Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 182 - : Xue “Ugly” Xi?

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Chapter 182: Xue “Ugly” Xi?

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Xue Xi had always had a photographic memory, but this was the first time she felt like she had forgotten a handwriting. Despite it looking familiar, she could not recall where she had seen it before.

As Xue Xi frowned, Qin Shuang said, “Could it be that someone secretly led Qin Lu to do such a thing?”

Xue Xi shook her head, indicating that she did not know.

Qin Shuang smiled helplessly. “Regardless of whether she was led to it or not, Qin Lu has already gone astray. It’s for the best to let her learn her lessons.”

She shrugged her shoulders and sat down in front of Xue Xi.

Xue Xi stared at the envelope, still unable to recall where she had seen the handwriting before. She put the envelope into her bag, thinking that she would definitely be able to recognize it when she looked at it again.

After she’d put down the letter, Xue Xi’s phone vibrated.

She lowered her head and picked it up, then saw that “Sweetheart” was requesting to add her as a friend.


It seemed to be the name of a food, but Xue Xi did not bother about that. She had never accepted friend requests from anyone she did not already know. Thus, she stuffed her phone back into the drawer.

Next was Old Liu’s cla.s.s. He had been slightly shaken by that incident, but after two days, he had already righted himself. Right now, the cla.s.s was being so loud that one could not fall asleep even if they wanted to.

While Xue Xi was listening attentively, her phone vibrated in the drawer again. Xue Xi ignored it, but the other party seemed to be relentless. It vibrated every minute.

In the end, Old Liu heard a vibration and chided, “The school’s rules state that you can’t bring your phones to cla.s.s. All of you guys have them, so we can only turn a blind eye to it. However, some students shouldn’t go overboard. They keep sending messages during cla.s.s and phones keep buzzing. Don’t you find it noisy? You guys should learn from Xue Xi. She has already obtained first place in the Math Olympiad and is still listening attentively. Meanwhile, you guys…”

Xue Xi: “…”

She silently put her phone in the drawer and switched it off.

When cla.s.s finally ended, the chatterbox suddenly turned around and winked at her. “Sister Xi, say it. Why did you message your boyfriend in cla.s.s?”

Old Liu could not tell whose phone was vibrating, but the chatterbox could hear it loud and clear.

“Didn’t.” Xue Xi was also confused as to who was looking for her. If there was something important, wouldn’t it be fine to call her? When she picked up her phone and turned it on, she realized that it was the friend-request person who had sent her a message.

That Sweetheart seemed determined to not rest until he or she was added. She would reject the request every once in a while, but the saved ID would change every time she did so. “Why? You don’t dare to add me?”

“Little b*tch, how dare you seduce someone else’s husband? If you have the guts, add me as a friend, why don’t you?”

“B*tch, speak!”

“Ugly monster, don’t kidnap my boyfriend to make him popular ever again.”

Xue Xi was at a loss.

What was happening?

She frowned and simply blocked this person’s request. She then threw this matter to the back of her mind and stopped being bothered about it.

On the other hand, Qin Shuang quickly figured out the situation. “Sister Xi, is your game ID Lemon?”

Xue Xi nodded.

Qin Shuang was furious. “F*ck, you’re dead!”

Xue Xi paused. “Why?”

Qin Shuang pa.s.sed the thread to her. “Did you form a team with someone called Wild King some time ago? That Wild King is on the same live-stream as me, but he is the most famous technical streamer in the Bot game section. It’s said that some time ago, he used a side account to play with a female gamer named Learn, and that he has been pursuing you during the live-stream… cough cough!”

The baffled Xue Xi: “?”

She had been queuing with Wild King for two hours every day. Why didn’t she know that he was chasing after her?

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Qin Shuang blinked. “Then, he announced his relationship with a female streamer named Sweetheart two days ago. However, while he was playing with Sweetheart, many people in Wild King’s live-stream spammed them with negative comments, like she was inferior to you and whatnot. Then, when Sweetheart was doing the live-stream, she said that it was because you were too ugly that you were abandoned by Wild King!”

It sure seems like the little kid has already realized that she likes me, doesn’t it?

However, the little kid did not understand. If he did not work hard, the two of them would probably end up just dating for the rest of their lives, right?


Xiang Huai took two mouthfuls of rice noodles and glanced at the little kid before asking, “I heard that you guys are going to learn how to swim tomorrow?”

Xue Xi ate a mouthful of beef.

Qin Shuang had made huge improvements now. Wanting the chatterbox to recover quickly, she intended to strike while the iron was hot. Tomorrow was the weekend and it was just a rest day. She got Ye Li to help her arrange a swimming pool. Afraid that the chatterbox would create too much trouble in the water, she’d decided to book the entire venue.

Xue Xi nodded. “Mhm.”

A glint flashed across Xiang Huai’s eyes as he nodded with a smile. “Alright, then.”

Xue Xi: “?”

If Qin Shuang was going to learn how to swim, what can you do?

Soon, she understood why Xiang Huai had agreed.

When she and Qin Shuang, both wearing conservative swimsuits with a towel wrapped around them, entered the pool in the neighborhood gymnastics area, she saw Xiang Huai with his upper body naked. He was lying on a lounge chair beside the pool. His hands were behind his head as he stared lazily at her. “Little kid, you’re late.”

Xue Xi: “!”

She paused. “How did you get in?”

The neighborhood did not allow strangers to enter, and this gym was not for the residents of this neighborhood.

Xiang Huai’s lips curled up. His sharp features seemed to have softened. “I told Uncle I could teach you how to swim, so he let me in.”

Xue Xi: “…”

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