Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 213 - Protection

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Chapter 213: Protection

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When Xiang Huai found the cla.s.sroom, he’d seen Xue Xi writing a self-reflection essay but did not take it seriously at first.

Who did not write a few self-reflection essays in school?

Moreover, the little kid was indeed quite arrogant. Perhaps she did not attend cla.s.s properly, so he had her eat first and thought of asking about the details later.

He certainly did not expect this teacher to start scolding them before he could ask her anything.

Moreover, it was obvious that he did not intend to let Xue Xi have lunch.

A teacher could indeed scold students when appropriate, but it was going a little overboard to punish them and then not let them eat.

Before Xiang Huai could speak, the teacher pointed the blame at him and his words became more and more extreme. Was this what a teacher should say?

“I’m asking you a question. Why are you acting mute?” Mr. Li flared up at Xiang Huai again.

Xiang Huai slowly lifted his head after writing something.

Before he could speak, another voice came from the door. “G.o.ddess, we got you some food. You can write your reflection after having two mouthfuls!”

Zhang Xiaoxiao was shouting as she rushed in. However, when she entered and saw the cla.s.sroom, she was stunned.

Li Xuekai followed Zhang Xiaoxiao in. He was holding a lunch box in his hand. When he entered, his eyes landed on the food container in front of Xue Xi.

The thermos flask was already open. The food inside was many times better than what’s served in school.

Mr. Li became even angrier when he saw the two of them. “What are you guys doing again? Isn’t there a rule in the school that you can’t bring food to the cla.s.sroom? Who told you to get food?”

After saying that, he said, “Xue Xi, don’t be unreasonable here just because you have some foundation in mathematics. Because of you, how many people will follow suit and violate the rules?”

After saying this, Li Xuekai hurriedly said, “Mr. Li, you’ve misunderstood. Zhang Xiaoxiao is here to call Xue Xi for lunch. As for me, I’m the one who broke the rules and brought my packed lunch to the cla.s.sroom. I’m willing to be punished.”

After saying that, he sat at the side and took a bite after opening the box.

Xue Xi: “?”

Zhang Xiaoxiao looked at Li Xuekai and was suddenly touched.

Although she knew that Xue Xi had a boyfriend, the love between two top students was simply too tempting, alright?

On the other hand, Xiang Huai, who had just put down his pen, turned to look at Li Xuekai. His gaze had been on Li Xuekai the moment he entered the room, and he thought, Is this person bringing food for the little kid?

Xiang Huai narrowed his eyes.

Li Xuekai said, “Mr. Li, how shall I be punished for eating in the cla.s.sroom? Do you want me to clean the cla.s.sroom or something? I will bear the consequences with Xue Xi!”

Mr. Li: “…”

He could have increased the punishment with just Xue Xi alone, but now that Li Xuekai was involved… This was a talent that was especially being nurtured by the Mathematical Olympiad this year. He was still hoping that Li Xuekai could help China get a gold medal.

It wasn’t that Mr. Li particularly loved his country, but if they could get the gold medal, he would also be given some bonus.

Moreover, Li Xuekai’s family was not ordinary. There were also some people who were in the academic world, so he did not dare to go overboard.

With Li Xuekai involving himself, Mr. Li could only say, “Clean up after school!”

Li Xuekai nodded. “Okay, Mr. Li. I promise to clean the cla.s.sroom.”

With just a few words, he’d brought the matter to an end.

Mr. Li then looked at Zhang Xiaoxiao. “You…”

Zhang Xiaoxiao turned around and walked out. “Aye, I have to go eat. Otherwise, the lunch break will be over.”

She then ran out.

Mr. Li was furious. Why couldn’t he catch Xue Xi at fault?

He turned to look at Xue Xi. Suddenly, he spotted the self-reflection essay in Xiang Huai’s hand and said, “You dare ask the other students to help you write your reflection…”

Xiang Huai suddenly balled up the paper in his hand and threw it out the window. He then said lazily, “Teacher, can’t I just casually write a self-reflection essay?”

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Mr. Li was furious. “You…”

Li Xuekai asked, “Did you answer the last question? What was your answer?”

Xue Xi: “The area of the shadow is…”

Li Xuekai continued asking, “What about the second to the last question?”

Xue Xi gave another answer.

Both of them were top students, and the papers they had just finished were still fresh in their minds. Hence, they were very familiar with the answers.

As Xiang Huai wrote the reflection essay, he felt that something was amiss.

Was he writing a self-reflection here just to let the little kid cozy with others?!

Xiang Huai paused and suddenly said, “Girlfriend.”

Xue Xi, who was trying to figure out the answer, suddenly turned around. “Mhm?”

Li Xuekai, who was eating, paused when he heard this address. He suddenly looked over with a stunned expression.

Xiang Huai was still very relaxed. “Is the beef delicious?”

Xue Xi: “Delicious.”

“I don’t believe it. Let me try it.”

After saying this, Xiang Huai lifted his head slightly and pouted at Xue Xi. His hand continued writing the self-reflection.

Xue Xi hesitated for a moment before stuffing a piece of beef into his mouth.

She had no choice. He was currently writing a self-reflection essay for her.

Xiang Huai slowly ate the beef.

After a while, the students returned to the cla.s.sroom after having lunch.

Zhang Xiaoxiao had also returned. Sitting beside him, she looked at Xiang Huai and said, “Li Zixuan, you have to be careful! Mr. Li will definitely target you this afternoon!”

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