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Chapter 180 - Qin Lu's Ending (2)

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Chapter 180: Qin Lu’s Ending (2)

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Mrs. Qin had already broken down. When she found out that Qin Lu had taken a photo to slander Qin Shuang, she felt that her life had already collapsed.

She could not accept her obedient daughter’s sudden change.

Hence, when Qin Lu said that Old Liu was molesting her, she subconsciously chose to believe that, wanting to find an excuse for her daughter’s change.

However, at this moment, she finally believed that her daughter was truly evil.

Mr. Qin was also stunned.

When he found out that Qin Lu had been molested and that she had been forced to do something to hurt Qin Shuang, he was heartened.

He felt that his daughter could not be so bad.

Hence, he chose to trust her unconditionally. But he was a businessman, so he was not that dumb.

In fact, his first reaction was that his daughter did not have any evidence. This matter might very likely end up buried, and the school would turn a small matter into a nonexistent matter. Hence, he’d even called reporters, wanting to blow things up.

He secretly hoped that his daughter was not that bad.

However, he did not expect that he would shoot himself in the foot.

Ka Ka Ka Ka!

The reporters held their cameras and took photos of Qin Lu. At this moment, he really regretted his actions just now!

Meanwhile, Qin Lu, who had been beaten up by Mrs. Qin, looked at the crowd in a daze. She knew that she could no longer pretend and that the matter had been exposed.

She stood up and was no longer as submissive as before.

She slowly opened her mouth and said in a calm and strange tone, “Why did I do that? Because if Old Liu hadn’t called Dad, Dad wouldn’t have suspected me! Because when I was. .h.i.t in the head by Zhou Zhen’s ball, Old Liu appeared to be helping me out, but in private, he was actually protecting Zhou Zhen!”

She raised her hand and pointed at Mr. and Mrs. Qin. “And you guys… Look, I just became a victim. You guys were so nice to me. After slandering Mr. Liu, I became your obedient daughter again, right?

“Why? Why did things change after so many years? This year is so important, but you guys don’t love me anymore!”

Qin Lu shouted, “Why do I need a sister? I don’t want this sister! She took away your love! If she dies, I’ll be the only one!”

Mrs. Qin and Mr. Qin were stunned.

The two of them looked at her and said in shock, “If one has one more relative in this world, there will be another source of love! Yes, we gave half of our love to Qin Shuang, but in the future, when we are old, you will still have another family member in this world! This is the meaning of having siblings! How can you be so selfish?!”

Qin Lu sneered. “If I’m such a person, I inherited it from you guys. I’m a bad person, so you guys are also bad people. Hahaha!”

Mrs. Qin was stunned. “You’re crazy!”

Qin Lu clapped her hands and turned to look at Old Liu. Her lips curled up. Her face, which was exactly the same as Qin Shuang’s, had a sinister and cunning look. “Mr. Liu, I was originally going to win, but I lost to luck!”

Xue Xi said, “It’s not luck.”

Qin Lu was stunned.

Xue Xi pointed at the CCTV and said slowly, “No.”

On the tree outside, the CCTV camera that had been blown away by the wind had already been cut off. This was Old Liu’s office, but it was also Old Liu’s lounge. How could it possibly capture his room?

Qin Lu was stunned. “Then, that video…”

The moment she said this, Qin Shuang sneered. “Do you think I’m also needed just to get everyone to sign?”

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Two hours had actually pa.s.sed since the incident.

Alas, before she could even get close to Qin Shuang, Xue Xi had already reached out to grab her arm and casually flung it—


Qin Lu fell to the ground.

She struggled to get up from the ground and scanned the people in front of her. She shouted fiercely, “So what if the truth is out? I’m still underage and I won’t be sentenced. I’m just going back to when my parents didn’t love me and my cla.s.smates rejected me. What’s the big deal? When the college entrance examination is over, I’ll leave this city. What can you do to me?”

Under strong provocation, her ugly att.i.tude was displayed. These arrogant words were captured by the reporters.

The frowned. “You, you are really… Our school is expelling you!”


Qin Lu continued shouting, “So what if I’m expelled? My parents will send me overseas and I’ll study there for two years. I can still return!”

Qin Lu ignored him and stared at Qin Shuang. “Do you think that if I leave, you’ll be my parents’ favorite daughter? No way! You’re the one who harmed me. Dad and Mom will hate you for the rest of our lives! You want to s.n.a.t.c.h away their love? Don’t even think about it!”

This was how unfair things were.

If Qin Lu harmed Qin Shuang, her parents would hate her.

Similarly, now that Qin Shuang had testified against Qin Lu, her parents would also hate Qin Shuang!

Qin Lu smiled. “Now, we’re both the same. Dad, Mom, I know that you hate me and detest me, but you still have to bring me home, right?”

Xue Xi narrowed her eyes when she heard this.

She had deliberately told the truth to agitate Qin Lu and make her say so many inappropriate words. It was not to chase her away, but to make her pay the price!

Xue Xi took out her phone and looked at the long string of messages from Omnipotent Boss. She slowly said to the reporters, “I have something to say.”

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