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Chapter 163 - Some People Are Born to Be Evil

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Chapter 163: Some People Are Born to Be Evil

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Qin Lu was stunned from the slap and her face was burning. She looked at Mrs. Qin in confusion and asked in disbelief, “Mom, what are you doing?”

Mrs. Qin was exasperated. “Did you know about the note Xiao Shuang gave you, asking for help?”

Qin Lu narrowed her eyes and deliberated over her words. “Mom, why are you asking that?”

Mrs. Qin was careless and exposed the truth. “That school has been investigated. It’s full of facilities for torturing students. Not only did they push Xiao Shuang into the water to make her listen to them, but they also have an electric shock room and a meditation room…”

As Mrs. Qin spoke, she recalled the things she saw in school today.

Xue Xi had taken Qin Shuang away and did not let her see the things that were found in the school. However, she and Mr. Qin had stayed behind to see what else the school had done to her.

Then, they saw the torture tools.

They would not leave any marks on her body, but they would leave an inextinguishable mark on her spirit. When Mrs. Qin saw them, she recalled that these torture tools had been used on Qin Shuang one by one and shuddered.

At this moment, she finally felt a shred of hatred for Qin Lu.

Why did Qin Lu not do anything when Qin Shuang sent her a message? Did she do it on purpose? Qin Shuang’s words made her resolute heart waver.

Especially when she saw Qin Lu open the door and return home. She was wearing the school uniform and carrying a clean bag. She was wearing an expensive diamond hair accessory while Qin Shuang…

At that moment, Mrs. Qin had an impulse to slap her without thinking.

When Qin Lu heard this, her eyes flickered.

Since she was young, she’d been a very smart who knew how to put on an act. Just now, she had quickly gleaned an important piece of news. Since the school had been wiped out, Qin Shuang’s form teacher must have been arrested too. Qin Lu’s involvement must have been exposed.

Qin Lu immediately put on a shocked expression. “Mom, what did you say? How did Xiao Shuang’s school end up like this? Is this true?”

Her shocked expression stunned Mrs. Qin. “You really didn’t know?”

Qin Lu immediately said, “Mom, what are you saying? If I knew, would I not have told you? I did have some grievances with Xiao Shuang, but we are biological sisters. How can I harm her?!”

Mrs. Qin questioned, “Then why didn’t you give me the slip of paper she gave you back then and instead gave it back to her form teacher? Moreover, why didn’t you tell me?”

Qin Lu’s eyes turned red. “Mom, you know better than I do what Xiao Shuang is like. I thought that she was going to escape again, so I didn’t look at the note. I thought, wasn’t that just prank? Hence, I directly pa.s.sed it to the teacher. Was it wrong to rely on the teacher if there’s a problem?”

Mrs. Qin choked.

Qin Lu continued, “You were already very sad that we sent her to that school. If I’d said that she was going to create trouble again, you would definitely have been very sad.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks. “But I didn’t expect such a thing to happen. Fortunately, no one died… But Mom, why didn’t Xiao Shuang tell us when she returned home this weekend?”

Mrs. Qin paused when she heard this.

When the matter got out, they were too preoccupied with being sad and forgot to ask.

Mr. Qin’s eyes flickered as well. The two of them looked at each other and suddenly realized something. Mrs. Qin said, “When Xue Xi asked those students to testify, they did not speak. Later, Xiao Shuang said that the school had something on them…”

Before she could finish speaking, Mrs. Qin suddenly realized what had happened and her expression changed. “I’m going to the police station!”

If this matter got out…

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Mr. Qin hurriedly said, “Don’t go. The police have already said that everything on the computer has been taken care of. You must trust them!”

When she was in that military-style school, she’d felt that life in this world was not worth living.

However, at this moment, she realized that there was more warmth in this world than ugliness.

She said, “I’ll go back.”


After comforting Qin Shuang a while more, Old Liu took his leave. By the time evening arrived, Xue Sheng had already gotten off work. When he heard about Qin Shuang, he instantly said in rebuke, “The Qin family’s parents are really muddle-headed! They should at least have gone in to investigate this kind of school! How could they send the child in so easily?”

The two of them cursed in the privacy of their bedroom.

Even Xue Xi’s maternal grandmother, Song Wenman, found it hard to believe. She kept nagging at Ye Lai, even though he did not understand at all. He only blindly echoed, “Yes, don’t send Lili to that kind of school.”

Song Wenman: “…”

That night, the Qin family’s parents visited again. When they saw Qin Shuang, her mother could only cry, but her father pushed out a bank card and pa.s.sed it to her. “Xiao Shuang, I know that you will definitely not forgive us, so you must keep this card.”

After saying that, before Qin Shuang could retort, he continued, “As parents, we’ve been biased. It was our mistake to have been so negligent. Your mother and I will not defend ourselves. But this is our intention as parents: don’t you want to get into the Capital Film and Television Academy? We won’t stop you, but the cost of the art examination is not cheap. The will be even more expensive, so you must take this money.”

Qin Shuang stared at him and eventually nodded before accepting the card.

That night, Xue Xi was reading in her bedroom. After a day’s delay, she was doing her homework today.

When she was done, it was already 11 PM.

She thought about it and stood up to go to Qin Shuang’s room. For some unknown reason, her heart skipped a beat. When she knocked on the door, there was indeed no response.

Xue Xi’s heart fell.

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