Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 189 - Is She Very Ugly?

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Chapter 189: Is She Very Ugly?

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They were all in Bin City, and Wild King was a well-known figure on the Internet. Xue Xi was not afraid that the other party would play dirty. As for the location, she did not choose any.

Seeing that she did not mention an address, Wild King sent her the address of a hotel and asked, “Is that alright?”

Xue Xi replied: “Sure.”

As long as she was in Bin City, she was not afraid of anything.

Seeing her like this, Qin Shuang stole a glance at the hotel mentioned in the chat: Chenjian Hotel.

This was currently the largest five-star hotel in Bin City. She privately messaged Gao Yanchen: “Brother Chen, do you know about the Chenjian Hotel?”

Gao Yanchen: “I know. It’s my family’s.”

Qin Shuang: “…”

Gao Yanchen: “What’s wrong?”

Qin Shuang coughed. “Come out for a while. I’ll tell you in person. It’s a little complicated.”

After the two of them met at the staircase, Qin Shuang recounted what had happened. In the end, she said, “Sister Xi wants to meet them in this hotel tonight. Let’s go with her. If they fight, I can make up the numbers too!”

Gao Yanchen nodded. “Sure.”

During lunch, Xue Xi looked at Xiang Huai and suddenly asked, “Do you know how to play games?”

Xiang Huai paused. “A little. Which one?”


Xiang Huai supported his head with one hand and asked, “Is it a mobile game or a desktop game?”

Xue Xi paused. “What does desktop game mean?”

“A PC game.”

“Oh.” Xue Xi suddenly understood. “This game has a PC version?”

Xiang Huai: “…”

“Then do you know how to play the mobile version?”

Xiang Huai smiled. “I know how to play the PC version. The mobile version should be about the same.”

Xue Xi nodded and asked, “Do you have something on tonight?”

Xiang Huai stared at her with his deep eyes and said seductively, “Why? Are we going on a date?”

Xue Xi: “…”

When he said this, Xue Xi could not help but think of what had happened in the swimming pool and felt her face heat up. “No, don’t speak nonsense.”

“Sure.” Xiang Huai said, “If you need me for something, little kid, there’s definitely no problem.”

Xue Xi paused and said, “Then accompany me to an appointment tonight.”

Since Sweetheart and Wild King had asked her out for dinner, she could not be alone and make the number fall short.

It would be a waste of such a handsome boyfriend to not bring him.

Xiang Huai replied, “Sure, but what does this have to do with gaming?”

Xue Xi recounted the whole story and finally said, “I almost forgot that you helped me to get to the King level. You must know how to play a little.”

Xiang Huai: “…”

Seeing his unpredictable expression, Xue Xi comforted him. “Don’t be afraid. It’s fine even if you don’t play well. Just make up the numbers.”

Xue Xi felt that the issue had to be settled in the game. If those two were going to meet her tonight, a four-person compet.i.tion could ensue.

With one less person on Xue Xi side, Xiang Huai could just make up the numbers.

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Xiang Huai: “…”

As he spoke, he put the snacks in his pocket. When he saw Xiang Huai looking at him, he even chuckled. “You don’t sell snacks and don’t eat them. It’ll just expire if you leave them here. Why don’t I help you eat them?”

After saying that, he opened a bag of rice crust and chewed on it while saying, “…I’ve already checked the orphanage that Sister Xi stayed in since she was young. Indeed, it’s a little special. Eighteen years ago, after Sister Xi was sent in, someone began sponsoring the orphanage regularly. The orphanage never lacks food and drink, and there are also some expensive musical instruments. Don’t judge it by the dilapidated facade, because the environment inside is like a n.o.ble sanatorium. There are also swimming pools and gyms. Tsk, no wonder they didn’t chase Sister Xi away when she turned 18 years old. The orphanage doesn’t lack money!”

He blinked and a cute smile appeared on his round face. “But ever since Sister Xi was taken away by the Xue family, the director said that the other party no longer had any money and seemed to have gone missing. We’ve been investigating for a long time, but we can’t find out who the other party is.”

Xiang Huai snorted and scolded, “Useless.”

Jing Fei chuckled. “With Boss’s help, we’ll definitely be able to find them.”

Xiang Huai shot him a glance and remained silent. He sat behind the counter. No wonder the little kid knew how to swim. It turned out that there was nothing missing in the orphanage.

He had been looking for her for so many years…

Soon, it was night time.

After school, Qin Shuang sneakily said that she had made an appointment with Gao Yanchen and would be riding in his car. Xue Xi nodded and told her to be careful.

She then took the Xue family’s car and brought Xiang Huai to the hotel.

In the hotel room.

Liu Ye looked at the number of streamers from the gaming world who were in the private room and his expression turned ugly. He did not expect Sweetheart to have called so many people…

Moreover, Sweetheart was still live-streaming. “Mhm, Learn will be here in a while. Our main goal tonight is to gather and talk about the matter…”

As soon as she said this, some comments flew across the screen.

“Alright, alright. Let’s see which ugly monster that Learn looks like!”

“…This hotel looks so high-cla.s.s. I’m so envious of Learn. I’ve never eaten in such a place before.”

“Learn will definitely be frightened by such a hotel… After all, her family background should be average. She has never been in charge of a gaming platform…”

Sweetheart smiled when she saw the comments.

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