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Chapter 207 - Suppressing Her Pride

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Chapter 207: Suppressing Her Pride

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Everyone fell silent when Li Xi said this.

Xue Xi followed her three dormitory mates in. Among the three, the straightforward one was called Zhang Xiaoxiao. Upon hearing this, she wanted to rush forward. “She’s too much! This is someone else’s business, so why is she meddling?”

However, before she could walk over, she was grabbed by another dormitory mate.

That dormitory mate was from the capital and knew a lot of things. She lowered her voice and said, “Don’t offend Li Xi while we’re in the Golden Autumn Camp.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao was taken aback. “Why?”

“Her uncle is a teacher in our camp. If anyone offends her, she could blabber to him!”

Zhang Xiaoxiao was stunned. “Teacher?”

As they were students, the ones holding direct authority over them were their teachers. Teachers were equivalent to their direct superior.

Hearing the word “teacher,” Xue Xi was not so naive as to think that they were all people like Old Liu. She nodded and, displaying the att.i.tude of someone not looking for trouble, found a seat where the four sat down.

Li Xi was surrounded by a group of people as they all prepared for the pre-test.

She sneered. “The results of today’s examination will be recorded. If you don’t make any improvements in the future, you will be directly persuaded to leave. You won’t have to partic.i.p.ate in the training camp for the entire 21 days. After all, the contents of the training camp will become more and more difficult in the later stages. If you can’t keep up, it’ll be useless for you to stay.”

The moment she said this, everyone took out their books and started studying again, afraid that they would fail.

While everyone was reading, a figure walked in from the entrance. The moment he appeared, the cla.s.sroom fell silent. Everyone turned to look at him in unison—Li Xuekai.

He was wearing casual clothes and was tall and skinny. He looked handsome.

The moment he entered, the students in the cla.s.s could not help but greet him. “Hi, Brainiac!”

Although Li Xuekai nodded, his att.i.tude was subdued and aloof. He casually found a quiet corner and sat down. He then looked up at Xue Xi. Unfortunately, Xue Xi was reading and had her head lowered, so she did not notice his gaze.

When Li Xi saw Li Xuekai, her eyes lit up. She waved at him. “Li Xuekai!”

Li Xuekai shot her a glance and nodded lightly. He then turned to look at Xue Xi again, as though he was waiting for her to look up at him.

Alas, Xue Xi did not look up. Li Xuekai helplessly retracted his gaze.

Li Xi saw this and bit her lip in anger.

The teachers who specialized in Math Olympiad training were all gathered in the school today.

In the office, a few people were sitting together and discussing this year’s study plan.

Before school started, they had already drafted a plan. However, they would divide it according to the standards of the people who came.

The teachers were discussing. “Xue Xi actually came to the Golden Autumn Camp. Didn’t she already get accepted by Huaxia University?”

Mr. Li frowned when he heard this. Thinking of his niece’s phone call yesterday, he already had a bad impression as he said, “This student is exceptionally arrogant. Her abilities are indeed not bad, but she thinks too highly of herself. While we do need to nurture talents for the national team, such a person needs to suppress her pride first!”

After a while, the bell rang. A stern-looking middle-aged man with walked into the cla.s.sroom and introduced himself. “My surname is Li…”

After the introduction, he shook the papers in his hand. “I’m sure everyone knows that today’s first lesson is the pre-test. It’s mainly to see how much our students already know about the knowledge points, and from there we’ll develop the learning plan for the next 20 days. Alright, send the papers out now.”

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After saying this, he ordered a few people to distribute the papers.

Mr. Li’s expression was solemn as he said in a stern manner, “It’s not right to whisper to each other during the examination. If everyone were to use a pen as a cover, how can we maintain discipline in the examination hall?”

Zhang Xiaoxiao still wanted to say something, but Mr. Li scolded, “If you don’t want to take the exam, go out.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao’s eyes reddened. “Teacher, it’s fine for me to stand, but Xue Xi is innocent. She didn’t say a single word.”

Mr. Li shot a glance at Xue Xi and frowned. “Xue Xi? The Xue Xi who proved Bartra’s theory?”

Zhang Xiaoxiao nodded. “Yes, it’s her.”

Mr. Li lowered his eyes. “So since it’s her, I can’t punish her?”

Zhang Xiaoxiao: “?”

The rest of the students: “?”

Mr. Li said righteously, “We’re all here to study. Since we’re here for lessons, you students should listen to the teacher. It’s wrong to whisper to each other in cla.s.s. If you don’t want to go to school and feel that the teacher is not worthy to teach you a lesson, then please leave this place.”

The Golden Autumn Camp was extremely important to the National Mathematical Olympiad. If it wasn’t, everyone would not have left home and gone to the capital to attend it.

At this moment, Mr. Li’s tone was very heavy, making Zhang Xiaoxiao not dare to speak further. She looked at Xue Xi guiltily, took the pen, and went to the last row with the paper.

Xue Xi shot a glance at Mr. Li. Before she could speak, her dormitory mate, who had her head lowered, stared ahead and covered her mouth as she said softly, “He is Li Xi’s uncle. Master, don’t argue with him.”

Li Xi’s uncle?

So he’s making this personal?

Xue Xi suddenly understood. She stared fixedly at Mr. Li and slowly said…

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