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Young Master Yan

Chapter 186 - I Got It

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Chapter 186: I Got It

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Just as she said this, Xue Xi sent a message to the other party: “I don’t intend to apologize. I just want to solve the problem.”

Xue Xi was a person who was indifferent to everything. If Sweetheart was merely hating on her, she would not have minded it. However, the other party had targeted her in-game, making her very annoyed.

People who did not play games might think that this was just a game. Couldn’t they just switch accounts? However, real players could not but be very concerned about their game accounts.

Xue Xi’s account was the result of a month’s worth of hard work. She had gone from being a newbie to reaching the King level, and she was still very attached to her skin, diamonds, and inscriptions.

Sweetheart saw her WeChat message and sneered. “If you’re not apologizing, then how are you going to settle it?”

Learning: “Through the game. Let’s play a solo match. If I win, you apologize. If you win, I’ll give up this account.”

A solo match was a one-on-one compet.i.tion.

Sweetheart instantly smiled. “What kind of role should I use? I’m not all-powerful. If you want to use your best to defeat me, this will be unfair to me. I won’t go along with you.”

Learning: “You choose.”

After seeing this exchange with Sweetheart, the comments became filled with mockery:

“Haha, does she not know that Sweetheart has the t.i.tle of Law King?”

“I’ve seen people who seek death, but I’ve never seen anyone who seeks death like this!”

“Are you rushing to die? I went to look at her account—she’s been playing for only a month. Most of that time, she was playing with Wild King. She played support and got defeated!”

“Sweetheart’s support is indeed not as good as she is, but to actually get killed? Can’t wait for Sweetheart to trash her!”

Sweetheart smiled too. “That’s what you said. Alright, let’s play the mid lane.”

She chose the role of the mid lane.

However, Xue Xi replied: “Give me two minutes to familiarize myself with this role’s skills.”

Sweetheart projected the chat record onto the live-stream screen. When everyone saw her message, there came a series of “Hahahaha.”

“I don’t know why, but I feel that Little Missy is a little cool!”

“Wake up! You’ll cry later!”

“After checking it out, I found that this person is indeed a student, but she must still be in primary school!”

“I just took a look and realized that her account has indeed never played this character before. This is too hilarious.”

When Qin Shuang saw the message on the screen, she was so angry that she was about to let out smoke. She said indignantly, “This Sweetheart’s live-stream is simply a mess. The live-stream platform doesn’t even care about any of what’s going on. My live-stream was blocked the moment it was reported, wasn’t it? Are the ones running this live-stream platform watching people!”

Xue Xi ignored her words and looked at the character’s skills and attributes.

She had indeed never played it before, but she had always been fast at learning things. After reading it once, she roughly knew what to do.

Two minutes later, there was an additional “Sweetheart” option in her game friends’ notification. After Xue Xi accepted it, Sweetheart invited her to the compet.i.tion.

As a female streamer, Sweetheart became famous both for superficial reasons and for technical ones. After all, there were not many girls who could play well. Her skills as a mid-laner had received praise from many male players.

But the reason Sweetheart was very confident in this compet.i.tion was that she was not the one playing the game at all!

She had joined a live-stream company, and the company had launched an eSports beauty contest this year. She stood out from among the numerous female streamers with her pleasant voice and coquettish manner. She was very popular.

However, the game was actually being played by another person!

Every time she played games, she would lower her head and hold her phone. It was just an act!

The one who helped her play games was a professional gamer in the eSports club! So how could she not play well?

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She smiled and looked at the live-stream camera. “If you don’t want to show your face when playing games, I’ll be at a disadvantage.” She turned off the camera and switched the live-stream to the game interface.

Sweetheart, on the other hand, was standing beside her corpse. She deliberately pointed her b.u.m at her and immediately used a special effect to mock her!

This was an extremely humiliating act in the game.

The commenters were all laughing and clamoring:

“Again, again!”

“Isn’t this streamer behaving badly?”

“Is the commenter above a saint? It was clearly Learn who bullied Sweetheart and lied to Wild King so he would take her to play with him. Sweetheart is seeking revenge, so she’s not being too much!”

When Sweetheart saw this, she hurriedly said, “I’m too angry. Sorry.”

But as she spoke, she did not stop what she was doing.

Qin Shuang had been watching the live-stream the whole time and was fuming. “F*ck! This is too much! It’s just a game. Do you have to humiliate her like this?”

She looked at Xue Xi worriedly. “Sister Xi, why don’t you withdraw and say that the internet line is broken?”

“No need.” Xue Xi stared at the black phone for a while. When the character was revived, her lips curled up. “I got it.”

Every role had its own attributes and combo moves. Those who had never played before would definitely not know.

Xue Xi had been beaten to death twice because she was observing her opponent and learning how to use this character. Now, she had graduated!

In the live-stream, Sweetheart smiled. “It’s quite boring. Let’s end it quickly.”

She shot a glance at the professional gamer beside her, who nodded.

When Xue Xi rushed out of the tower again, the professional gamer used another combo.

Sweetheart said, “Watch how I’ll kill you!”

As she said this, she was stunned when she saw the screen!

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