Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 185 - Don't Blame Me for Being Unreserved

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Chapter 185: Don’t Blame Me for Being Unreserved

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The probability of winning a four-on-five game was already very low. What more a one-on-nine game?

If this was a low-level round, it would have been possible. However, this was a high-level one and the opponents were all King-level figures. Xue Xi could not fight them alone.

After this round, Xue Xi paused and played another round.

She had just entered this round when she was targeted again. However, this time, one of her teammates could not stand it anymore. Feeling that he was being too much of a bully, he no longer just stood to one side. However, they still lost in this two-on-five match.

Xue Xi played this game because she wanted to get stars.

She had already obtained 18 stars. If she lost two, she would be reduced to 16 stars.

She was a little angry.

She played another round and was targeted as usual. When the game ended, someone in the game interface even scolded her:

“Shameless vixen, was Wild King cheated into adding you to his team?”

“Someone like you shouldn’t be living in the game.”

“I made money! I made money!”

Xue Xi ignored these curses. After dropping another star, she felt a little helpless.

She unwillingly entered another round.

As soon as she entered, she was recognized again. Someone simply turned on the voice message and said, “Little Missy, Sweetheart is giving everyone 100 yuan. If you give everyone 200 yuan, everyone will definitely not act against you!”

As soon as he said this, someone else said eccentrically, “Sweetheart is basically paying off both her opponents and her teammates. Everyone receives 100 yuan, which is equivalent to spending 900 yuan to make Learn lose a round. No ordinary person can compare to such a wealthy person!”

“That’s right. This Learn hasn’t been charged ever since she started playing the game. One look and you can tell that she’s poor. Do you think everyone is the same as Sweetheart? I heard that their family is very rich, and Sweetheart’s live-stream is also very profitable. She has tens of thousands of yuan a month! Her boyfriend, Wild King, is even more formidable. A streamer of that level can earn a few million yuan a month!”

Xue Xi frowned when she heard their words.

She did not expect that she would have to compete with someone who was richer in the game.

She ignored it. This game also ended, and she had undoubtedly lost again.

Xue Xi had never given up. Even if two to three teammates gave up every round, she would still play well. However, her teammates were too much. Not only did they hang back and just lie there without moving, they even gave the other party explosive pointers.

In one round, all five of them were fighting in the middle. She took the chance to clear the frontlines and sneaked into the opponent’s jungle so that the opponent could not see her, and she planned to push to the tower. In the end, her teammates shouted out what she intended to do on the public chat, causing her to fail again.

After losing five to six rounds consecutively, Xue Xi threw her phone on the table in anger.

Ever since the fifth round, Qin Shuang had been paying attention to her. Now that she had opened Sweetheart’s live-stream, she saw the girl.

Qin Shuang said angrily, “Sister Xi, this woman is too much. I’ve already sent a report, but the administrators actually don’t care! Moreover, she even made use of you to gain popularity. Her stream’s popularity has been rising again!”

She said indignantly, “This person looks like she’s had plastic surgery. I don’t know what kind of taste Wild King has, but he actually took a fancy to her. Moreover, she really transferred the money right as the live-stream is going on. Despite the whole of the POT game world knowing about it, she’s still shouting on the public chat. Stop playing, you’ll definitely play one!”

In Sweetheart’s live-stream, the beauty filter was a little too much, causing her chin to look sharp and her eyes to look huge. It was very unnatural.

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She was chatting with everyone. “Yes, it’s her. Everyone must remember this ID. She hypocritically threw herself at my boyfriend, who is Wild King. But after she got to the King level, she turned around and refused to accept his invites anymore. This kind of liar and mistress, what right does she have to be a King? Her King level was given to her by my boyfriend…”

All sorts of words that she could not bear to look at made Xue Xi frown.

Qin Shuang was furious. “She is being inhumane to you. Sister Xi, she is too much. This has seriously affected your real life!”

Xue Xi took a deep breath and found Wild King’s WeChat message. “Can you manage your girlfriend?”

Wild King: “If I speak up for you, she will flare up. How about this? I’ll give you a new account. Can you stop playing using your account?”

Xue Xi’s account was connected to her WeChat, so she could directly invite her friends on WeChat.

She had never done anything bad. Why should she give in?

She sent a message: “If you don’t care, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Wild King: “What do you want? Don’t do anything reckless. Learn, what’s wrong with taking a step back? I can compensate you.”

Xue Xi did not reply to him again. Taking into account that Wild King had played with her before, she had intended to take a step back on this matter. As long as he controlled Sweetheart and stopped causing trouble, she would not have pursued the matter regarding the five stars that had fallen.

But now…

Xue Xi’s expression turned cold and serious.

She found Sweetheart’s friend request and accepted it.

In the live-stream, Sweetheart said, “Ah, it’s finally working. The other party accepted my friend request. Is she here to apologize? Tsk, let me tell you, her WeChat name is ‘Learning.’ Her profile looks like a math paper. She pretended to be a student and lied to Wild King so he would pull her up. Such a person is too disgusting! Even if she apologizes, she can forget about playing this account! I will definitely not let her off!”

The moment she said this, Xue Xi sent a message to the other party.

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