Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 171 - Qin Lu in the Photo!

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Chapter 171: Qin Lu in the Photo!

Qin Lu’s pupils constricted when she heard them mention an IP address.

Qin Shuang frowned and looked at Qin Lu.

Qin Lu was a little fl.u.s.tered, but she did not speak and just lowered her head.

Xue Xi and Qin Shuang went up on the stage. When they received the brocade flags, the praised them for their courage. Jing Fei then said, “We’ll keep all the students’ information from that school a secret. It’s impossible for it to be exposed. Everyone, don’t worry. Those photos have been destroyed long ago. Those photos on the Internet are all fake! As for the picture of this school’s student, Qin Shuang, we’re still investigating it. We still need the school’s cooperation.”

The instantly said, “No problem. Whatever it is, we will definitely do our best to help! Our school will definitely push back against such a despicable act of revenge!”

Jing Fei nodded and said, “Shall we talk in the office?”


Before the police and the left, Jing Fei approached Xue Xi and said, “Sister Xi, add me on WeChat. If there is any progress in the case, I can contact you at once.”

Xue Xi: “…Oh.”

After the police left, the entire scene exploded. Everyone surrounded Qin Shuang. “Qin Shuang, so you went there to help solve the case? That sounds so cool!”

“That thing about your photo must have been done by the elite school trying to take revenge.”

“That’s not right. Didn’t the police say that those people were arrested? So then, those photos that were leaked must have been photoshopped, right?”

There were also girls who could smile and joke at this moment. “I think that photo is fake too. Qin Shuang is really gifted in that department! The ones in that photo are not full enough!”

While everyone was joking, Xue Xi’s phone rang. When she picked it up, she saw that it was a message sent by Little Pigeon, who had just added her on WeChat. “Sister Xi, we’ve already checked a portion of the computers. Our preliminary investigation indicates that the computer used to post the pictures is from your third-year cohort.”

Third year…

Xue Xi looked at Qin Lu.

She asked: “Did anyone tamper with the photo?”

Little Pigeon: “The photo is real. There are no signs of tampering. It’s probably to prevent professionals on the Internet from remarking on it.”

Upon seeing this line of words, Xue Xi suspected that it was sent by Qin Lu. After all, Qin Shuang had definitely not taken that photo before.

Just then, Mrs. Qin and Mr. Qin, who had received the news, rushed over.

When the two arrived at the field, they saw them.

At this moment, Xue Xi had just sent Little Pigeon’s WeChat message to Qin Shuang. Qin Shuang was not stupid. After thinking about it, she quickly understood what was going on.

She glared at Qin Lu in disbelief. Suddenly, she walked up to her and raised her hand. “Pa!”

A vicious slap landed on Qin Lu’s face. Qin Lu’s face turned red from the slap. She widened her eyes and was about to speak when she saw her parents rushing over. She hurriedly put on an expression of being wronged after being slapped and covered her face without saying a word.

Qin Shuang was still angry even after giving that slap. She only felt that Qin Lu’s actions were despicable and disgusting.


The police had helped her cover it up.

But were the others also students who’d graduated from that elite school? Although the photos were not exposed and the police had kept the list of students who graduated from there a secret, people surrounding them still knew about it.

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When those people found out that the other party had such a past, how ashamed would the other party have felt?

Mrs. Qin was stunned. “What?”

Of course, Qin Lu would not admit it. She widened her eyes in horror. “Xiao Shuang, w-what do you mean?”

Qin Shuang sneered. “I’ve never taken such a photo before, but that photo is real. If it’s not you, then who is it?”

Qin Lu panicked.

Actually, they had done a good job at the police station. Her parents had already said that Qin Shuang had indeed been photographed in an indecent manner and that the police were handling it.

Hence, this photo that got exposed could definitely only be hers! Even if Qin Shuang did not admit it and even when Qin Shuang knew what was going on, no one else would believe it! They would only think that she was looking for an excuse!

By then, she would have no choice but to commit suicide…

Yes, again.

She knew that Qin Shuang had tried to commit suicide once. If she had died that time, all these others things would not have happened! And even if she did not die this time, she would not have a good life if the photo was exposed! If Qin Shuang dared to s.n.a.t.c.h her parents away, Qin Lu would make her pay the price!

However, Qin Lu had never expected the police to actually lie for Qin Shuang! They even gave her a brocade flag, making her a hero.

But while Qin Lu could not continue lying to others, in front of her parents, she could continue to pretend.

She said, “Mom, Dad, you guys know the truth. I… I won’t say anything anymore, lest it affects Xiao Shuang’s reputation. But how can Xiao Shuang speak nonsense and pour dirty water on me?”

She cried and shouted, “Xiao Shuang, I can help you with anything else, but I really can’t with this. I’m also a girl…”

As expected, Mrs. Qin trusted her. She frowned and looked at Qin Shuang. She lowered her voice and said, “I know the police station has been negligent. You’re very unhappy that the photos got leaked. We can just ask the police to say that they’re photoshopped. You don’t have to frame Lulu like this!”

Qin Shuang smiled bitterly. “You don’t believe me? Alright, let’s wait for the police to investigate everything!”

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