Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 188 - : Meeting!

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Chapter 188: Meeting!

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Sweetheart clicked on the video she sent over.

It was played on the screen. Qin Shuang did not take a full-body shot and only captured one hand. That hand was delicate and fair, and it was obvious that it was a girl’s hand.

In the video, the two girls were talking.

When Xue Xi said “I got it,” the entire comment section exploded.

“She was studying it on the fly? Isn’t this too amazing?”

“It feels a little fake.”

Sweetheart also felt that it was fake and immediately exited the video. Just as she was about to mock her, she saw Xue Xi’s words.

She hurriedly switched to the screen again.

However, many people still saw the chat message in the blink of an eye. Hence, everyone started doubting.

“To be honest, she’s suspicious. Sweetheart doesn’t show her face in every live-stream. She will only chatter after she’s started playing. Is she really the one who played the game?”

“Same, suspicious…”

“Sweetheart, turn on the camera and play a round to prove it!”

Looking at the comments, she felt guilty.

Xue Xi sent another WeChat message: “Now, you can apologize to me.”

Unfortunately, just as she sent the message, Qin Shuang pouted and said, “Sister Xi, Sweetheart isn’t the one playing. Her commenters are all scolding her for faking it.”

Xue Xi was not concerned about this because Sweetheart had already replied: “I will not revoke your sniping orders! Do you want to use this account to play games? You can try it in your next life!”

Xue Xi frowned.

At this moment, Wild King suddenly sent a message: “Learn, when I took you to play games with me, I felt that you were a decent and soft-hearted girl. But how can you let someone play on your behalf and make others slander Sweetheart? This is too much!”

Xue Xi: “?”

Seeing that she was confused, Qin Shuang asked, “Sister Xi, what’s wrong?”

Xue Xi: “I think this Wild King needs to have his eyes checked at the hospital.”

Qin Shuang: “…”

After saying this, Xue Xi threw her phone aside. She had played for two hours today and it was time for her to rest.

When Qin Shuang returned to her room, Xue Xi took a shower and went to bed to rest.

The next morning, she and Qin Shuang went to cla.s.s.

She had agreed to meet Xiang Huai in the afternoon, so she did not go to the provision store for breakfast this morning. After two in the morning, Qin Shuang suddenly turned around and said angrily, “Sister Xi, they’re really too much!”

Xue Xi paused. “What’s wrong?”

Qin Shuang pa.s.sed the phone to her. “Look at this Sweetheart. She’s spouting nonsense!”

Xue Xi looked over and saw that yesterday’s incident had actually spread in the eSports scene. Someone had written a thread and recounted everything.

However, it was obvious that this thread was biased toward Sweetheart.

In the thread, Sweetheart said that Learn had deceived Wild King using his feelings and made him bring her to the top. Wild King brought her from Silver to King in a month’s time. After that, Wild King asked for photos from her, but she refused because she was too ugly and was afraid of being exposed. After Wild King got a girlfriend, the three of them played games together, but Learn even threw a tantrum and refused to play. Later, she pestered Wild King.

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In order to stand up for her boyfriend, Sweetheart went to look for her. She did not expect Learn to openly provoke her in the live-stream and start a compet.i.tion. Her skills were indeed formidable and Sweetheart had lost.

Liu Ye was talkative during his live-streams, but he was a little shy in reality, so he had always been a little embarra.s.sed.

Her sweet-talking words made him extremely obedient.

When Xue Xi sent him a WeChat message, Sweetheart happened to see it too. She recalled Xue Xi’s words during the live-stream yesterday and felt a little fl.u.s.tered.

Does this person know anything?

Sweetheart was actually a little afraid that Xue Xi would insist on her fighting on her own, so she never brought up this topic anymore. She only diverted the topic to how ugly Learn was.

Indeed, both women and men paid close attention to others’ looks.

Upon seeing Xue Xi’s WeChat, Sweetheart’s eyes darted around and she suddenly said, “Liu Ye, let’s meet her.”

Liu Ye was stunned. “Huh?”

Sweetheart sighed and pretended to be magnanimous. “There has to be an explanation for this matter. Since we’re all in Bin City, it’s better for us to explain it in person.”

Liu Ye was bewitched by her and wanted to stand up for her. “Sure.”

Sweetheart’s eyes flickered.

Girls who played well in the game were usually ugly.

As long as she met Learn and uploaded her pictures on the internet, everyone would definitely think that it was natural for Wild King to be with Sweetheart instead. They would definitely side with her!

In school, while Xue Xi was doing her questions, her phone rang. She took a look and realized that it was a message from Wild King: “You’re in Bin City too, so why don’t we meet tonight? You can choose the location. Things have to be settled.”


Xue Xi typed with her slender fingers: “Okay, see you tonight.”

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