Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 184 - 4: Sniper Learn!

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Chapter 184: Sniper Learn!

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A trip to the pool had three of them blushing. Only Xiang Huai remained calm as though nothing had happened.

Just as Xue Xi was about to suffocate, Xiang Huai released her. The two of them climbed out of the water and stood up straight to speak.

Xue Xi frowned. “You don’t know how to swim?”

Xiang Huai nodded. “Mhm. Are you going to teach me?”

Xue Xi silently complained in her heart. Indeed, he did not know anything other than dating. He was just a gigolo!

She sighed and comforted him. “Don’t feel inferior. Learn well.”

Xiang Huai: “…”

Xue Xi continued to ask, “But why did you kiss me just now?”

Xiang Huai fell silent for a moment. Little kid, you really don’t have any romantic cells. To think that you would ask such a question. However, Xiang Huai, who was already prepared to speak, slowly said, “I was almost out of breath. I wanted a mouthful of air from you. I saw that this was how it’s done on television shows. I just needed a breath.”

“Is that so?”

Just now, the other party had sucked away all the breath in her mouth, so she did not feel anything. But even after she’d heard his explanation, she was still a little confused. “Is this alright?”

Xiang Huai narrowed his eyes. Just as he was about to speak, he heard the little kid say, “Let’s do it again. Help me vent my breath. I’ll see if I can replace yours.”


There was a smile in Xiang Huai’s eyes. He then saw Xue Xi sink into the water, and he too…

Half a minute later, the two of them came out of the water again. Xiang Huai asked, “Did you feel it?”

Xue Xi shook her head. “No.”

Xiang Huai held her shoulders, preparing to resume their activities in the water. “Let’s continue, then.”


Even after several tries, Xue Xi still did not manage to exchange breaths. In the end, she stood up straight and said, “The television is full of lies!”

Xiang Huai: “Yes, little kid. Are you going to teach me how to swim next?”

Xue Xi: “…Sure.”

Following that—

“Don’t hug my waist!”

Xiang Huai: “I’m afraid of drowning. It’s too scary in the water. I feel too insecure.”


“If you relax, you’ll float.”

“I can’t relax in front of you.”


When Qin Shuang and Cen Bai heard the various words, their awkward expressions became even more awkward. After a while, Cen Bai asked, “Are you still afraid of water?”

Qin Shuang shook her head. “No.”

Cen Bai smiled and said in a low voice, “Let’s go up and rest for a while.”


The two of them walked out of the pool. Qin Shuang’s eyes were glued to Cen Bai. Cen Bai said, “Let’s go to the rest area outside to wait for them.”

“Ah, alright, alright.” Qin Shuang, who was engrossed in his beauty, followed behind Cen Bai.

After leaving the swimming pool, they had to take a hot shower and change clothes before going to the lounge. Qin Shuang had taken two steps to follow him when Cen Bai suddenly stopped and looked at her. “Student, do you want to shower with me?”

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Only then did Qin Shuang realize that she had actually followed Cen Bai into the male changing room!

Qin Shuang: “…”

The four of them had lunch together. In the afternoon, Cen Bai asked, “What’s your schedule?”

Xue Xi: “I want to go back and do my exercise questions.”

Cen Bai and Xiang Huai turned to look at Qin Shuang in unison.

Qin Shuang, who had recently been infected by Xue Xi, also nodded. “I also want to go back to study. The college entrance examination is coming soon!”

In order to have a chance at entering the Capital Film and Television Academy and get closer to her brother, she had to work harder!

Cen Bai and Xiang Huai: “…”

Hence, the two of them could only send the two girls back home.

That afternoon, the two girls studied in Xue Xi’s room. With Xue Xi leading her, Qin Shuang gradually entered a flow state.

She was way behind in her homework, but fortunately, her foundation was still there. Now that she was working hard, her results for the college entrance examination should not be low.

At 9 PM, Xue Xi, who had already formed a habit, picked up her phone and prepared to play games.

Bot’s game design was very good. Not only was it a test of one’s skills, but it was also a test of one’s scheming. Xue Xi was already at the level of a king, and every game she played was very interesting. It also made her want to conquer and learn.

Although Wild King had already warned her, Xue Xi felt that the country was so huge. Would she really come across a user called Sweetheart just by playing a game?

However, she didn’t take into consideration the sources of information in the eSports scene.

Having just matched up for a round and after choosing the character she wanted to play, she entered the game. The moment she entered, she saw her teammates posting it on the public chat. Even the opponent could see a line: “This is Learn. The four of us won’t move. You guys can just push ahead. After this round, everyone can take screenshots to get a hundred yuan from Sweetheart!”

Xue Xi: “?”

She frowned in displeasure.

There was no doubt that she had lost this round.

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