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Chapter 181 - Qin Lu's Ending! (3)

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Chapter 181: Qin Lu’s Ending! (3)

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Xue Xi had set this trap after a discussion with Omnipotent Boss.

Omnipotent Boss had also edited a paragraph of words that she was now going to read to the reporters.

She was not good at fantasizing, and the words that Omnipotent Boss had sent did not contain any emotions. It was only a rational and objective list of the consequences of minor crimes.

There were too many people in real life who were slandered and molested.

As soon as the students opened their mouths, the teachers could not hope to explain their side clearly. Some were even forced to commit suicide by jumping off of a building. There were also some underage children who’d used the underage protection measures to escape punishment and ultimately made a bigger mistake.

Xue Xi’s cold voice shocked everyone present.

In the end, after reading the words that Omnipotent Boss had sent over, she slowly said, “…Underage protection measures do not protect them from the consequences of committing crimes.”

Her words silenced the reporters present.

Everyone had recorded Qin Lu’s arrogant words. Coupled with Xue Xi’s words… they had all the materials for today!

Even though Mr. and Mrs. Qin understood that Qin Lu was a bad girl, she was still their daughter after all. They could not let it go, and Mr. Qin said, “The law should be the one who calls the shots in these matters! Why are you coaxing her here? Let’s go!”

The finalized Qin Lu’s expulsion from the school.

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Qin brought Qin Lu home.

The school seemed to have regained its peace, but what they did not know was that at this moment, this event was slowly fermenting online.

Under the urging of someone with good intentions, this became a social topic.

There was also Qin Lu’s video, which had been uploaded to the internet. Her arrogant words instantly angered the netizens. “So what if the truth is out? I’m still underage and I won’t be sentenced. I’m just going back to when my parents didn’t love me and my cla.s.smates rejected me. What’s the big deal? When the college entrance examination is over, I’ll leave this city. What can you do to me?”

#I’m so bad. What can you do to me?# This topic instantly generated a heated discussion, causing all sorts of exchanges in society.

The discussion on the Internet was getting more and more intense. In the Qin family home, Qin Lu was still as arrogant as ever. “Can they change the law? Ha, I’m still underage. What can I be charged with?”

Mrs. Qin felt as if she was looking at a stranger.

She did not dare to get close to Qin Lu. She felt that she did not know such a daughter.

Mr. Qin locked her in the room and made her reflect on her mistakes.

It was only when Mr. Qin was helping her with the overseas procedures that he realized that something was amiss. Qin Lu had been forbidden from leaving the country.

Mr. Qin called the police station and the police replied, “Someone sued her for harming others’ reputation, so we filed this as a case to be investigated. During the investigation, she cannot leave Bin City.”

Mr. Qin panicked.

Two days later, the police arrived.

Upon seeing them, Mr. and Mrs. Qin, who had been feeling uneasy for a few days, suddenly felt relieved. What should come will come.

They asked, “How is our daughter to be dealt with?”

The police officers said, “Following the outcome of the court trial, Qin Lu is sentenced to five years in juvie. If she does not behave well inside, her sentence will be extended.”

Juvie… The word might sound nice, but it’s actually an underage prison!

Mrs. Qin wanted to say something, but Mr. Qin stopped her. When the two policemen brought Qin Lu down, Qin Lu struggled. “I’m underage and I’m not immoral. You guys can’t do this!”

The police ignored her and forcefully led her out.

Qin Lu continued shouting, “Dad, Mom, I’m your daughter! Are you really not going to care about me anymore?!”

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Mrs. Qin cried and choked.

Xue Xi ignored him and only picked up after finishing the questions.

Xiang Huai asked, “Little kid, are you coming for breakfast tomorrow?”

Xue Xi: “…No, lunch.”

Mr. and Mrs. Qin had already agreed to stop bothering Qin Shuang, so they would not send her lunch again.

Hence, Xue Xi and Qin Shuang were going out to eat rice noodles again.

Just as Xiang Huai was about to say something, Xue Xi hung up.

Xiang Huai: “?”

The corners of his lips twitched. He opened WeChat and sent Xue Xi a message using Omnipotent Boss’ WeChat account: “What are you doing?”

Learning: “Reading. Teacher, what’s wrong?”

Omnipotent Boss: “Nothing. I just heard that you have a boyfriend. What do you think of him?”

Looking at this WeChat message, Xue Xi thought about it carefully and replied: “He is a person whose mind is filled with only love and nothing else.”

After sending this message, Xue Xi continued to read her book.

At 9:30 AM, Ye Li called her to the study room to play games. She was currently playing alone and had not played with “Ye w.a.n.g” for a few days.

The next day, she brought Qin Shuang to school. Qin Shuang went to pack Qin Lu’s books. When she returned from Cla.s.s Two, her expression was solemn.

She pa.s.sed an envelope to Xue Xi. “Sister Xi, I found this in Qin Lu’s things.”

Xue Xi took the envelope and opened it. When she saw the words on it, she was stunned.

This familiar handwriting…

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