Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Don’t Worry, You Have Me

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Just as he spoke, the servant knocked on the door. “Sir, Old Master wants you to come downstairs.”

Although Ye Li did not hear Xue Sheng, she dared not ask again and they left in haste.

Downstairs, Xue Shengqiang was sitting on the sofa with a stern expression. There was a looming atmosphere in the room and the servants were treading on thin ice.

Xue Sheng tidied his collar b.u.t.ton and asked solemnly, “Dad, what’s wrong?”

Old Master frowned. “Quickly think, what have we done wrong to offend the Gao family?”

Xue Sheng paused. “Why do you say that?”

Old Master replied, “Elder Gao’s secretary called earlier to inform us not to go for this weekend’s gathering.”

Xue Yao, who had left school, overheard their conversation and her eyes lit up instantly. “Grandpa, Big Uncle, I know; it’s definitely because of Xue Xi!”

The moment Xue Yao said that, Ye Li asked anxiously, “What’s wrong with Xixi?”

Xue Yao pouted. “Our cla.s.s’ Qin Shuang offended Gao Yanchen and was stopped after school. Xue Xi wanted to show off and insisted on helping. Grandpa, Gao Yanchen is Elder Gao’s very life and our family needs to rely on the Gao family. Wasn’t she giving our family trouble by doing that?”

Elder Gao’s only son pa.s.sed away in an accident, leaving behind his only grandchild, Gao Yanchen. Since Elder Gao always covered up his grandson’s mistakes, Gao Yanchen was able to be a tyrant in the international school.

Old Lady Xue hit the table instantaneously. “Ridiculous! I’ve long said before that a wild child like this shouldn’t be brought home. Only a few days have pa.s.sed and she has already created such huge trouble!”

Ye Li wobbled as she covered her chest.

Gao Yanchen was a well-known devil incarnate and could fight really well. He once broke a girl’s rib.

My Xixi is skinny and weak. A single punch from Gao Yanchen could be enough to take half her life away…

Just as they were feeling anxious, Xue Sheng stared straight at Xue Yao. “Where are they? How long ago did it happen?”

The girl replied, “In the alley beside the school. It should have been around an hour ago.”

Her uncle flew into a rage. “Why didn’t you call home when your sister is in trouble?”

The girl’s eyes flickered.

She wished Gao Yanchen could beat Xue Xi up worse, and the best case would be if she became paralyzed. Why would she still call for help?

Before Xue Yao could find an excuse, Old Lady Xue scolded, “Why should she call? A la.s.s like Xue Xi who overestimated her true abilities should be taught a lesson!”

“Mom!” Xue Sheng interrupted her. There was no time to pursue the matter. The pressing issue of the moment was to ensure Xixi’s safety!

“Get the car ready!” Ye Li’s voice was trembling. Nothing could happen to her Xixi.

Just as she and Xue Sheng were heading out anxiously and the rest were waiting for them to be the b.u.t.t of the joke, a skinny silhouette entered through the door suddenly.

Xue Xi walked all the way home while carrying her school bag. When she set foot in the house, she saw her parents heading out worriedly so she gave way to them obediently.

Seeing Ye Li staring at her and not moving for quite some time, she blinked her eyes in confusion and asked, “Mom, are you going out?”


There was pin-drop silence in the living room and all eyes were on her.

After five seconds had pa.s.sed, Ye Li observed her from head to toe. Her huge uniform covered her skinny body well and there seemed to be no injury except a patch of dust on her pants. She got anxious. “Xixi, are you alright?”

Xue Xi sighed. “…Not alright.”

Ye Li’s eyes reddened instantly as she grabbed her hands and asked, “What’s wrong?”

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Her daughter was baffled and did not understand why she was so agitated. She then replied slowly, “Mr. Liu gave me five papers to do today and I don’t think I can finish them.”

Looking at Ye Li, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Her mother merely comforted her gently. “Don’t be scared, with Dad and Mom around, we won’t let you suffer.”

Xue Xi, whose dictionary did not have the word “scared”: “?”

Right at this moment, the door was opened and Xue Sheng entered. Xue Xi felt a little uneasy. Ever since she came home, he had been on a business trip so she rarely interacted with her father.

He smiled warmly at her. “Xixi, do your a.s.signment.”

He reached out and gently patted her head as he said, “Don’t worry, you have me.”

Xue Xi: “…Oh.”

Dipping her head, she stared at the questions blankly. Although she had no idea what happened, this man’s thick shoulders seemed to have really brought her a sense of security.

Though she was usually expressionless, the corners of her lips turned up and her belongingness to this family rose.

She shook her head and threw those mixed thoughts behind her mind as she focused on doing her questions.

Even when Xue Sheng and Ye Li had left the room, she remained focused.

Back in their bedroom, Ye Li’s face took on a ghastly expression. “What should we do?”

Now that Xixi had been beaten up, and given Gao Yanchen’s style, this matter was considered to have pa.s.sed. Since Xixi was alright now, it meant that Gao Yanchen would not take things lying down.

Xue Sheng sighed. “I’ll make a trip to the Gao family tomorrow.”

As a man, he had to yield when he needed to for the sake of his wife and child.

Ye Li hated herself for being useless, and the thought of wanting to become stronger grew. She nodded her head helplessly. “Then bring those leaves as well. Elder Gao’s favorite is tea, and he probably won’t pursue the matter on account of the tea, right?”

Xue Sheng did not harbor any hope but still responded, “Sure.”

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