Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 193 - Real-life Overbearing CEO!

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Chapter 193: Real-life Overbearing CEO!

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“Who are you?”

There were people in the room who were not good at drinking. All they could think was that this redhead was being too arrogant and despotic. They were having a meal in the private room, yet he rushed in just like that?

Gao Yanchen raised his eyes. Wearing his school uniform, he casually placed his hand on Xue Xi’s chair and said, “I’m the boss of this family business.”

That person did not understand how matters were in wealthy families. Hearing this, he sneered. “So what if you’re the boss? How much can your hotel earn in a month? How can the amount be better than what our Brother Ye earns?”

The rest who did not understand also smiled.

Only Liu Ye stared blankly at the bottle of wine that Gao Yanchen had brought over.

This bottle of wine… He had seen it on the menu just now! Although he was not used to drinking, he understood the price. It cost 800,000 yuan per bottle!

He had become popular only in the past two years, and his income was only starting to reach a million this year. He had originally thought that he was formidable, but now… he still couldn’t help but gulp.

When he was looking at the menu earlier, he’d been thinking, Who the h.e.l.l would drink such expensive wine?

Now, looking at this redhead…

Although he was wearing his school uniform, he still exuded an uninhibited aura. One look and one could tell that he was not an ordinary child. When he went to look at Learn’s boyfriend, not only did he not look good, but he also had a cold and terrifying aura. He’d raised his hand and stepped forward, exuding n.o.bility.

He gulped. Who exactly were these two people?

Just as he was thinking this, a streamer beside him who was from a family doing business said in surprise, “How can you be the boss of this family business? This hotel is owned by the Gao family… Are you from the Gao family?”

Gao Yanchen sneered, then pulled up his sleeves to reveal the watch on his wrist. He deliberately raised it up for them to take a look. “Tsk, it’s past seven.”

Everyone looked over.

That watch… Liu Ye’s pupils constricted again.

Since he’d bought a watch to show off, he had of course done some research on watches. This particular watch was clearly on the millions level!

Wearing a million-dollar watch and drinking 800,000-yuan red wine… This family was too rich!

Looking at this situation, Sweetheart could not help but look at the person who had just spoken and ask, “Is the Gao family very formidable?”

The streamer gulped. “That’s not even the half of it. You know that this restaurant belongs to him, right? Even the hotel next door with the same name belongs to him! Also, the most famous luxury mall in Bin City is also owned by his family… Oh, right, I remember you guys saying that Wild King is buying a villa on the waterside? That’s also the Gao family’s real estate development…”

The more they listened, the more stunned they became. When they looked at Gao Yanchen again, they felt that this redhead was unsurpa.s.sable.

Looking at the redhead, Liu Ye turned to look at Xiang Huai. “Then, who are you?”

Before Xiang Huai could speak, Gao Yanchen said, “You don’t deserve to know who Brother Xiang is. All you need to know is that he is my boss.”

Gao Yanchen had no idea that the words he was spewing to help prop up Xiang Huai had unknowingly revealed the truth.

Xiang Huai did not stop him and accepted his compliment.

Liu Ye and the rest of the streamers did not dare to speak. They watched as the service staff entered, opened the bottle, and poured a gla.s.s for Xiang Huai.

Xiang Huai swirled the gla.s.s of red wine in his hand. The liquid inside was like blood under his cold and fair fingertips. It exuded an exceptionally alluring aura. His gaze gently swept across Sweetheart and turned to her phone. His gaze turned sharp. “Are you live-streaming?”

Sweetheart’s hands trembled and she almost threw her phone on the floor.

She did not know why, but faced with his question, the originally thick-skinned Sweetheart, who did not feel that she had done anything wrong, actually felt a chill down her spine.

She gulped and stuttered, “I-I’m just doing a live-stream to show everyone today’s meal. I’m a professional streamer…”

Xiang Huai stared at her for a while, and looking at his eyes, Sweetheart could not help but ask, “Then, shall I close it?”

“Wait a moment,” Xiang Huai slowly said.

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He hooked his arm around Xue Xi’s chair and blocked Gao Yanchen. He then looked at the live-stream and slowly said, “h.e.l.lo, everyone. I’m Xue Xi’s boyfriend.”

After having her fill, she took out a napkin to wipe her mouth and put down her chopsticks. She then turned to look at Liu Ye and Sweetheart and got down to business. “How do you guys want to solve the problem now that we’re done eating? A live compet.i.tion?”

Sweetheart’s pupils shrank.

How could she be a match in a live compet.i.tion?!

She turned to look at Liu Ye.

Liu Ye, on the other hand, did not look at her. His gaze was fixed on Xue Xi. In front of such a beauty, any man would have an exceptional appet.i.te.

Moreover… Liu Ye had once pursued this girl and played games with her for two hours every night!

Liu Ye suddenly looked at Xiang Huai and said, “Their game has been settled. Why don’t we have a compet.i.tion?”

He could not compare to this person who came from a good family. But while he might not be as wealthy as the other party, he also had an advantage—his gaming was good!

He wanted to show Learn that he was not worse than her boyfriend!

When he heard this, Xiang Huai’s lips curled up slightly. “Sure.”

“Then let’s register.”

Liu Ye logged into the game and asked, “What’s your ID? I’ll add you as a friend…”

Xiang Huai slowly said a name. “X.”

The moment this name was said out loud, the people in the live-stream became stunned again.

They looked at Xiang Huai in disbelief.


This… Isn’t this…

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