapter 216: Who Are You?

“This question is unsolvable.”

“This question is wrong.”

At the exact same time that Xue Xi spoke, Xiang Huai did as well. Xue Xi paused and looked at Xiang Huai, only to see him raise an eyebrow and shut his mouth.

Xue Xi paused.

This person seemed to have noticed the problem long ago. Was that why he had been standing there calmly just now? He seemed to be more capable than she had imagined.

While Xue Xi was in a daze, Li Xi said, “What? What nonsense are you talking about?! If you can’t solve it, so be it. How can you say that there’s no solution? Are you kidding?”

Her words pulled Xue Xi back from her reverie.

Xue Xi looked at Mr. Li fixedly. Before she could speak, Li Xuekai said, “There is indeed no solution.”

Li Xi was stunned. She would think that Xue Xi was joking, but since Li Xuekai had also said so, it meant that…

She turned to look at Mr. Li. “Uncle, is there really no solution?”

Mr. Li frowned. He coughed and stared at Xue Xi. “Why do you say that there is no solution? Because you can’t solve it? Or what?”

Xue Xi gently said, “Because I lack a premise, I won’t be able to calculate A’s value. Hence, this question is indeed unsolvable.”

Mr. Li was furious that she actually answered correctly.

He had originally set this question to make things difficult for them. By giving them the answer in the end, he’d be seen to be teaching them a lesson. Unexpectedly, he was actually seen through.

He was a little embarra.s.sed, so he pretended to cough. “Mhm. I was only giving you an appetizer with this question. Xue Xi is right. That’s true.”

He turned to walk to the podium and casually waved at Xiang Huai. “Leave!”

Xiang Huai paused and shot the little kid a glance.

Although Xue Xi still looked so indifferent, he, who already knew Xue Xi, could tell that the little kid was angry.

She would not appear angry when she was angry, but the mist in her eyes would intensify.

He thought about it and did not flare up. He obediently got down.

Mr. Li walked to the podium and picked up the book again. “Alright, I purposely missed giving a premise for this question. Now that I’ve added it, you guys will be able to calculate the answer. The reason why I did this is to tell you guys not to go into a dead end. Anything that could happen in the examination hall might happen. I’ll explain what this question will do after I add A’s value.”

After saying that, he was just about to explain when he saw Xue Xi still standing there. He paused. “Sit down and listen to the cla.s.s!”

Xue Xi did not move.

Mr. Li frowned. “What is it?”

Slowly, Xue Xi answered, “Teacher, I want to ask you a question.”

Although Mr. Li was impatient, he could not be too obvious in front of so many students. Hence, he could only say, “Speak.”

Xue Xi looked at Xiang Huai. “You just said that he’s not good. So then, what about you? Who do you think you are?”

Mr. Li: “?”

His face darkened. “Why are you speaking to your teacher like that?”

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Xue Xi paused on purpose. “Oh, sorry. ‘You’ are not a good person.”

Xue Xi should not have wasted everyone’s time just because of one person.

Xue Xi thought about it and prepared to force Mr. Li to apologize after cla.s.s.

She nodded at Mr. Wei and sat down.

Mr. Wei then turned to look at Mr. Li and gave him an out. “Alright, as a teacher, you may speak without thinking, but I’m sure you definitely don’t have any ill intentions. Everyone, listen to the lesson!”

After saying that, he stared at Mr. Li and said, “Mr. Li, no matter what, let’s have the cla.s.s first and not waste everyone’s time.”

Since Feng Xingshen had come here in the morning, this meant that the Mathematics team must have placed great importance on them. They definitely wanted to get a gold medal in the international scene this year. After all, there were indeed a few good seedlings this year.

Now that Mr. Li was causing trouble here and delaying everyone’s cla.s.s, it would definitely be considered a crime if the higher-ups found out.

His words were a warning to Mr. Li.

As expected, Mr. Li stopped throwing a tantrum, but he said, “We can’t delay other people’s time. We’ll be having our cla.s.s next, but Xue Xi, you better stand outside! You’re not welcome to listen to my cla.s.s!”

The cla.s.s fell silent again.

Xue Xi frowned and felt that Mr. Li’s targeting was getting more obvious.

Before she could do anything, Mr. Li knocked on the blackboard. “Are you still going to attend this cla.s.s? If you delay everyone’s time, can you afford to pay for it?!”

Xue Xi took a deep breath when she heard this.

She stood up abruptly and walked out. She was going to look for a real mathematics teacher!

Just as she was about to leave the cla.s.sroom, she heard a familiar voice. “Wait.”

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