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Young Master Yan

Chapter 170 - Truth?

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Chapter 170: Truth?

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Qin Shuang had now become the focus of everyone’s attention. The entire school was discussing her in private.

Hence, when she was standing on the field, everyone was paying attention to the situation.

They initially did not believe it, but after hearing Qin Lu’s words, they became certain that the photo was Qin Shuang’s. Even her sister said that it was her, so how could it be fake?

They were all just students and did not have any ill intentions.

However, those pitiful gazes were very hurtful. If it were the Qin Shuang from before, she would have already broken down. She would have either gone crazy or committed suicide.

But now—

Qin Shuang reached into her pocket and stroked her phone. Cen Bai’s message was displayed on WeChat.

No matter what happened, he was with her.

She then turned to look at Xue Xi, who had a cold expression and a warm heart.

With so many friends accompanying her, she had no right to be weak.

She turned to look at Qin Lu. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Qin Lu wanted to continue tormenting her, but at this moment, there was a commotion on the stage in front of the field.

Everyone was doing gymnastics on the field. There was an oval running track around them, and in the middle was a patch of gra.s.s. Sometimes, the entire school’s meeting was also held here. The edges were filled with staircases and microphones.

Hence, the commotion on the stage immediately attracted the attention of all the students.

They saw four policemen in police uniforms walking up the stage in unison. They were standing in front of the microphone.

Despite being far away, Xue Xi still recognized the pigeon at first glance.

He seemed to be the leader of the handful of policemen. He walked to the microphone and said shyly, “Aiya, this is my first time speaking in front of so many people. I’m a little afraid!”

Everyone: “…”

Although he said that he was afraid, the pigeon continued, “The reason why we came here today is because of the elite school. I believe everyone knows the details through the internet.”

Everyone turned to look at Qin Shuang at the same time!

Qin Shuang also clenched her fists. She was not used to being directly exposed regarding such matters. Moreover, she heard the crowd’s discussion.

“The police are already here. It seems like this is true.”

“The photo is already out. It must be real. Qin Shuang is so pitiful.”

“Sigh, I suddenly feel very blessed. Why did this happen to Qin Shuang?”

Even Li Hanlei, who usually did not get along with her, pitied her now. She whispered to Xue Yao, “I really don’t know how Qin Shuang will live in the future. She actually experienced such things. How scary.”

Xue Yao also nodded.

After all, they were only high school students. No matter how petty and calculative they were, it was not to the extent of losing their humanity.

Qin Lu hurriedly said, “Xiao Shuang, don’t be afraid. Those matters have pa.s.sed and the people who’ve hurt you have also been dealt with. Don’t worry, everyone will definitely not harbor any ill intentions toward you!”

Qin Shuang frowned and stared at her. “Others do not have any ill intentions, but you definitely do. I don’t want to talk to you. Please move aside.”

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After saying that, she pushed Qin Lu.

“Let’s hear what the police say!”

Xue Xi believed that the police protected the people. The photos were fake and the police must have come to the school to do something.

After she said this, Qin Lu was stunned. She smiled. “That’s true. You can’t trust anyone on the Internet. Let’s hear what the police say.”

The police would at most clarify that the photos were fake, but so what? Qin Shuang’s photos were still leaked!

Just as Qin Lu thought this, she heard Jing Fei explain what had happened from the high platform. He talked about the elite school’s violent behaviors and the punishment given to the school’s leaders.

In the end, Jing Fei changed the topic. “We came to this school because this matter involves a little comrade from here. She is Qin Shuang!”

Qin Lu began to smile.

However, before she could smile, her face froze. This was because, following that, Jing Fei said, “…The reason we solved the case is all because of Qin Shuang! Before she was sent to that school, we had already sensed the anomaly in there, but we did not have any evidence, so we contacted her. When Qin Shuang heard about it, she took the initiative to be our spy. Before the school could do more harm, she cooperated with us and we punished the school together!”

“Student Qin Shuang’s bravery and fearlessness are truly worthy of what everyone is trying to learn. Similarly, your school’s Xue Xi took the initiative to cooperate and contributed to our effort. Hence, we’re here to give the two of you a brocade flag!”

After saying that, he took out two brocade flags.

The, who was standing at the side, walked up to the stage proudly. “Students Qin Shuang and Xue Xi, quickly come on stage to collect the brocade flag. This is your honor and our school’s honor!”

Upon hearing this, Qin Shuang, who was already in a daze: “?”

Xue Xi was also stunned.

Just as she was about to go on stage, Qin Lu exclaimed in shock, “How can this be? What’s with the photos on the internet?”

Jing Fei heard her. “We’re investigating the photos now. We’ve found out that their IP address can be traced to this school, so the school needs to cooperate with our investigation!”

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