Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 200 - What Relationship Do You Have?

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Chapter 200: What Relationship Do You Have?

This extra-long minivan was exceptionally huge. Even though there were four people inside, it was not too narrow. The chair was comfortable and wide, as though one could lie down on it and sleep.

Gao Yanchen got in the car and adjusted the leather chair to a comfortable position. He then put on his blindfold and started sleeping, as if he was afraid that others would ask him anything.

Unfortunately, he still could not escape the chatterbox’s question.

Ever since Qin Shuang started following Xue Xi, she was no longer as afraid of Gao Yanchen as before. Moreover, by going to the capital, she would be able to see her idol, and she was already a little excited. Hence, she kept mumbling:

“Wow, we don’t even have this car in our house. I heard that it’s super comfortable here. It’s indeed like this! It’ll take seven to eight hours to drive from here to the capital. With this car, it’ll be much more comfortable!”

After looking around, she turned to look at Gao Yanchen. “Brother Chen, you’re so nice to lend this, but why are you going with us?”

Gao Yanchen ignored her and pretended to sleep.

The chatterbox smiled. “I don’t believe that you’re really asleep. You just got in the car. Brother Chen, say something. Don’t tell me you have a friend in Beijing and want to meet her?”

Gao Yanchen sat up straight when he heard this.

He glared at Qin Shuang and shouted, “No!”

Qin Shuang: “?”

She was frightened by Gao Yanchen’s look and gulped. “Then why are you coming with us?”

Gao Yanchen: “…I’m afraid that the chauffeur will be sleepy on the road. Can’t I just take turns driving?”

Qin Shuang: “Sure.”

The chauffeur, who was sitting in front, twitched his lips. Since when was his young master so understanding? Moreover! They had prepared two chauffeurs, alright? The other one was sitting in the pa.s.senger seat.

However, he did not speak.

Qin Shuang also silently looked at the other chauffeur in the pa.s.senger seat and then silently glanced at Gao Yanchen.

Gao Yanchen flew into a rage out of humiliation. “I-I’ve never been to the capital. I’m going on a vacation!”

The chauffeur could not help but say, “Young Master, I remember that you went to the capital once at the beginning of this year, right?”

Gao Yanchen: “…”

He glared at Qin Shuang in anger. Qin Shuang was so frightened that she quickly shut her mouth. She used her hand to zip it and slid her lips to indicate that she would not speak again. Only then did Gao Yanchen stop and lie down again.

Xue Xi and Xiang Huai sat behind. Seeing Gao Yanchen’s expression, they turned to look at the WeChat message on their phones.

She had a natural sense of intimacy with everyone in the Moguls’ Group.

Hence, when Gamer said that he would treat her to a meal, she did not want to reject him. However, Little Flame was clearly entangled with Gamer…

She thought for a moment and said, “Little Flame…”

Gao Yanchen sat up straight and looked at her. Although his eyes were still filled with impatience, he suppressed his anger.

Xue Xi said, “Gamer…”

She paused and thought that Little Flame might not know who that was, but what was his name again?

As she was feeling conflicted, Xiang Huai reminded her, “Feng Yan.”

Xue Xi: “Yes, Feng Yan wants to treat us to dinner tonight. Are you… going?”

The moment she said Feng Yan’s name, Gao Yanchen’s expression turned unnatural. His face was tense as though he was about to flare up.

After a long while, he finally said, “I don’t know him.”

Don’t know…

Does this mean they’ll meet as strangers?

Xue Xi felt that she had grasped his thoughts, so she replied, “Oh. We’ll be arriving in Beijing at around five in the afternoon and go to dinner. Is that alright?”

“No problem!” Qin Shuang shouted.

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Gao Yanchen did not speak, but he did not object or decline.

As though he had sensed something, he lifted his head and placed his phone in his pocket when he saw Xue Xi. This person did not usually smile, which made him exude an aura that kept people away from him. However, when he smiled, he had a warm and mellow aura, making him look like a spring breeze.

He walked up to Xue Xi and extended his hand. “h.e.l.lo, I’m Feng Yan.”

This person was handsome and elegant, giving off a very good feeling.

Xue Xi nodded.

At this moment, Xiang Huai and Qin Shuang also alighted from the car.

Seeing Xiang Huai, Feng Yan’s eyes narrowed. He instinctively stood up and appeared slightly respectful. Just as he was about to speak, he saw Xiang Huai shake his head slightly.

Feng Yan instantly understood what Xiang Huai meant. He smiled at him, walked past him and Qin Shuang, and then looked at the arrogant youth at the back.

The young man seemed to have slept the whole way as there was a print on his face.

His expression was filled with impatience and uninhibitedness. After he got out of the car and saw the man, his body tensed up slightly. It was obvious that he was suppressing his emotions.

He did not speak. He placed both hands in his pockets and walked forward. When Gao Yanchen approached him, Feng Yan said, “Xiao Chen…”

Unfortunately, Gao Yanchen ignored him and went to Xue Xi’s side. “Sister Xi, are you eating here?”

Everyone: “?”

The rest clearly sensed something and did not speak. Feng Yan sighed helplessly and walked to the front. “I’ve booked a private room. Let’s go in.”

Everyone followed him in.

Part of the group walked in front. Qin Shuang the chatterbox looked at Feng Yan curiously, then at Gao Yanchen. Suddenly, she patted Feng Yan’s shoulders.

Feng Yan turned around and Qin Shuang asked, “What’s your relationship with Brother Chen?”

Upon hearing this, Gao Yanchen, who was walking in front, suddenly p.r.i.c.ked up his ears.

Feng Yan looked at him and smiled helplessly. He lowered his eyes, moved his mouth, and slowly said…

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