Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 194 - My Boyfriend Is Weaker

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Chapter 194: My Boyfriend Is Weaker

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That ID was unique in this online game.

If someone had already registered an ID like “X” on the game, no other user could register it.

And wasn’t “X” an existence akin to a G.o.d-like being back then?! He was practically the leader of this batch of eSports players!

When the POT game had just come out, the players had yet to figure out the routine but “X” had already become a legend in the game. At that time, he was the best in the Omnipotent Kingdom server!

Later on, whenever people were feeling indignant, they would go and challenge him. He basically did not reject anyone, but every time, he would beat the other party until they could find their teeth on the ground!

Later on, “X” had gained a slight reputation of being lonely at the top and seeking defeat in the circle. He had dominated the rankings for a few months, but in the end, he stopped playing games, resulting in the emergence of other national server players.

After all these years, the newer players might not know “X,” but these gaming streamers present were all old players…

Liu Ye gulped and asked, “Big X?”

Ever since “X” became famous, everyone started imitating the name. There were small Xs, crosses, blank Xs, and so on.

Xiang Huai narrowed his eyes. “Mhm.”

Liu Ye was indignant. “No s.p.a.ce?”


Liu Ye was stunned. He searched the username “X” and added him as a friend. The next moment, he was accepted.

What the “X”!


What else could anyone do?

Get beaten to the ground later? That would be too ugly!

Liu Ye looked conflicted and instinctively asked, “What role do you want to play?”

Xiang Huai: “Anything.”

Liu Ye: “…”

Wasn’t that too flippant? He’s all-powerful! Liu Ye was best in the role of jungler, but that was only after taking notes from how “X” played!

Liu Ye was trembling in fear. Just as he was about to build a room and drag “X” in for the compet.i.tion, Xiang Huai’s phone was suddenly taken by Xue Xi.

Xue Xi’s expression was apathetic as she slowly said, “My boyfriend doesn’t play this game much. Let me compete with you.”

Everyone: “?”

Do you have any misunderstandings about your boyfriend?!

Everyone turned to look at Xiang Huai again, only to see the former number one in the country sitting there lazily with his chin in hand. He looked at Xue Xi dotingly. “Mhm. Good luck, little kid.”

Everyone: “…”

Xue Xi’s thoughts were simple. If she let Xiang Huai lose in front of everyone, wouldn’t she lose face? Hence, she had no choice but to play in his stead. Sigh! This was really all she could do. Her boyfriend was so fragile and needed her protection at all times.

Seeing that Liu Ye was silent, she looked up and said in confusion, “Open.”

Liu Ye: “…”

He did not dare to fight “X,” but when it came to fighting Learn, a boy like him could only win unfairly. How could he do that?

Liu Ye paused and said, “Let’s play 5v5.”

This game was originally a 5v5 game. This way, there would no longer be a problem of one side being too strong.

Xue Xi paused and said helplessly, “Fine.”

In Liu Ye’s team, the young streamers would definitely support him. No matter how good “X” was, he was already out of the loop and could not affect them. Therefore, Liu Ye quickly searched for the other four technical streamers and formed a team with them.

On Xue Xi’s side…

She currently only had Xiang Huai as her teammate.

She turned to look at Gao Yanchen. “Do you know how to play?”

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Gao Yanchen took out his phone. “Yes, pull me.”

She asked in confusion, “Who is it?”

The young streamer immediately turned to look at her with an ugly expression. “Feng Yan is a professional gamer. His club’s name is XH. He has been in first place for three years in a row! To everyone, he’s the devil!”

At that time, the game had just started and the players who liked it just didn’t know their way around yet. However, Feng Yan still became the devil in the hearts of all the players!

The young streamer was stunned. He looked at Xiang Huai and then at the few IDs in the game.

Let’s not talk about Feng Yan for now. Even though The Best in History was not very famous, he was well-known in the circle for his good skills. After all, he was always above a hundred stars.

On top of that, Loneliness All Around was also playing in the national server, alright?! He was a professional marksman who’d rushed his way to the national server!

Coincidentally, Feng Yan was the Omnipotent Demon King. Now that his account and his occupation were all in the national server, he seemed to never play shooters anymore.

With this question in mind, Feng Yan greeted the game interface. “h.e.l.lo, Big Brother Xiang.”

He then started chatting again. “h.e.l.lo, Sister Xi.”

The moment this voice sounded, Xue Xi heard a “Pa” come from the side. Stunned, she turned around and saw Gao Yanchen’s phone on the table. Thankfully, he’d reacted in time or he too would have fallen to the ground.

Xue Xi paused.

Gao Yanchen, who had always been arrogant, picked up his phone in a pathetic manner. He stared at his phone for a while and hesitated for a long time on the exit b.u.t.ton. In the end, he did not withdraw.

Feng Yan’s voice was warm and mellow. He was still speaking. “Also, this is Lu Chao, right?”

Lu Chao also said in greeting, “Sister Xi, long time no see!”

After saying that, he said to Feng Yan, “It’s been a long time since you brought me to the ranking!”

Feng Yan smiled. “Mhm. I’m busy with training.”

After saying that, he seemed to be looking at the last account. After looking at it for a while, Feng Yan asked uncertainly, “Loneliness All Around. Is it… Xiao Chen?”

The moment he said this, Gao Yanchen’s phone fell on the table again.

Without waiting for Feng Yan to continue speaking, he immediately reb.u.t.ted, “No.”

He then turned to look at Xue Xi impatiently. “Sister Xi, let’s go.”

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