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Young Master Yan

Chapter 198 - : Exposed!

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Chapter 198: Exposed!

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Actually, people did not usually know much about college admissions every year.

Sweetheart was also in a university in the capital. She only found out about this after hearing a few words from her dormitory mate. However, she did not care about the details or who it was.

She had only heard that it seemed that she had solved some mathematics problem, and that was why she got accepted. Moreover, many schools wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h her away.

This kind of genius usually did not live anywhere nearby, so Sweetheart did not even think about it.

She even sighed in the live-stream. “Cen Bai’s account has been stolen, right? However, we can’t explain this matter clearly. After all, there is only one guaranteed admission. We don’t know if it’s true.”

She shot a glance at the comments. “You’ll find out next year? Who will still care about this next year? Everyone forgets that the internet is the most forgettable place.”

“Have you found it? Who is the person who was admitted?”

Just as Sweetheart said this, she saw a message on the screen: Xue Xi!

She paused and smiled. “Stop joking. How can it be Xue Xi? You’re just teasing me.”

Just as she said this, more people started spamming Xue Xi’s name.

“Sweetheart, it’s really Xue Xi!”

“It’s Xue Xi!”

“I feel the caster’s face hurting!”

“Same here. I suddenly feel that the host is so pitiful. It’s indeed Xue Xi, it’s Learn!”

Looking at this, Sweetheart pouted. “Aren’t you guys going overboard? Xue Xi will be a banned word again in the live comments!”

However, the live comments did not stop. At this moment, Sweetheart’s private message rang. She opened it and realized that it was a message from the manager. “Sweetheart, it’s really not a joke. That person’s name is indeed Xue Xi!”

Sweetheart was stunned.

She abruptly opened her phone’s Weibo. After checking, she found the message. It was indeed Xue Xi!

She was stunned. Her first reaction was: “…Are there so many people with the same name?”

The comments were also spamming:

“Hahaha, I also feel that the name is simply the same. How can the academic G.o.ddess who got admitted early have been partic.i.p.ating in filming? The main reason may be that her acting is actually so good. Moreover, it should also be impossible for her to know how to play games so well…”

“Xue Xi’s name is quite ordinary, right? There should be many people with the same name.”

Just as the comments were spamming this, there was a sudden change.

“Everyone, go take a look. Huaxia University’s official Weibo posted again!”

“Oh my G.o.d! I’ve never seen them do that for a student!”

“It’s really her! She doesn’t have the same surname!”

“Ah, I’m dead! The G.o.ddess of Studying knows how to act and play games. I suddenly feel that Little Missy A has exploded!”

Sweetheart was also stunned.

She hurriedly opened Huaxia University’s official Weibo and saw—

Huaxia University Official: “This student has a promising future. Huaxia University is waiting for you. @Xue Xi.”

Sweetheart’s live-stream exploded.

The comments were all saying this:

“Ah ah ah, I want Little Sister Fan!”

“Sister Xi! Please accept my bow!”

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“Bye, Sweetheart. I’m going to chase after Little Missy. Beauty-wise and studies-wise, she’s good, but the key is that she plays well in the game too. If she does a live-stream, she will definitely be the best!”

She really did not expect that she would actually shoot herself in the foot, but how could it be… Xue Xi was such a good-looking person. It was fine if she was just good at gaming, and it was fine if she was good at acting, but she was actually really good at studying as well?!

How could G.o.d love someone so much?!

She was so jealous that she could not control her facial expressions. She must find dirt on Xue Xi on Weibo!

Sweetheart looked at Weibo one by one and suddenly realized that there was a thread questioning Huaxia University’s admission.

She immediately said, “I saw a thread. What kind of math problem did she solve? Just by opening her mouth, can she prove that she solved it? A wealthy family like her might have spent a lot of money to buy such an achievement! It’s just to ensure that she can be admitted to Huaxia University! I think this thread is quite reasonable. If she continues to partic.i.p.ate in the mathematics compet.i.tion and obtain the top sixty in the Math Olympiad, she can also be guaranteed to be admitted to the Math Department. I’m afraid that there’s a problem if she did all these in advance. If she’s really formidable, why doesn’t she continue to partic.i.p.ate in the National Mathematical Olympiad? She can come back after getting first place!”

Just as she was speaking, a cry of surprise sounded.

She paused for a moment before the professional gamer said, “What are you doing?”

Sweetheart was stunned. She followed the professional’s line of sight and realized that the camera on the screen had turned on unknowingly. All her scenes had entered the live-stream!

Beside her was the game’s image, but because she was angry and furious, she’d raised her phone to look at Weibo! This scene had been going on for an unknown period of time.

The entire live-stream instantly exploded!

The comments were filled with criticisms!

“What’s going on? She’s clearly scrolling through her phone and not playing games. Then who’s playing the game?”

“Someone used to say that she has a subst.i.tute. I didn’t expect it to be true.”

“I’m really blind. I didn’t expect you to be such a person!”

“Your image has turned black. It will never be washed away!”

The people playing the game were very united. If they resisted one person, this person would be finished.

Even if Sweetheart wanted to move on to become an entertainment streamer in the future, it would be almost impossible!

She knew that she was done for and put down her phone unwillingly. “So what if someone else did it on my behalf? I dare to admit it, but does Xue Xi dare to admit that her mathematics skills are fake?!”

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