Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 210 - Visiting an Old Friend

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Chapter 210: Visiting an Old Friend

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Mr. Li and Mr. Wei were stunned when they saw them. They stood up straight.

The teacher beside him asked, “Professor Feng, are you going to the examination hall?”

Feng Xingshen smiled. “An old friend of mine is there. I’ll go take a look.”

When he reached the entrance, he did not disturb the people inside. He gestured for the teachers to keep quiet and looked inside.

The examination room that could fit a few hundred people looked like a grand hall.

The seats were all of different levels. The further inside they went, the higher they got. Their black heads were dazzling.

It was extremely difficult for Feng Xingshen to find Xue Xi among these people.

He gave up and was about to leave when he suddenly saw two examination candidates standing in the last row.

They were too far away and he could not see what they looked like. He only knew that one of them was a girl as she was wearing a blue sports attire. He was not bothered. He retracted his gaze and casually asked, “Why are there people standing while taking the exam?”

The moment he said this, Mr. Li and Mr. Wei looked at each other. Just as Mr. Wei was about to say something, Mr. Li said, “Well, a few children were being too arrogant. They’re fine where they are. Let them stand so their spirits can be tempered.”

Feng Xingshen did not think much of it.

The people who attended the Golden Autumn Camp were top students from all over the country. It was normal for them to be a little arrogant. With so many outstanding talents gathered together, it was inevitable that there would be disagreements.

He nodded and followed the other teachers to the office. “When will it be over?”

The teacher from before said, “There’s still an hour to go. What’s the matter?”

“Nothing much.”

Feng Xingshen arrived at the office and sat down. “Show me your future studies.”

He did not care much about the Math Olympiad compet.i.tion in the country. These things were all child’s play to him, but it did not mean that others did not care. Hence, he knew not to disturb Sister Xi’s exams.

Although Xue Xi looked skinny and weak, her stamina had always been good. As it consumed her energy, answering questions while remaining standing was not easy, but she had always been able to mult.i.task. Hence, the examination did not require much effort for her.

Meanwhile, Li Xuekai’s face was not red at all. He stood there for three hours without batting an eyelid. Moreover, after handing in the papers, everyone came to ask him how his results were. He even said that he had finished answering all the questions, which attracted everyone’s attention.

The whole morning was spent on the examination. After they finished and handed in the papers, it was only eleven o’clock.

The teachers allowed the students to have their own free time. Everyone planned to practice solving questions for an hour in the cla.s.sroom before heading to the canteen for lunch.

Xue Xi returned to her seat. When they were all done, Zhang Xiaoxiao and the rest winked at her. “G.o.ddess of Studying, what’s going on between you and Li Xuekai?”

Xue Xi, who had a baffled look on her face as though she was just a bystander, was speechless.

She was stunned. “What do you mean?”

Zhang Xiaoxiao grinned. “What’s your relationship with him?”

Xue Xi: “… A provincial relationship?”

The three of them: “Just this?”


The three of them: “Don’t lie to us. For you, that straight-A student even went to the back to answer the questions. You must have a special relationship!”

Xue Xi: “… Wasn’t it because he’s sleepy that he wanted to answer the questions while standing?”

The three of them: “??”

What she’s thinking seemed to be different from their train of thought?

While Xue Xi was in a daze, Zhang Xiaoxiao suddenly nudged her and shot her a look. “Sister Xi, look!”

Xue Xi was confused. “What are we looking at?”

At this moment, she heard a voice behind her. “Xue Xi.”

Xue Xi turned around and saw Li Xuekai walking over.

Zhang Xiaoxiao hurriedly tugged at her other two roommates. “Let’s read some books. You guys can chat~”

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Xue Xi: “…”

Xue Xi replied reluctantly, “… Yes.”

She had a very shallow understanding of friendship and had never known how to distinguish between the types of “friends.” In the past, when she was in the orphanage, she also had friends. They played, ate together, and slept together. However, after those friends were adopted, they no longer contacted each other.

She was used to being alone.

The chatterbox had barged into her world forcefully, making her unable to bear to see her suffer any grievances. It was the same with the few members of the Roaring Flame Society. As long as Gao Yanchen was in trouble, she would definitely interfere.

However, these were relationships that had been built over the past few months.

Hence, she really did not want to admit that the Li Xuekai she just met was also her friend.

Seeing how reluctant she was, Li Xuekai twitched his lips again. “…”

Just as he was about to say something, Mr. Li’s voice sounded from the door. “Li Xuekai, Xue Xi, come out for a while.”

The two of them looked at each other and were stunned.

They then walked out and saw Mr. Li’s stern face. “Both of you, go to the office. A professor is here and wants to hear about the students’ studies. He chose the two of you to talk to.”

Li Xuekai nodded and casually asked, “Who is it?”

Who else could it be?

Mr. Li: “Feng Xingshen.”

Li Xuekai: “?”

He suspected that he had heard wrongly. “Who?”

“Professor Feng.” Mr. Li glared at the two of them. “Be careful when you speak later! This is a famous mathematician! Keep your arrogance in check! Especially you, Xue Xi. Don’t be a p.r.i.c.k, understand?”

Xue Xi: “??”

Feng Xingshen, who had been waiting in the office for an hour, looked over when the two of them arrived. He was slightly taken aback when he saw Xue Xi.


Why did the person who had been standing during the exam look like Sister Xi?

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