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Young Master Yan

Chapter 175 - Disgusting People

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Chapter 175: Disgusting People

After being asked this question, Qin Lu hurriedly retorted, “No, I didn’t. Don’t spout nonsense.”

The person in the desk in front twitched her lips. “I’m not spouting nonsense. News of yesterday’s incident has spread like wildfire, and this was personally said by the police!”

The police would hold back the truth, but revealing a portion of the truth was necessary to let others know and not let the bad guys get away with it.

Hence, Jing Fei had announced yesterday that Qin Lu had framed Qin Shuang!

Now, all the students in the school knew.

Qin Shuang was the hero who’d exposed the elite school while Qin Lu was the villain who harmed the evil hero.

Instantly, everyone revealed the truth of what happened in the past. For example, Qin Lu stole money and framed Qin Shuang on purpose, causing Qin Shuang’s reputation in the school to be ruined!

Someone criticized, “Even now, you’re still denying it. If it’s not you, then why did the report you yesterday? And he’s even making you do a public self-reflection in front of all the students in the school this morning!”

Qin Lu frowned.

She did not speak and lowered her head.

During the first period, the form teacher entered the room. When she saw Qin Lu, she told her to stand up and go to the back of the cla.s.sroom to write a self-reflection letter, then started cla.s.s.

Qin Lu was originally sitting in the first row and was a good student in the cla.s.s.

When she stood up and walked back, she accidentally tripped and fell to the ground. Her palm was scratched.

Even so, the students and teachers in the cla.s.s still looked at her with disdain.

She stood in the last row and leaned against the wall, writing her reflection.

This was the first time she had stepped onto the stage to perform a self-reflection.

Every time in the past, whenever she stepped onto the stage, she would be performing. But now…

Faced with the dense crowd of students, she lowered her head.

At noon, Mrs. Qin sent a meal over and called Qin Shuang to get it. Qin Shuang rejected it.

Hence, Mrs. Qin found someone to deliver the food to Qin Shuang. The Qin family had prepared lunch for Qin Shuang and Xue Xi, but they did not prepare anything for Qin Lu. This news spread throughout the school.

Qin Lu became the target of everyone’s criticism.

While she was eating at the canteen, she heard others pointing at her along the way.

“This kind of person looks very innocent, but she’s actually very evil! Her mother doesn’t even give her food, only giving it to Qin Shuang!”

“How scary. No wonder there’s a saying that says dogs who bite others don’t bark. Qin Shuang usually looks carefree and arrogant, but on careful thought, she actually hasn’t done anything bad.”

Qin Lu lowered her head and walked past them.

She went to get her meal and walked to a nearby seat. Just as she spotted a seat and was about to take it, someone got there first and sat down.

There were many people in the canteen. Usually, everyone would gather together to eat and sit on every chair of some tables, but right now, there were no empty tables.

Qin Lu held the tray. No matter where she went, she was notified, “Sorry, there’s someone here.”

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Qin Lu walked around and did not see any empty seats!

Biting her lip, she felt the pain in her head and turned around to run.

She went straight to the teacher’s office. After knocking on the door, she heard the word “come in.” When she entered, she realized that Old Liu was the only teacher in the cla.s.sroom.

Old Liu was also a little displeased when he saw her, but as a teacher, he would not do anything. He asked, “What’s wrong? Your Teacher Zhang is not around.”

Qin Lu said, “Mr. Liu, I’m here to look for you. Can you manage Zhou Zhen from your cla.s.s? He hit my head on purpose…”

Qin Lu started crying.

Seeing that she was crying pitifully, Old Liu pa.s.sed her a napkin. When he heard what had happened clearly, Old Liu immediately stood up. “Did you get hit? Hurry, follow me to the infirmary! I’ll definitely teach that rascal Zhou Zhen a lesson!”

Only then did Qin Lu feel her anger subside. The two of them went to the infirmary. After the school doctor’s examination, they confirmed that it was just a superficial injury. Old Liu personally paid for the medicine and pa.s.sed it to her. He then sent her back to the cla.s.sroom before returning to his cla.s.s.

Qin Lu wanted to hear that Zhou Zhen was being reprimanded, so when she returned to the cla.s.sroom, she came out again and hid at the office door. She then heard Zhou Zhen’s voice coming from inside. “Who asked her to bully our cla.s.s’ Qin Shuang? I just taught her a lesson. Moreover, why can’t she stand being hit by a ball? Other students have also been hit before. Is it her turn to be so delicate? And you still went to bring her to the infirmary? Ha, I just can’t stand her being like that!”

Old Liu: “You still can’t hit her with a basketball. Moreover, you’re not a judge. You can’t judge what’s right and wrong in the world!”

Zhou Zhen said indignantly, “That won’t do. I just can’t stand such things!”

Old Liu: “Then just become a judge and show me how it’s done. From now on, you can focus on this pursuit!”

Zhou Zhen: “Sure. Old Liu, just you wait.”

In the future, Zhou Zhen would really become a judge. Of course, this would be a story for later.

At this moment, Old Liu was teaching him. “…Little rascal, how can you be so rude? Also, do you know that your actions are inaccurate? If Qin Lu insists that she has a concussion, this illness can be considered serious. Aren’t you giving yourself trouble?”

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