Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 201 - The Awkward Gao Yanchen

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Chapter 201: The Awkward Gao Yanchen

Feng Yan’s voice was low and filled with longing. “We used to be good partners. The perfect combination of shooter and support. Back then, we were invincible in the game and were undefeated.”

Qin Shuang paused when she heard this. “Huh? You’re the big brother that Brother Chen used to play with?”

Big brother?

Feng Yan’s brows relaxed. Just as he was about to reply, Gao Yanchen suddenly rebuked impatiently, “Qin Shuang, are you itching for a beating? Why are you speaking so much?”

Qin Shuang was shocked by his roar. She stuck out her tongue and ran behind Xue Xi, as though this was the only way for her to feel safe.

Gao Yanchen rubbed his red hair in frustration and glared at Feng Yan. Without saying anything else, he walked straight ahead.

After he left, Feng Yan lowered his eyes, hiding the complicated emotions that were suddenly revealed in them. However, he seemed to have adjusted himself quickly and looked at Xue Xi. “Let’s go.”

Gao Yanchen strode ahead.

He was in a terrible mood. He felt as though he was venting all his frustrations at once.

All these years, he had actually been hearing news about Feng Yan everywhere.

He won the championship and became the national solo winner. Their team had also dispersed after he was betrayed by his teammates…

To be honest, he hated him so much. The moment Feng Yan was betrayed by his teammates, Gao Yanchen felt relieved. However, after that, he felt endless frustration.

He was doing well. Although he was frustrated, he was willing to search for his news online.

No one knew that at the beginning of the year, Gao Yanchen had somehow come to the capital for a vacation. At that time, his mind was in a mess. He actually ran to the entrance of his club and stared at it like a resentful woman for a long time…

Gao Yanchen pushed open the door and walked in.

He sat on the seat on one side. After Xue Xi and Xiang Huai arrived, they sat on the inside seats. Qin Shuang looked at Gao Yanchen, who exuded a violent aura and seemed to be about to beat someone up anytime, and silently sat beside Xue Xi. Out of the five seats in the private room, only the ones beside Gao Yanchen and Qin Shuang were left. One person still hadn’t sat down.

Feng Yan took a look and walked over to pull out a chair. Before he could sit down, Gao Yanchen suddenly pulled the chair to the side.

The private room and their table were huge. With this shift, there now seemed to be someone else sitting in the middle.

This action was sudden and intense. Everyone else saw it.

After Gao Yanchen moved the chair, he also felt that he was being too petty. However, since he had already moved his seat, he simply sat down with a dark expression.

He stared at the table in front of him, but from the corner of his eye, he could see Feng Yan.

This man was still as confident as ever a few years ago. From this angle, he saw that the thickness of his lenses had not changed. His eyesight must not have gotten worse.

Feng Yan did not seem to have any intention of speaking to him. He turned to look at Xue Xi. “Sister Xi, how long are you going to stay this time?”

Xue Xi replied, “The Golden Autumn Camp is going to last 20 days. After I’m done with the CMO examination, I’ll go back.”

Feng Yan counted the time. “Mhm, that should be the beginning of November.”

As he said this, he adjusted his and pa.s.sed the menu to Xue Xi. “Take a look. What do you want to eat? I ordered a few dishes and some of your favorites.”

Xue Xi nodded and unceremoniously added two meat dishes for Qin Shuang. Qin Shuang did not mind. “I’m not picky!”

Xue Xi pa.s.sed it to Xiang Huai next. He did not accept the menu and merely said, “Have you ordered the roast duck?”

Feng Yan replied, “Yes.”

Xiang Huai closed the menu and looked at Xue Xi. “Mhm, that’s enough.”

Feng Yan smiled and explained, “The roast duck in this restaurant is one of the best. You’d be wrong to a.s.sume the most famous one in the capital isn’t theirs just because their family doesn’t open more branches and only has one.”

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Xue Xi nodded in realization and looked at Xiang Huai. This person was just about to order a roast duck. Did he also know that the roast duck here was delicious?

After a while, another dish was served: onion and mutton.

Gao Yanchen narrowed his eyes as he looked at it. The taste of mutton was very strong. He had always been picky with his food and did not like to eat this. However, when he ate this dish with Feng Yan back then, he found it was the only way he could eat the mutton.

Xue Xi picked up a piece and tasted it. She sighed. “Delicious!”

Seeing that Gao Yanchen did not move, Feng Yan said, “Xiao Chen, you…”

“I don’t like mutton.”

Feng Yan shut his mouth.

After that, Feng Yan continued to chat with Xue Xi about the character attributes of the roles in POT. Xue Xi listened attentively.

After the dishes were served, Feng Yan did not continue to persuade Gao Yanchen and seemed to be a little angry.

Gao Yanchen sat there without moving his chopsticks. Seeing that Feng Yan was ignoring him, he picked up the gla.s.s beside him and said to the service staff, “Give me a beer!”


After saying this, he saw Feng Yan stop talking to Xue Xi. Looking at him, he opened his mouth as though he wanted to persuade him, but in the end, Feng Yan still did not speak.

Gao Yanchen suppressed his anger.

He did not know why he was angry. When the service staff served the beer, he suddenly stood up. “I’ll go to the washroom.”

He left the private room and walked straight ahead. Feng Yan’s helpless voice came from behind. “Xiao Chen…”

Gao Yanchen paused and turned around.

Feng Yan slowly approached. Feng Yan, who was three centimeters taller than Gao Yanchen, stood in front of him and slowly said, “That year…”

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