Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: It Turns Out to Be You

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Just as Xue Yao was waiting to see a joke, Gao Yanchen brought his subordinates reluctantly and they shouted in harmony, “Sister Xi!”

S-Sister Xi?

The whole cla.s.sroom fell into pin-drop silence and n.o.body dared to breathe. Their gazes landed on Gao Yanchen and eventually fell on Xue Xi, who was sitting there quietly.

The girl sat there obediently and looked up at Gao Yanchen for two seconds before replying, “Oh.”

Gao Yanchen lifted his chin slightly and stared at Flame Number One. The latter immediately asked, “Sister Xi, we’ve finished the sixth period. Are there any arrangements next? Where are we going to play?”

Xue Xi had already packed her books as she stood up. She headed outside before replying casually, “…Math Olympiad cla.s.s.”

Gao Yanchen: “??”

Flame Number One: “??”

Our Roaring Flame Society’s girl boss is going to partic.i.p.ate in the Math Olympiad compet.i.tion?

The group of Flames moved aside, and when Xue Xi pa.s.sed by them, they followed behind her orderly. Gao Yanchen asked casually, “Cla.s.s is so boring. Can you understand Math Olympiad”


Gao Yanchen thought he understood what she meant in a matter of seconds and continued to lift his chin. “Manageable means unmanageable. Then why are you attending the Math Olympiad cla.s.s?”

“…To do a.s.signments.”

“…” Gao Yanchen felt that the Roaring Flame Society had welcomed someone of another kind. Feeling indignant, he continued to ask, “What about after completing your a.s.signments?”

She looked at him in confusion. “By the time I finish the a.s.signments, it’s time to sleep. Could it be that you still have time?”

Every day, when she was doing her a.s.signments, she felt that time was insufficient. She wished to break one second into two seconds and use them!

“…” Gao Yanchen was in a trance. He had never done any a.s.signments!

Xue Xi continued walking, and all of a sudden, she seemed to have thought of something. She paused and turned around.

Gao Yanchen was in a daze and did not notice so he accidentally b.u.mped into Xue Xi. By the time he could steady himself, he was inches away from her and could see the fine hairs on the girl’s perfect face.

He blushed instantly.

Sensing the heat rising to his face, he quickly lifted his head, and when he was about to say something, she spoke slowly. “Is your surname ‘Gao’?”

Gao Yanchen paused. “Ah… Correct!”

Xue Xi’s eyes went blank momentarily and it dawned upon her. “It turns out to be you!”


Xue Xi retracted her gaze and continued walking forward. “They all said that I offended you.”

“Who the heck…?”

Swallowing his words, Gao Yanchen could not bear to speak profanities in front of her. He paused and explained, “You defeated me and I’ll listen to you. There’s no such thing as being offended.”

As they spoke, they arrived at a lecture theater. Xue Xi nodded at him. “I’m going to cla.s.s.”

Carrying her books, she walked to the staircase.

As he looked at her thin silhouette entering the dilapidated academic building, his heart seemed to be suspended in the air and had no place to land for some unknown reasons.

He felt vexed somehow.

Seeing him standing in a daze, Flame Number One asked, “Brother Chen, are we going to play basketball?”

“Play your sister!” Gao Yanchen scolded irritably and kicked the ground. “I’m in no mood today, go home.”

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When Xue Xi went upstairs, she b.u.mped into her physics teacher, who was also the training instructor for the physics compet.i.tion cla.s.s.

Old Liu disapproved as well. “That’s right, Xue Xi. You’ll be short on time and there might not be enough time to clarify the points.”

Xue Xi shot a glance at Xue Yao, who was all tense. As her eyes met the latter’s angry stare, she retracted her gaze apathetically. “It’s alright.”

Seeing her insistence, Old Liu and Ms. Sun discussed and decided that she would attend the Math Olympiad on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and the Physics one on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Xue Sheng left work early and returned home. He took the tea leaves and wanted to visit the Gao family and sound them out.

As he was leaving, Old Lady Xue sat relaxedly on the sofa and derided him, “If I must say, you should bring Xue Xi there and apologize. It’s a matter between the children, so what’s the point of your going? Who in Bin City doesn’t know that Elder Gao spoils his grandson?”

Xue Sheng took a deep breath and suppressed his anger, keeping silent.

Old Lady Xue, however, took the gloves off. “Anyways, if we offended the Gao family because of Xue Xi, I’ll not let you off.”

Xue Sheng said dominantly, “Mom, if we really offended the Gao family because of Xixi, I’ll leave with Ye Li and her. Don’t worry, we’ll not implicate the Xue family.”

Without giving his mother a chance to speak, he left.

Thirty minutes later.

Xue Sheng stood outside of Gao family’s gate, and the manor’s tall walls kept him outside. The secretary was blocking him at the gate as well, but he spoke politely. “Mr. Xue, please head back. Elder Gao isn’t feeling well and shouldn’t be meeting guests.”

Xue Sheng asked, “When will be a good time?”

The secretary stood up straight and laughed. “This will depend on Elder Gao.”

He could not even enter the gate at all.

Furrowing his brows, he pa.s.sed the tea to the secretary. “Then help me pa.s.s this to Elder Gao. This is just some tea…”

Looking at the gift in his hands, the secretary froze.

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