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Chapter 208 - Professor Feng Is Here!

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Chapter 208: Professor Feng Is Here!

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Xue Xi usually did not engage in fights and treated everything indifferently. However, if someone were to go past the line of what she could tolerate, she would argue. She slowly said, “Mr. Li, Li Xi was also casually talking in cla.s.s. Shouldn’t she be punished to stand with us?”

Li Xi instantly said angrily, “I didn’t speak casually. I was just complaining!”

Xue Xi said slowly, as though feelings of anger or anxiety were foreign to her, “Oh. But when I was in primary school, I was taught that I had to raise my hand in cla.s.s before speaking.”

Li Xi: “?”

Mr. Li: “?”

Xue Xi then turned to look at Mr. Li. “Teacher, you won’t treat her differently, right?”

After saying that, she packed up her papers and pens and walked to the last row. She stood beside Zhang Xiaoxiao. With her back facing the teacher, Zhang Xiaoxiao stuck out her tongue and gave Xue Xi a thumbs up.

Xue Xi did not speak and had already lowered her head to answer the questions seriously. She did not seem to realize that her words had set Mr. Li and Li Xi on fire.

Mr. Li was punishing them because, regardless of the reason, they should not have been whispering to each other in cla.s.s.

Then, Li Xi also spoke. If he wanted to punish those two for speaking, he should punish her as well.

Now that Xue Xi and Zhang Xiaoxiao were already standing in the back row, Mr. Li could no longer take back his orders. He stood on the podium for a while, his face turning pale.

In front of a few hundred students, he did not dare to be biased. He could only say, “You should stand too!”

Li Xi: “…”

Li Xi wanted to say something, but when she saw her uncle’s serious expression, she shut her mouth and could only take the papers to the last row unwillingly.

Mr. Li said, “Your results in this examination will be going on your records. You guys must seize the chance.”

The Golden Autumn Camp was jointly organized by Huaxia University and Huazhong University. When the camp was over, universities would give preferential treatment to the students based on their results and performance there.

Therefore, every test was very important!

This was also the reason why Zhang Xiaoxiao and the rest had been nervous since yesterday.

Right now, being made to stand there while taking the examination would definitely affect their final result.

This kind of examination lasted for three hours straight. Moreover, in order to test the students’ knowledge, there were many questions. This kind of examination was a combination of stamina and brainpower. Now that they were being made to stand…

It would definitely not end well.

Li Xi usually trained her body, so Mr. Li was not worried about her.

On the other hand, Xue Xi looked skinny and weak. She definitely would not be able to withstand it.

He had steeled his heart into making Xue Xi fail her first exam. Only then would she realize that she was not very formidable and that she should not be so arrogant.

As Mr. Li was thinking this, Li Xuekai slowly stood up. “Teacher, I’m afraid that I’ll feel sleepy, so I want to go stand in the back while taking the exam.”

Mr. Li: “?”

Mr. Li was stunned.

Although Li Xuekai was also the winner of the National Mathematical Olympiad, he kept a low profile. Therefore, the teachers in the Golden Autumn Camp liked him a lot.

Moreover, he was the focus of the training this year. It had been a few years since they had won a gold medal in the international mathematics compet.i.tion. The teachers wanted him to go and fight for glory for the country.

To his request… Mr. Li could only agree. “Sure.”

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Li Xuekai stood up and slowly walked to the back.

Zhang Xiaoxiao could not stand stably. Her legs started to exert strength and her brain started to be distracted. The questions in front of her were already a little difficult, yet her mind could not focus.

She moved back and forth, her legs aching and her waist hurting. On top of that, she had to keep her hands raised, making them ache too.

When Mr. Li strolled toward the last row, Xue Xi suddenly said, “Mr. Li, I think Li Xi and Zhang Xiaoxiao can’t hold on any longer. Please let them go back to their seats for their exams.”

Xue Xi was actually very clear that it was Zhang Xiaoxiao who was being scolded after she borrowed a pen—Xue Xi merely got implicated.

Still, the examination was very important, and she did not want Zhang Xiaoxiao to have any regrets.

Hearing that Xue Xi had asked for clemency for Li Xi as well, Mr. Li knew that she had made a concession. Hence, he said, “Fine, you two go back!”

Zhang Xiaoxiao instantly looked at Xue Xi in grat.i.tude. She really could not hold on any longer and had to drag her tired legs back to her seat before sitting down.

Mr. Li turned to look at Li Xuekai. “You should go back too.”

Li Xuekai insisted, “Will you also let Xue Xi go back?”

Mr. Li immediately chided, “Do you think this is a market and you can bargain? Do you want to return or not?!”

It wasn’t just Mr. Li who’s monitoring the cla.s.s. Mr. Wei was also present. After all, there were hundreds of students here, and Mr. Li could not handle them all.

When the two teachers were standing at the entrance of the cla.s.sroom, Mr. Wei said, “Mr. Li, isn’t it alright now? Three hours is too long. Let them take a seat for the rest of the examination.”

Mr. Li shook his head. “No. Children nowadays are too arrogant. We have to polish them!”

Just as he said this, he suddenly saw the rest of the teachers walking toward the door. Mr. Li paused and asked in confusion, “Where are you guys going?”

“Professor Feng Xingshen is here. We’re going to go welcome him!”

As the teachers headed out, one of them asked in confusion, “I know this is a high-level Math Olympiad compet.i.tion, but I wonder what made this big shot so interested in it?”

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