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Young Master Yan

Chapter 178 - : Wait!

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Chapter 178: Wait!

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Although Qin Shuang was anxious to go upstairs to check on the situation, she obediently followed behind her when she heard Xue Xi’s words.

The two of them circled around the school building and Xue Xi stopped on one spot. She extended her hand and gestured in mid-air.

Qin Shuang was baffled and asked, “Sister Xi, what are you doing?”

Xue Xi: “Drawing the structure of this building.”

Qin Shuang looked at the empty air in front of her.

Xue Xi focused on the sky. She had a photographic memory and had just gone looking for CCTV footage.

The surveillance cameras in the education block were useless. After all, the only place they could capture was the corridor. They would definitely not be able to see what happened to Qin Lu inside Old Liu’s office, so Xue Xi was paying attention to the surveillance cameras outside.

From the angle that these surveillance cameras could monitor, Xue Xi’s eyes were fixed on the CCTV at the back of the cla.s.sroom building.

This surveillance camera was set to prevent anything from happening behind the education block, but its angle was just right enough to capture Old Liu’s office window.

Now, as long as she went upstairs to see if Old Liu’s office window was open, everything would be settled.

At this thought, Xue Xi followed Qin Shuang upstairs. The two of them did not enter the office but merely looked outside and realized that the curtains in Old Liu’s room were not drawn.

Very good. That surveillance camera could see through!

Qin Shuang asked, “Sister Xi, have you found the evidence?”

Xue Xi lowered her eyes. “I found it.”

Qin Shuang hurriedly said, “Then quickly take it out and prove Old Liu’s innocence!”

Xue Xi thought about it and slowly said, “No rush.”

After saying that, she whispered something into Qin Shuang’s ear.

Although Qin Shuang was a little confused when she heard this, she still nodded and ran toward Cla.s.s One.

In the office.

Mrs. Qin and Mr. Qin were still questioning Old Liu. Old Liu kept explaining, but they did not believe him, and the matter was slowly fermenting and getting bigger.

Xue Xi picked up her phone and sent Little Pigeon a WeChat message asking if he could come over.

The two of them had worked together a few times. Xue Xi trusted Little Pigeon very much.

Moreover… during the National League, Little Pigeon was introduced to him by Omnipotent Boss. He would definitely help her.

The pigeon replied very quickly: “I’m in Haicheng. I’m going back immediately. Give me an hour!”

Upon seeing this message, Xue Xi’s head was filled with question marks: “?”

When she was taking the exam, she had been to Haicheng. It would take four to five hours to get there by bus. If he could arrive in an hour, was he driving a sports car?

The corners of her lips twitched as she put down her phone.

Everyone in the office was getting more and more anxious.

Qin Lu insisted that Old Liu had molested her, but Old Liu refused to admit it. The and the dean of the Academic Affairs Office were also having a headache. In the end, Qin Lu gave a powerful explanation. For example, when and where did Old Liu molest her for the first time?

Since Qin Lu dared to slander Old Liu, she naturally had some things prepared.

Actually, from the day she was punished to kneel in the study, she had been looking for an excuse and reason for her actions.

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After so many days of preparation, she now had statements that were extremely detrimental to Old Liu.

The said, “We will definitely give the students an explanation. We will definitely not let such a thing happen in our school, but the evidence is not enough…”

Mrs. Qin shouted, “Why not? So many people have seen my daughter being molested in the office! Isn’t that enough?”

Old Liu shouted, “She messed up her own clothes! It has nothing to do with me!”

Old Liu’s wife’s eyes turned red from anger. She looked as though she was going to fight with someone. “Our Old Liu is an honest and conscientious person. He is so busy every day that he doesn’t even have the time to drink water! His mind is filled with students! It wasn’t easy for him to save up some private money, yet he even gave money for Qin Shuang to dye her hair. How can you slander such a teacher? A person’s heart is made of flesh. How can this student be so heartless? Hurry up and tell the truth!”

Old Liu also turned to look at Qin Lu. “Qin Lu, hurry up and tell the truth! Do you know that you’ll ruin me if you do this?! You’ll ruin my child! You’ll ruin my family! I don’t have any ill intentions toward you. Why must you frame me like this?!”

As Old Liu spoke, he squatted down. The honest man did not know how to make things less difficult and could only cover his head.

Qin Lu cried even more pitifully and shouted with a choked voice, “Mr. Liu, let me off. Let me off!”

Her expression made Mrs. Qin furious. She stared at the and shouted, “At the very least, your school should punish him!”

The was helpless. He turned to look at Old Liu. “Old Liu, things have come to this. Why don’t we stop investigating for now? When the truth is out, I will return justice to you!”

There was no evidence and it all depended on Qin Lu.

But even so, to the education industry, this was enough to kill Old Liu!

Old Liu opened his mouth and closed it. He did not know how to defend himself.

He seemed to have suddenly aged ten years and was not in good spirits.

Xue Xi frowned and kept looking behind her.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up—

Qin Shuang and Zhou Zhen ran over.

She hurriedly entered the office and shouted, “Wait!”

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