Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 195 - No Work?

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Chapter 195: No Work?

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Xiao Chen… Isn’t that Gao Yanchen’s name?

Why did he deny it?

Although Xue Xi was confused, she did not ask further. She nodded. “Mhm.”

After the game started, they began choosing their roles. The rest did not dare to choose any before making sure that Xiang Huai did not want it. They wanted to wait for him to choose his position first.

At this moment, Xue Xi said, “Take support. Don’t be afraid. Just follow me.”

Everyone: “??”

The streamers were stunned for the second time over Xue Xi not realizing her boyfriend’s true abilities.

In the game, Lu Chao and Feng Yan were also stunned.

Feng Yan smiled. “Sister Xi, you want Boss Xiang to take support?”

Before he could finish speaking, Gao Yanchen cut in furiously, “What’s wrong with him taking support?”

Feng Yan: “…”

Xiang Huai did not care what they were arguing about. After getting a.s.signed as support, he obediently said, “Okay.”

Everyone: “…”

As it was Xue Xi’s home ground, she chose the jungler role and Lu Chao chose the top lane. Gao Yanchen did not hesitate to take the bottom lane marksman role.

Xue Xi learned her jungler from Wild King. After all, they had played for so long.

As she played, she directed Xiang Huai, “a.s.sistant, look at the field of view.”


The invincible X in the game was now like a little wife. He was being obedient, and everyone was taken aback!

The Wild King was having a hard time.

After playing support and facing so many formidable opponents, he understood how good Xue Xi’s support skills were.

Moreover, Xue Xi’s jungler role skills were the same as his, but her skills were more meticulous and exciting!

If they had not witnessed with their own eyes that this account was indeed hers, no one would have believed it!

Seeing that the situation was not good, Wild King came up with a strategy. “We’ll target the shooters at the bottom lane and make him stop developing!”


They headed straight for Gao Yanchen’s lower path. Using teleportation, the four of them arrived and were about to enter the tower to kill him!

Seeing this situation, as the mid-laner, Feng Yan instinctively rushed over to provide support. However, before he could even walk in, he heard Gao Yanchen angrily shouting in the game, “Get lost. I don’t need your help.”

Feng Yan: “…”

He stopped not far away and silently watched Gao Yanchen fight against four. After killing one, he was also killed.

Xue Xi and Xiang Huai would not say anything, but Canine Teeth, who was on the road, said, “Loneliness, do you have a feud with Feng Yan? If he’d gone to support you, you could have totally retreated safely.”

Hearing this, Gao Yanchen sneered. “I don’t know him. Don’t put his name and mine together.”

Feng Yan, who had been feeding sentences to Lu Chao, turned mute and stopped talking.

After that, the other party continued to target Gao Yanchen. Feng Yan had wanted to help many times, but he had been chased away by Gao Yanchen. Gao Yanchen had withstood the pressure, and with so many experts around, their team naturally won this game.

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Following the declaration of “Victor” in the game, Gao Yanchen quickly exited.

“Actually, everyone can go take a look at the recordings of Wild King and the rest playing in two rows. Little Missy is really amazing!”

Everyone spoke one after another. In just a short while, they had already compared Xue Xi to a fairy in the sky. No one else said anything about Sweetheart.

Sweetheart was furious. She could not bring herself to apologize for this.

Just as she was about to say something else, Wild King suddenly said, “Sorry.”

Sweetheart was stunned.

Wild King was straightforward. “I admit defeat. I lost this game.”

He looked at Sweetheart’s phone and admitted to the people in the live-stream, “Learn has never seduced me before. I wanted to pursue her back then. Later, when she did not send a photo, I thought that she was ugly, so I got together with Sweetheart. There’s no such thing as her being a mistress, and there’s no such thing as her lying to me so I could help bring her up the ranks. From now on, Sweetheart’s sniping order has been canceled!”

Sweetheart felt terrible when she heard this.

Looking at the comments again, she saw they were all filled with mockery.

“You’re treating Wild King as a treasure, but Little Missy has X. He’s her boyfriend and he’s also so handsome! She doesn’t care about your Wild King at all, alright?”

“Thinking about it now, Sweetheart is a real b.i.t.c.h.”

“Let me interrupt for a while. Am I the only one who is curious about what that Loneliness guy in the game has to do with the Devil? When Little Brother was killed, the Devil stood in the gra.s.s beside him but did not dare to help. I actually saw a feeling of love and avenging intent emanating! Ah, I imagined a couple in my mind!”


Sweetheart’s eyes turned red from anger. Her hands were trembling.

Seeing that the matter had been settled, Xue Xi had nothing else to say. She immediately stood up and walked out.

Sweetheart suddenly said, “Learn.”

Xue Xi stopped in her tracks and turned around. Sweetheart was filled with malice, but she still said righteously, “As an older sister, I want to remind you that you’re still a high school student. Studying is the most important thing. You’re going to take the college entrance examination soon, right? And yet you’re filming and playing games. That’s too improper!”

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