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Young Master Yan

Chapter 197 - : So You're a Genius!

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Chapter 197: So You’re a Genius!

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“As a student, I think my words are biased. Do you guys even know for a fact that Xue Xi is not good at her studies? Moreover, studying isn’t everything in life!”

“But as a third-year student, it’s wrong of her to not focus on preparing for the college entrance examination. Studying may not be everything in one’s life, but at every age, there are things we must do. The purpose of learning now is to make one’s life easier in the future.”

“We’ve gone off-topic. Turns out that Sweetheart’s qualifications are so high! She suddenly has even more fans. She’s beautiful and has high academic qualifications. She even plays well in the game. What kind of beautiful G.o.ddess is she?!”

People often idolized highly-educated intellectuals, so Sweetheart’s popularity had plummeted after yesterday’s incident.

However, when today’s matter about her academic qualifications was exposed, her popularity soared.

Qin Shuang took a look at her live-stream. “After such a commotion, her live-stream’s popularity has increased.”

The chatterbox pouted. “How dare a wild chicken university in the capital compare itself to yours? They’re simply overestimating themselves. They’re too much! Sister Xi, let’s go!”

Xue Xi did not care about this. “Boring.”

Ever since the chatterbox’s live-stream incident, Xue Xi had seen clearly how very irresponsible online attackers were. Those people no longer had any scruples when it came to using words.

No wonder there were such comments.

She continued reading and did not worry about this at all. All her friends in reality knew her, and they knew that she was a top student. Why should she be afraid of those people online?

These matters had nothing to do with her.

Seeing how indifferent she was, Qin Shuang suddenly felt that there was no point in being angry.

However, it did not mean that Sister Xi did not mix with the internet.

Qin Shuang opened her account and went online to scold people.

“You guys are so sure that Sister Xi’s grades are bad, huh? Let me tell you, Sister Xi is going to Huaxia University!”

“Is the previous poster dreaming? Huaxia University only accepts a few students from our province each year. How many slots are there for Bin City? Moreover, most of those are taken by Bin City First High students. How can someone from an international school get in?”

“Haha, who doesn’t know how to boast? I too want to go to Harvard!”

“She wants to compete with Sweetheart, right? Huaxia University. It’s already amazing if she can get into an ordinary Capital University.”

“Aren’t students in international schools all going on an overseas route? There aren’t many who take part in the college entrance examination, right?”

There was a bloodbath on the internet. Qin Shuang really rushed up. Seeing these brainless attacks, she was so angry that she wanted to cry.

She pressed on the thread, planning to post it in the Roaring Flame Society’s WeChat group so that the Flames could help her scold others.

Ding! Someone sent a message.

Qin Shuang thought that she was still starting a chat with the Roaring Flame Society just now. Hence, she instinctively thought that the first chat window was the Roaring Flame Society.

She did not realize that she had sent the message to the wrong person as she continued to type indignantly:

Qin Shuang: “F*ck, brothers, attack! Are you forgetting that we have a million-strong Internet Water Army? Why are we letting people bully Sister Xi?”

Qin Shuang: “I can f*cking fight a hundred people without a problem!”

Qin Shuang: “I can be a mother and scold whoever, but I can’t scold Sister Xi! Hurry up and go! Whoever loses will be the grandson!”

Qin Shuang: “After posting on Weibo, screenshot it and I’ll like it for you. Buy the Internet Water Army and have them like it. If you guys can buy more Internet Water Armies on your own and post more than ten thousand likes, you’ll be my daddy!”

After sending the messages, she still had no idea that she had sent them to the wrong person and returned to Weibo to continue fighting.

The contract with the university was signed, but Sister Xi would not bring this everywhere with her. There was no evidence they could give to the Internet right now. Moreover, such an agreement could not be casually posted online.

Xue Xi continued to ignore it, but as the netizens kept refusing to believe Qin Shuang’s words, she was really furious.

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Just as she was on round 700 of her online fight, she received a message on WeChat.

After sending the message, she realized something and hurriedly retreated.

However, she was too late. Cen Bai saw it and sent a voice message. If it was someone else’s message, Qin Shuang would definitely have replied after cla.s.s, but it was from her idol…

She looked around and hurriedly put on her headphones. His magnetic voice entered her ears, making her feel numb all over. “Tsk, cla.s.smate, call me Brother.”


Ahhhhh, she’s dead!

So sweet!

Hence, Xue Xi saw that during the first half of the cla.s.s, the chatterbox was filled with righteous indignation while fighting for hundreds of rounds, but in the latter half of the cla.s.s, she was smiling like a dimwit.

The language teacher noticed her and asked her to stand behind to listen to the cla.s.s. She actually stood up with a smile…

After cla.s.s, the chatterbox returned to her seat.

Only then did she realize that under Cen Bai’s Weibo post, there were also voices of doubt.

“Cen Bai stood up for Little Missy last time. He actually stood up for her again this time. Why do I smell adultery?”

“Little Miss has a boyfriend and his boyfriend is also very handsome!”

“No, am I the only one who thinks that it’s funny? A guaranteed spot in Huaxia? From what I know, this year’s recommendations haven’t arrived yet, right? Aren’t you afraid that your bragging will be seen through?”

In Sweetheart’s live-stream.

She was also watching the comments while playing the game. The commenters were praising her and belittling Xue Xi. She was quite happy.

However, after a while, she suddenly saw the comments saying that Cen Bai had sent a message to clarify for Little Missy.

Sweetheart took a glance. She had also partic.i.p.ated in the college entrance examination and instantly smiled. “A recommendation? Other schools might not know it, but in China, timing is very sensitive. All kinds of compet.i.tions haven’t started yet, right? However, I’ve been paying attention to this year. Huaxia University has given a guaranteed spot to only one student. Everyone can check it out. Some time ago, it even became a trending topic…”

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