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Chapter 176 - Strange Letter

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Chapter 176: Strange Letter

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Zhou Zhen paused for a moment before coming to a realization. “Old Liu, so that’s why you brought her to the infirmary. It’s to ensure that there’s no problem with her, so that she won’t bite me in the future! Wow, you’re more cautious than I am!”

Old Liu smiled and kicked him on the leg. “You have to cross many bridges and you have to walk many paths in your life! Where do you think this is? You’re the cla.s.s president, yet you’ve left such a weak spot for others to exploit. Write a 500-word reflection letter for me and I’ll give the school an explanation! You can’t let others get a hold of you when you do things, understand?”

Zhou Zhen nodded. “Alright! However, Old Liu, can your reflection be reduced to 200 words?”


Zhou Zhen smiled and walked out.

When he reached the door, he coincidentally saw Qin Lu. The smile on his face froze, but he quickly returned to his senses. Hence, he smiled in disdain and walked toward the cla.s.s.

Qin Lu stood at the entrance of the office. After a few changes in her expression, she walked toward the cla.s.sroom.

Cla.s.s One and Cla.s.s Two were next to each other. When she reached Cla.s.s Two, she pa.s.sed by Cla.s.s One. Through the gla.s.s window, she could see a group of people surrounding Qin Shuang’s seat. They were chatting and laughing, and there was no longer any distance between them.

Looking at her own silhouette, she clenched her fists tightly.

After school, she got into the Qin family’s car. When she returned home, she realized that her parents were not around, only the servant was.

Qin Lu asked, “Where are Dad and Mom?”

The servant replied, “Oh, they went to deliver something to Ms. Qin Shuang.”

Qin Lu bit her lip.

Qin Shuang… Qin Shuang again!

When she was heading upstairs, she heard two servants chatting. “Ms. Qin Lu is a little pitiful!”

“What’s there to pity her about? The more pitiful one is Ms. Qin Shuang. She actually went to such a terrifying school. Although Ms. Qin Shuang was unreliable in the past and often quarreled with Madam and Sir, after this incident, Madam and Sir have started to pity her in their hearts…”

Qin Lu frowned when she heard those sentences. A thought suddenly popped up in her mind.

Xue family.

Ji Silin came today. He had been delayed for two days because of other patients, so he came a little late. When he was treating Qin Shuang in the study, Mr. and Mrs. Qin were sitting in the living room, waiting for the results while Ye Li accompanied them.

After a round of psychological therapy, the two of them walked down from the study upstairs.

Mr. and Mrs. Qin immediately asked, “How is it?”

Ji Silin said, “If it was serious, I could have removed the psychological trigger. Fortunately, she stayed in that school for only a week. This kind of injury can be treated, so I did not use this method.”

After saying that, he said, “She’s afraid of water now because she has a psychological trauma and psychological barrier. As long as she can break through this, the rest will be fine. My suggestion is for her to slowly break through it from day to day. For example, let’s start with the water in the transparent gla.s.s and let her come into contact with it in a stable manner. Then, slowly, it will be the bathtub… In the end, if everything goes smoothly, it will be the pool. As long as she can get down the pool and successfully swim, everything will be fine.”

Everyone was stunned.

Mr. and Mrs. Qin looked at each other and coughed. Mrs. Qin then said, “I remember that Xiao Shuang doesn’t seem to know how to swim.”


Xue Xi said, “Then she’ll learn.”

Upon hearing this, Ye Li nodded and looked at Xue Sheng. She then said guiltily, “Our small villa doesn’t have a swimming pool, but there’s a gym in the neighborhood. There’s a pool there and there’s also a coach. Let them learn there!”

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Qin Lu slowly squatted down and started picking up her textbooks.

Her eyes turned red as she did so. Suddenly, she saw an envelope.

The envelope was white and inconspicuous. It was mixed in with the books.

She looked around and saw that the students were listening attentively. Hence, after arranging the textbooks, she sat down and opened the envelope.

Her pupils constricted when she saw the contents. She gripped the piece of paper tightly and something flashed across her eyes.

During a certain period, the teachers would accompany the students to the field for exercises. Just as Old Liu was about to go downstairs after cla.s.s, he saw Qin Lu walking over. “Mr. Liu, there are some matters regarding Qin Shuang that I would like to speak to you about privately.”

Old Liu paused. “Fine, then come with me.”

He brought Qin Lu to his office.

Old Liu was not only a third-year math teacher, but he was also the leader of the third-year mathematics team. Therefore, in school, he not only had a desk in the office where all the teachers were in, it was also convenient for him to approve his a.s.signments and have a place to rest. Thus, he also had his own office.

After entering, he sat on the chair behind his desk.

Qin Lu suddenly closed the door.

Immediately, her eyes darkened. She hurriedly took off her clothes and revealed her shoulders.

Old Liu paused. “Student Qin Lu, what are you doing?”

Right after he said that, Qin Lu rushed to the door and knocked on it. “Help!”

There were some teachers outside who rushed over when they heard this sound. After kicking open the door, they saw Qin Lu lying on the ground. She cried and shouted, “Mr. Liu, I beg you. Let me go!”

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