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Chapter 179 - Qin Lu's Ending (1)

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Chapter 179: Qin Lu’s Ending (1)

The reporters had already filled the office. The moment Xue Xi entered, the reporters turned to look at her.

Xue Xi straightened her back and slowly walked in.

Old Liu paused when he saw her and the said, “Xue Xi, why are you here?”

Xue Xi had entered to stall for time, in case the really gave the order. However, Qin Shuang and Zhou Zhen had yet to arrive and she did not know what to say. Hence, she simply looked at Qin Lu.

Everyone followed her gaze.

Being stared at by so many people, Qin Lu felt baffled. Mrs. Qin also stared blankly at Qin Lu, then turned to look at Xue Xi in confusion. “What are you looking at?”

During this conversation, Qin Shuang and Zhou Zhen ran into the office.

Xue Xi heaved a sigh of relief. “Nothing much.”

Everyone: “?”

“Sister Xi!” Qin Shuang shouted. With Zhou Zhen with her, she pa.s.sed Xue Xi an A4 paper. “Done!”

Xue Xi nodded and pa.s.sed the A4 paper to the Zhou Zhen explained, “, our cla.s.smates heard about Mr. Liu. This is the signature of everyone in our cla.s.s. Everyone is willing to believe that Mr. Liu is being slandered!”

When Old Liu heard this, he was stunned and looked at Zhou Zhen in disbelief.

He taught people and never asked for anything in return. He only wanted to have a clear conscience.

This year’s batch of students was the hardest to manage. Among them was the petty Xue Yao, the rebellious Qin Shuang, and the slow-witted Xue Xi.

But now, when he was in trouble, these people had all stood up and wrote him a million words.

Old Liu’s face was suddenly covered in tears. He stood up and said in a booming voice, “, reporters, I’ll say this right here today. I have no regrets! Even if the asked me to stop the investigation, I’ll still feel that it is worthwhile spending my life teaching so many students!”

The reporters were all stunned.

When everyone was called over, they had originally thought that it was a huge problem in the education world that was full of issues, but why did they feel that something was amiss now?

What’s wrong with them for being touched?

For a moment, no one dared to pursue Old Liu.

There was no evidence to begin with, and this matter could not be explained clearly.

Qin Lu had never expected Old Liu to be sentenced. All she wanted was her parents’ care and pity for her while the students were still doubtful. As for Old Liu… Ha, in a country that valued reputation, if this matter was not fixed, it would bring the greatest harm to him.

He would live amid endless rumors in the future. The school would definitely not dare to employ such a person. So what if the others wrote ten thousand words for him?

Qin Lu looked at Qin Shuang. After her eyes dimmed, she suddenly cried and shouted, “Xiao Shuang, we are sisters. Although there is conflict between us, why are you helping him at such a time?”

Her words had indeed distracted Mrs. Qin.

She turned to look at Qin Shuang. “Xiao Shuang, all of you have been deceived by this beast! Your sister has been molested by him, so how can you speak up for him?! You’re making me feel too disheartened!”

Qin Shuang stared at her. “Why would I speak up for Mr. Liu? Alright, I’ll tell you the reason!”

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She stood in the middle and said in front of the reporters, “Last time, when Qin Lu slandered me by saying I stole money, it was Mr. Liu who helped me! After I was saved from the elite school, Mr. Liu also contacted me to transfer me back to this school! When you took back my bank card and didn’t give me any living allowance, Mr. Liu gave me his working meal card. If he hadn’t, I would have starved every afternoon!”

Just as she said that last line, Jing Fei, who was dressed in a police uniform, walked in.

Jing Fei raised the computer in his hand. “What a coincidence. There are no surveillance cameras in this office, but on the tree at the back, a camera was blown to the side and it happened to capture the situation in this office. I just hacked into the school’s security system and retrieved the surveillance cameras to show everyone.”

After saying that, he put on the CCTV footage.

Through the gla.s.s, the office was a little far away and one could not see the people in the room clearly. However, one could vaguely see that the person sitting behind the table with his back facing the gla.s.s was Old Liu.

The female student in front of him was very clearly captured. It was indeed Qin Lu!

She took off her own clothes and ran to the door. She started shouting and opened the door!

Everything became clear at a glance!

The entire room fell silent!

Everyone was stunned. They did not expect such a surveillance camera to have been blown to one side. This was too much of a coincidence. It was as though the heavens would not allow Old Liu’s reputation to be ruined!

No one would hesitate in front of absolute evidence.

Mrs. Qin was stunned. She turned to look at Qin Lu, only to see that she was also stunned.

Everything was clear. Qin Lu knew that she was done for.

However, she did not lose to anyone else but to luck!

Seeing her break down, Mrs. Qin also understood what was going on. She was so angry that she slapped her face. “Why did you do this?!”

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