Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 211 - Your Huai~

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Chapter 211: Your Huai~

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Upon reaching the entrance, Mr. Li led them to the office door. He pointed at the door and gestured for the two of them to enter.

Li Xuekai only returned to his senses at this moment. He frowned and asked, “It’s Professor Feng?! The mathematician I’ve heard of?!”

Mr. Li looked impatient. “Yes, so don’t speak nonsense, understand?”

Li Xuekai nodded and turned to look at Xue Xi. “Don’t be nervous!”

Xue Xi: “?”

Li Xuekai comforted her. “Although this big shot is indeed impressive, he is still human. Don’t be afraid! We are still young and you have already proved Bartra’s theory. Our future achievements might not be worse than his.”

Xue Xi: … Is there a reason I should be afraid?

But Feng Xingshen should be the one in the Moguls’ Group, the one who taught mathematics. Thinking about it this way, she could only feel that it was nice that she could meet someone from the Moguls’ Group again.

She raised her misty eyes. At this moment, the mist seemed to have been blown away and her eyes became a little brighter. She took a step forward and pushed open the door.

Just as he was about to continue persuading her to stop being nervous, Li Xuekai: “?”

Li Xuekai could only quicken his pace and follow Xue Xi into the office.

Everyone in the office seemed to have gone out since they were not here. Feng Xingshen used the excuse of having a private chat with someone to chase them out.

Feng Xingshen was a tall and skinny old man. He looked energetic, and his eyes seemed to be glowing. However, his skin was already wrinkled and his hair was already white. He was dressed in a decent suit and was smiling at them. It made one feel a sense of familiarity.

He asked, “You guys are here?”

Xue Xi slowly said, “Are you the one who Teaches Math?”

“Ssss…” Li Xuekai took a deep breath. How could Xue Xi be so rude to Big Bull? Who’d dare to ask him if he taught mathematics?

He looked up at Xue Xi helplessly, then stood in front of her and smiled apologetically. “Professor Feng, I’m sorry. Xue Xi is a little straightforward. That’s not what she meant. She…”

Before Li Xuekai could finish speaking, Feng Xingshen smiled. “Yes, I’m the one who Teaches Math.”

Li Xuekai: “??”

Li Xuekai was stunned. Feng Xingshen did not seem hostile, and he did not seem to mind Xue Xi’s address at all.

He turned to look at Xue Xi.

Xue Xi continued to look at him. “You’re a little older than I expected.”

Feng Xingshen: “…”

Li Xuekai: “…”

I’ve seen people seeking death, but I’ve never seen anyone seeking death like this.

Xue Xi did look like she did not have a high EQ, but how could it be this low?

He hurriedly made excuses for her. “Professor Feng, don’t misunderstand. She’s not saying that you’re old, but that you’re very experienced and venerated in the mathematics world!”

“Hahaha!” Feng Xingshen laughed. “Sister Xi is a straightforward person. She doesn’t know how to beat around the bush. All she said was that I’m old, and I’m indeed old. I’m already 61 years old this year. Time is relentless! Sigh!”

Li Xuekai still wanted to make excuses for Xue Xi. She had yet to enter the mathematics world, yet she had already offended one of its big shots. This was simply seeking death.

However, before he could speak, he suddenly caught the intimate form of address Feng Xingshen had used: Sister Xi…

He suddenly turned to look at Xue Xi and then at Feng Xingshen. “You guys know each other?”

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Feng Xingshen smiled. “This is my young friend.”

Despite saying this, he would occasionally glance at the office.

When the three of them came out and he saw that Feng Xingshen’s expression was as usual, Mr. Li heaved a sigh of relief. “Elder Feng, good morning.”

Feng Xingshen nodded.

When Xue Xi and Li Xuekai returned to the cla.s.sroom, it was time for lunch. She packed up and was about to go eat when her phone rang.

Xue Xi was slightly taken aback. When she picked it up, she realized that it was a familiar number: Xiang Huai was calling.

Just as she was about to answer the call, a voice rang. “Xue Xi! You can’t bring your phone when you’re in school. Don’t you know? How can you take calls during cla.s.s?!”

Xue Xi stared blankly at the door and saw Mr. Li standing there, glaring at her.

Xue Xi shot a glance at her cla.s.smate who was playing with her phone and then at Mr. Li.

She was still unsure when it happened during the cla.s.s, but now, she was certain that this Mr. Li was targeting her.

She lowered her eyes. Meanwhile, Mr. Li had already rushed in front of her. “Give me your phone! You can’t play with your phone during school, period! Hand it over!”

Xue Xi paused.

She glanced at Mr. Li’s body, and as her indifferent gaze swept across him, it showed a hint of disdain.

In the end, she still handed the phone over.

Xue Xi had always been a law-abiding student. There was indeed a rule in the school that one could not bring a phone, but it was normal for everyone to bring it in secretly.

Since the teacher was in charge, though, she should hand it over.

As the phone had already landed in Mr. Li’s hands, Xue Xi did not see that the string of numbers had sent her a message because she did not answer the call. “I’m waiting for you at the door. I brought you lunch. —Your Huai.”

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