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Young Master Yan

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Does Being Good in Studies Mean Being Eligible to Stay in a Better Place?

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A few hours pa.s.sed, and the car finally arrived at Bin City as it headed to the Xue family’s home.

Xue Xi looked curiously at the exquisitely-renovated mansion. As Ye Li held her hand and walked through the entrance, the strange surrounding caused her to be at a loss.

Just as they entered, a pungent alcoholic spray blew against their faces.

The helper, Auntie Sun, was holding a can and spraying Xue Xi any which way while a gray-haired old lady instructed from the side, “Her hair, shoes, don’t miss out any spot…”

Xue Xi instinctively covered her eyes, and Ye Li quickly covered her from the front as she exclaimed, “Mom, what are you doing?”

Old Lady Xue’s eyelids were drooping as she said harshly, “G.o.d knows what kind of wild children the orphanage takes in. What if viruses and bacteria are brought in?”

Feeling both heartache and anger, Ye Li shouted, “Mom!”

Old Lady Xue then sized up Xue Xi.

The girl looked obedient, and as she lowered her eyes, her long lashes cast a shadow on her cheeks. Although she was beautiful, she seemed stupefied as though she did not hear her sarcasm.

The old lady’s eyes harbored intense disdain. “Look at her pudding-headed look. Could she be dumb? Did you guys check clearly? You couldn’t find her for 18 years, and now you’re simply confirming it with a strange email?”

Xue Sheng replied sternly, “Mom, I checked the DNA and she is indeed my daughter. Don’t say such things ever again! Also, she isn’t dumb.”

After saying so, he pointed at the old lady and introduced her to Xue Xi. “Xixi, this is your grandma.”

He then pointed to a delicate and charming girl beside the old lady, who was around the same age as Xue Xi, and said, “This is your Second Uncle’s daughter, your younger cousin, Xue Yao.”

Completely different from the hostile att.i.tude she had toward Xue Xi, Old Lady Xue dotingly patted Xue Yao’s hand and said, “Yaoyao, stay away from her. There is something wrong with her brain. Don’t let her spread it to you.”

Xue Yao smiled in an appropriate manner and said, “Grandma, you really know how to joke around.”

However, she took a step back and pinched her nose. “Big Auntie, quickly bring cousin for a shower.”

Her look of disdain was clearly evident.

Ye Li quickly turned to face Xue Xi. She thought the girl would be sad, yet the latter appeared calm as if she did not hear their conversations.

Her heart ached as she brought the girl upstairs. “Xixi, your father has to complete the procedures for your school transfer. I’ll bring you upstairs to rest first. I personally decorated your room for you, but it was really rushed and I don’t know what you like. Have a look first. If you don’t like it, we’ll change it afterward.”

The woman’s actions were like a warm current injected into Xue Xi’s dry, well-like, and cold heart. Opening the room’s door and seeing what was going on inside, Ye Li was taken aback. “What’s happening?”

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The helper was busy tidying up the beautiful, s.p.a.cious room. There was a pile of clothes on the bed, but Xue Xi clearly had only just arrived.

Ye Li could not argue further.

The person in charge of the Xue family was the Old Master, who was also in charge of the company. Although Xue Sheng had been taking over some of the Old Master’s work, Old Lady Xue still had the absolute say over family matters.

Defeated, Ye Li balled up her fists with a grievance. “Xixi, I’ll bring you to the other room.”

Xue Xi nodded.

Staying anywhere was the same to her.


She looked nonchalantly at Old Lady Xue and said, “Does being good in studies mean being eligible to stay in a better place?”

Her voice was exactly like her person—apathetic to the core.

Old Lady Xue was taken aback. “What?”

Xue Xi retracted her gaze and was apathetic once more. Two seconds later, she replied, “Nothing much.”

By the time she and Ye Li had gone to the other rooms, Old Lady Xue still had not returned to her senses. What did she mean by that earlier?

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