Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 187 - It's My Turn

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Chapter 187: It’s My Turn

After the professional gamer finished his combo, he heard the special effect sound when someone was killed in the game. “Kill!”

He thought that he had killed the other party as usual, but the screen turned black.

Sweetheart could only see the screen projected on the live-stream. It displayed a huge message: “Learn Kills Sweetheart!”

Sweetheart was stunned, and so were the professional players.

Before they could see what had happened, the live comments went crazy:

“What just happened? Forgive me for not seeing it, but did the game have a bug? Why did Sweetheart get killed?”

“I’m stunned!”

“Did she cheat? She’s already died twice. How can she kill Sweetheart back?”

While everyone was feeling stunned, they saw a line of words on the game screen: “There won’t be a third time. Now it’s my turn.”

Her arrogant words exuded an overwhelming aura that made Sweetheart choke. She turned off the loudspeaker in the live-stream and turned to ask the professional gamer, “What happened?”

The professional gamer was also stunned. “It must have been an accident. I didn’t expect her to control me and beat me to death while damaging the tower. It’s fine. I can win.”

One of the mid-laner roles they were playing had the ability to freeze people for two seconds.

Just as the professional gamer was about to make a kill below the tower, he moved too close and was accidentally frozen by Xue Xi before being killed.

He felt that this was a coincidence.

Sweetheart then heaved a sigh of relief and said in the live-stream, “d.a.m.n, there must have been a blind cat who b.u.mped into a dead rat. It’s fine. Let her kill me once, lest she loses too badly and won’t stop crying.”

Everyone in the live-stream heaved a sigh of relief, but someone still said,

“—Sweetheart has always been very careful with her Mage’s positioning. It’s not an easy feat to control it. I keep feeling that the operation just now was not so simple.”

“d.a.m.n, who hasn’t made a mistake among us? Sweetheart must have underestimated her a little too much, but it’s fine, let’s just watch the next round!”

While everyone was discussing, Qin Shuang jumped up in shock. “Sister Xi, awesome!”

Xue Xi raised her head and looked at her as though it was only natural. “This character is too simple.”

Qin Shuang: “…”

Alright, you’re Daddy. You call the shots.

After saying this to Qin Shuang, Xue Xi asked, “Where did her flowering special effect come from?”

Although Qin Shuang did not play this game much, this game had been popular throughout the country recently and she had come across it before. When she heard this, she said, “The other party spent money. Three yuan for one special effect.”

Hearing the words “spending money,” Xue Xi fell silent. Just as Qin Shuang thought that she would charge up and mock Sweetheart in return, she slowly said, “Oh, forget it.”

Qin Shuang: “?”

Sister Xi, do you need that three yuan?!

Qin Shuang’s lips twitched. “Sister Xi, let me give you a few special effects to mock her!”

“No need,” Xue Xi said slowly. “I don’t think she’s worth it.”

Qin Shuang: “?”

The other party had used more than ten special effects on Sister Xi’s corpse just now, but now… in Sister Xi’s words, Sweetheart was not worth it. Why did that feel so ruthless?!

Sister Xi did not speak much, but her words could be shocking!

Moreover, her ability to mock others was too powerful!

The corners of Qin Shuang’s lips twitched. It was a pity that Sweetheart did not hear this.

The game continued.

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After Sweetheart revived, she rushed to the battlefield again. This time, the professional gamer was much more cautious. He hid under the tower and did not go out.

The professional gamer frowned and had a vague guess in his heart. The other party had stood there and allowed him to fight just now to observe and learn from him…

After learning them, the other party’s moves became even more agile than his. How could he possibly win?!

Seven minutes later, he had died seven times!

If he had not needed some time to revive, he might have been killed many times.

In the end, the other professional players all shut up and left their phones to one side. Sweetheart was a well-known Law King in the industry. Other than the devil in the industry, there was no one else who could beat her up like this!

Now, this person opposite her actually made them feel the pressure from the devil!

After the PK compet.i.tion ended, Xue Xi had an advantage of 7:2, making her the winner!

The comments in Sweetheart’s live-stream were all of shock.

“I have a vague feeling that this is not something an ordinary person can do!”

“—I feel like she has the elegance of a professional Law King!”

“Little Missy is too amazing!”

After she was done, she sent Sweetheart a message on WeChat: “Since you lost, please keep your promise.”

As she looked at the WeChat message, Sweetheart’s face turned green and white. In the end, she said, “Someone helped her! She must have found someone to help her!”

Sweetheart’s tone was very fierce. “In the early stages, she didn’t move at all, and she didn’t seem to know how to play. It’s impossible for her to become so formidable in the later stages, so she definitely must have found someone to play for her. Did you have to do this? It’s just a compet.i.tion!”

Upon hearing this, Qin Shuang sneered. “I knew it. Sister Xi, you fought back, so she will definitely retaliate. Thankfully, I was prepared!”

Qin Shuang waved her phone. “From the start, I’ve recorded the video of you playing games. All I have to do is post it online to clarify the matter!”

Xue Xi thought for a moment. “Send it to me.”

Qin Shuang sent the video to Xue Xi and Xue Xi forwarded it to Sweetheart. “I have evidence that I played it myself. Can you prove that you played it yourself?”

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