Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 183 - Who Has a Better Body?

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Chapter 183: Who Has a Better Body?

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Xue Xi tightened the towel on her body and pointed at Qin Shuang. “She needs to learn.”

“Mhm,” Xiang Huai slowly said. “Her trainer is here.”

Following this, they heard footsteps coming from the changing room. Cen Bai was wearing a pair of swimming trunks and walked out of the male changing room drenched.

He must have just taken a shower. As he moved, the water droplets jumped on his body. His s.e.xy collarbones, firm chest and abs, and then his legs. His muscles were firm and strong. Cen Bai’s perfect figure was exposed to them.

Qin Shuang’s eyes widened. She could not even bear to blink. It was as though she would be at a disadvantage if she stopped looking for even a moment.

Xue Xi also admired his figure. Just as she was about to look down at his abs, her shoulders were pulled and she was forcefully turned around by Xiang Huai.

He then glared at her coldly.

The coquettish Cen Bai instantly froze. Without another word, he jumped into the pool. He splashed the water twice and arrived at Qin Shuang’s feet. He then stuck his head out and wiped the water off his face with both hands before saying, “Do you want to come down?”

Qin Shuang, who had been so nervous that she froze the moment she entered the pool, widened her eyes.

Her brother asked her to go swimming!

Even if she was afraid of water, she had to go down!

She nodded without hesitation.

Cen Bai smiled. His fox eyes were filled with temptation. He stood up from the water, which rose up to his shoulders. Even so, other parts could not be entirely hidden. He reached out from the water. “Then I’ll help you down.”

“…Okay, okay.” Qin Shuang gulped.

She slowly sat by the pool and jumped into the water.

When she entered the water, a feeling of having nowhere to go attacked her. She immediately hugged Cen Bai’s shoulders tightly. The water was swaying in front of her, and the suffocating feeling seemed to have surged over again.

However, at this moment, she felt a huge hand holding her waist. Cen Bai smiled. “Don’t be nervous.”

Qin Shuang: “…”

She suddenly realized that she was hugging her idol!

The feeling of suffocation instantly vanished. Her face turned red and her heart beat furiously. With her entire head and neck scarlet, she felt that it won’t be too bad to drown like this!

Psychological treatment was nothing compared to her idol!

Qin Shuang’s fear of water… improved just like that!

Cen Bai smiled. “Hurry up.”

Qin Shuang was stunned. Before she could react, Cen Bai brought her into the pool. Cen Bai hugged her waist with one hand and floated on the water surface with her, swimming to the other side of the pool.

The swimming pool in the gym was huge at 200 square meters.

After Xiang Huai released her, Xue Xi instinctively looked at Cen Bai’s perfect figure. However, what she saw was only the two black heads in the distance. She could not see anything else.

She turned around in disappointment and realized that Xiang Huai was standing in front of her. With a towel draped over him but otherwise revealing his upper body, he was wearing only a pair of swimming trunks.

“Does it look good?” Xiang Huai slowly asked.

Xue Xi nodded. “Not bad.”

“Then what about Cen Bai?” Xiang Huai continued asking, his eyes shining with danger.

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Cen Bai, who was teaching Qin Shuang how to swim in the distance, felt an inexplicable chill run down his spine. His neck tensed up as he looked at the two people standing on the sh.o.r.e in confusion. He had no idea that his life was on the edge of the knife.

As she floated in the water, she felt her senses become exceptionally sharp.

The gentle touch on her lips and the way he gently coaxed them…

Afraid that water would enter her mouth, she could only kiss him tightly…

In the distance.

Qin Shuang, who had finally regained her senses from her brother’s beautiful face, subconsciously looked into the distance. She saw ripples on the water surface and bubbles rising, but Sister Xi and her brother-in-law were no longer there.

Her eyes widened as she stepped on the sink and shouted, “Sister Xi?”

After taking two steps, she slipped and fell on Cen Bai. In her panic, she grabbed Cen Bai’s waist and abdomen. Thereafter, she grabbed the man’s swimming trunks and tilted her body. When she fell, she exerted some force and accidentally pulled the man’s swimming trunks apart…

In her daze, Qin Shuang felt as though she had seen something, but she did not seem to have seen anything. In the next moment, she was picked up by Cen Bai.

Her face was extremely red. She widened her eyes at Cen Bai and hurriedly explained, “I didn’t see anything!”



The two of them seemed to become even more awkward.

At the same time that Xue Xi entered the pool, her phone that was left in the changing room lit up. There were a few WeChat messages.

Wild King: “Are you there?”

Wild King: “Sorry, Sweetheart is jealous. She said that she was going to ask people to surround you in the rounds and make you lose. That is, whoever matches with you will purposely make you lose one round, and each person will receive 100 yuan for it.”

Wild King: “Change your account if you want to play games these next few days. Or you might as well stop playing. Otherwise, everyone will be in a bad mood.”

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