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Young Master Yan

Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Xiang Huai’s Father-in-law!


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Xue Sheng’s tea was placed in a carrier. The secretary did not even need to see what was inside to know that it must be something of high value. Hence, after a glance, he said, “That cannot do.”

Elder Gao had specifically ordered: Refuse gifts!

As he saw that even the gift was being rejected, Xue Sheng’s face turned even bitter. Is it really because Xixi offended the Gao family?

While he was thinking this, a convertible with its roof open drove in. The large metal gates parted open and the secretary moved to the side, then respectfully addressed, “Young Master Chen.”

Gao Yanchen waved at him in greeting, then slowly drove into the compound.

Xue Sheng frowned.

The young man’s complexion seemed fine. This meant that what the supposed “unwell” Elder Gao had said was merely an excuse.

Idling here for any longer would only offend the other party. Just as Xue Sheng was about to leave and think of another solution, the car that had driven in slowly reversed its way out. Gao Yanchen looked at him and asked with hesitation, “Xue Xi’s father?”

He had seen Xue Sheng in other events before.

Xue Sheng nodded and admitted openly, “Yes.”

In the next instant, Gao Yanchen hurriedly alighted from the car and greeted him politely, “Uncle Xue, are you here for a visit? Hurry and come in!”


Xue Sheng was usually a calm person, but now, even he was totally dumbstruck. What is happening?

The secretary was even more at a loss. “Young Master Chen, Elder Gao said—”

Gao Yanchen cut him off in annoyance. “Let’s talk inside if there is a need to. Is halting our guests outside our door part of our Gao family’s hospitality?”

Secretary: “?”

Young Master Chen, you used to ignore everyone. Have you ever shown any hospitality?

Alas, he did not say this out loud.

After they entered the living room, Gao Yanchen said, “Uncle Xue, have a seat first. I’ll go call the old man.”

He then noticed the gift in his hands and said, “Is this a gift? I’ll help you pa.s.s it in.”

Xue Sheng nodded, feeling awkward. He then sat down on the sofa beside them.

With the gift in hand, Gao Yanchen walked in. Elder Gao was sitting at the balcony and basking in the sun. When he saw his grandson walk in, he sighed. “Did you skip cla.s.s again?”

Gao Yanchen walked over. “You have a guest.”

Elder Gao waved at him. “I’m not seeing anyone. I won’t be seeing anyone for the time being.”

Gao Yanchen squatted down and tugged his beard. “Old man, you must definitely meet this guest!”

The old man yelped in pain and sat up, swatting his grandson’s hand. “Show some respect to your elders!”

He then peered at the gift box in his grandson’s hands and asked curiously, “Who is this guest that you place so much importance on? It’s fine if I have to meet him, but we must agree to not accept any gifts.”

The latter simply stuffed the gift in his hands, though. “You must accept it!”

Elder Gao sighed. “You don’t understand. Some higher-up came recently and I will get in trouble if I accept any gifts during this dangerous period.”

Although Gao Yanchen was a rascal, he knew to not harm his own grandfather. Still, if they did not accept the gift, wouldn’t they embarra.s.s Uncle Xue?

He eyed the gift in his hands and decided to open up the carrier. “I’ll see if the gift is a valuable item. Just accept it if it’s not, or Uncle Xue might feel humiliated.”

Elder Gao was about to speak when he spotted an extremely familiar tea leaves box being retrieved from the carrier…

Gao Yanchen quizzically studied the box. “Old man, why does this gift look awfully familiar?”

The old man stood up in agitation.

How could it not be awfully familiar?

It was his tea!

Through simple luck and coincidence, he’d managed to purchase this 150 grams of Da Hong Pao. He could not bear to drink it and, hence, had always stored it preciously. It was then taken away from him with just one order by General Xiang. Was it being returned now?

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That’s not right…

Xue Sheng’s mind went blank. “Elder Gao, I’m afraid that I am undeserving of such words.”

Elder Gao chuckled. “There is no such thing, my great-nephew. Just speak your mind if you need anything. As for this tea…”

After cla.s.s, Xue Xi returned home and holed up in her room to spam question banks.

She exited her room only when she was called down for dinner.

At the dining table, she spotted the old patriarch and matriarch. Xue Yao was seated opposite her and only Xue Sheng was missing…

Perplexed, she took a mouthful of greens, then looked at her mother. “Mom… Where is… Dad?”

At that last word, “Dad,” she had hesitated for some time before finally forcing the word out.

Having been called “Mom” for the past few days, Ye Li did not display as much agitation as the first time. Still, hearing her daughter say “Dad,” she was exhilarated.

She first grabbed a piece of pork ribs for her, then replied with a hint of worry, “Your dad went to the Gao family and isn’t back yet.”

Old Lady Xue coldly harrumphed. “A kind mother makes a wastrel. Ye Li, you and Xue Sheng dote on Xue Xi too much, and that resulted in today! Look at how stingy and petty she is. She is the total opposite of our Yaoyao, who is a fine lady… Yaoyao, eat up. Look how skinny you have become recently. Don’t fall sick. I am still waiting for you to win a trophy back for Physics!”

Alas, Xue Yao froze when she heard this.

Her head shot up in Xue Xi’s direction.

Before she could say anything, a ruckus could be heard from the door.

Xue Sheng walked in with a frown and a perplexed expression.

His wife, Ye Li, hurriedly stood up. “You’re back?”

She then spotted the tea leaves in his hands. “Elder Gao didn’t accept it?”

Pak! Old Lady Xue slammed the chopsticks on the table. “Hear me! How could Elder Gao be appeased without us beating Xue Xi to a pulp? Look, he doesn’t even want to accept the tea leaves. Now, the project is already a goner!”

The old patriarch turned to him nervously but saw his son shake his head. The latter still had a confused expression. “No, Elder Gao said that this project will be given to the Xue family, and that he will gift this tea to me…”

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