Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 203 - Your Better Will Always Be Your Better!

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Chapter 203: Your Better Will Always Be Your Better!

Feng Yan frowned and said coldly, “You don’t have to worry about this. If there’s nothing else, please leave.”

Tao Wei did not leave. Instead, he leaned on the back of his chair and smiled. “In our industry, it’s rare to find a good marksman. Moreover, it’s not the time for transfers, so it’ll be especially hard to find a good one. Why don’t I recommend a character for you? Do you know the shooter ‘Loneliness’?”

Beside him, Gao Yanchen slowly looked up at him when he heard this.

Xue Xi and Xiang Huai exchanged glances and both turned to look at Gao Yanchen.

Qin Shuang’s gaze swept past Gao Yanchen, then turned to look at Feng Yan. She blinked.

Feng Yan had always been a public figure. As he was an eSports star, Brother Chen definitely knew that he was the older brother from back then.

Brother Chen had never looked for Feng Yan, but he suddenly came today because he knew that Feng Yan was short of a marksman?

No, no way…

Gao Yanchen’s expression did not change. He was still as cold as ever and his haughty expression was written all over his face.

Tao Wei seemed to be unaware of it. He smiled and said, “That Loneliness has been playing well since he started playing marksman five years ago. He is now the top in the national server! Many teams invited him, but he rejected them all.

“I heard that he’s a rich second-generation heir. Just by charging up in this game, he has already gone up to a million in the past few years. His family definitely won’t agree to it. He’s going to stay at home and inherit the billions of a.s.sets. Even if he comes to the eSports scene to play, he’ll want to play spectacularly. How can he possibly fancy a team like yours who’s at the end of the road?”

After saying that, Tao Wei smiled. “Tsk, look at me. I’ve a.n.a.lyzed it for you, right? So, you can’t rely on that Loneliness person. You might as well… rely on yourself. Aren’t you omnipotent? Among the newbies, that jungler is not too bad. Why don’t you just switch roles to the shooter?”

Tao Wei purposely paused. “Oh my, look at my brain! You don’t know how to play marksman! Omnipotent Demon King actually doesn’t know how to play marksman. All these years, every role has been challenged, but you have never played marksman before. Tell me, how do you deserve to be called Omnipotent?”

Tao Wei had long disliked Feng Yan. He was a genius of the eSports scene. If not for Feng Yan, Tao Wei would have been an All-Star!

But Feng Yan was more handsome than him and his popularity was higher. Especially when Feng Yan’s team was still the champion, his status in the circle was higher than his.

The moment Tao Wei said that Feng Yan did not know how to shoot, Gao Yanchen stared at Feng Yan.

Feng Yan did not retort. He waited quietly for Tao Wei to finish speaking before looking outside. “Do you want to leave by yourself, or should I call the service staff over and send you off?”

Tao Wei sneered and said with a malicious smile, “Brother, don’t be like this. I’m just being kind. Also, I heard that you’ve invested all your savings into XH over the years? Aren’t you tight on cash now? Do you want me to help you pay for this meal?”

After XH went downhill, everyone was not optimistic about this team anymore. The investors withdrew their investments and their endors.e.m.e.nts were also broken. After that, XH fell into an economic crisis.

If Feng Yan had not sold the house and saved money on his own, XH might have already been disbanded.

Just as Feng Yan was about to speak, a black gold card fell on the table.

Tao Wei was stunned. He turned around and saw a youth with red hair sitting there. He had an unruly look on his face. His eyes were raised and he was exceptionally arrogant when he looked at others. “You want to treat me to a meal? Are you worthy?”

Black Gold Card… There are only 500 limited editions in the world!

He could swipe this card without limit. His family’s a.s.sets must be at least 10 billion!

Tao Wei was stunned. He looked at Feng Yan, then at the redhead who had spoken. He gulped and smiled. “Brother, are you having a meal with an investor?”

If Feng Yan had made such a rich friend a long time ago, he could have easily solved the club’s problem with just a few fingers, right?

He licked his lips and smiled. “Sir, may I ask if you are interested in our club?”

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Gao Yanchen looked at him. “Your CM?”

Tao Wei: “?”

So this big shot came out just to tell him this?

He hurriedly replied, “I remember, now let go of me!”

Gao Yanchen did not let him go. Instead, he asked, “What did you remember?”

Tao Wei: “?”

Tao Wei: “Feng Yan is omnipotent and is best at playing marksman!”


Gao Yanchen sneered. “Remember, your better will always be your better!”

After saying this, he let go of Tao Wei and kicked his b.u.t.t. He roared, “Scram!”

Anyone who could take out a black gold card was not to be trifled with. Even though Tao Wei was filled with anger, he still scurried away.

After chasing Tao Wei away, Gao Yanchen entered the private room. When he entered, he heard the chatterbox saying, “…How can a car crash be so coincidental? It just so happened that you b.u.mped into them? Moreover, your car had pro players inside, but the other was a manager’s car. I think they must have done it on purpose! CM did something unscrupulous in order to win!”

Right after Qin Shuang said this, she turned to look at Gao Yanchen. “Brother Chen, what did Tao Wei call you for?”

Gao Yanchen shot a glance at Feng Yan and slowly said, “Oh, he asked if I should go to their team to play marksman.”

Qin Shuang: “Then are you going?”

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