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Young Master Yan

Chapter 161 - The Truth Revealed!

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Chapter 161: The Truth Revealed!

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The school had a signal-blocking device, so phones had no reception.

Yet at this moment, the police could actually answer the call. The was stunned and looked at him uneasily.

On the other side, Mrs. Qin gritted her teeth in hatred when she heard the police mention fifteen days of detention. “Mr. Policeman, are you only going to be detaining Xue Xi for fifteen days? Because of her, my daughter got kicked out of this school! That punishment is too light!”

The police officer who had picked up the call ignored her.

Mrs. Qin then turned to look at the “, please forgive Xiao Shuang this once! She has really improved a lot recently. She had been working hard at home this weekend.”

The shook his head. “The school needs to enforce its own rules. If we kept her, what if the rest of the rebellious children quarrel and the school gets disturbed frequently?”

Mrs. Qin was so angry that her body trembled. In the end, she looked at Qin Shuang. “Are you satisfied now? You don’t have to go to school anymore. Do you think you can go live-stream? Let me tell you, I won’t allow it!

“Also, your friend will be detained because she helped you escape! Is this your so-called righteousness? If you don’t go to school now, you will definitely regret it when you grow up!”

Qin Shuang looked at her and clenched her fists tightly.

Why did the students not dare to speak up? She knew and the students knew… but everyone was afraid.

She too was originally afraid and did not dare to say anything.

But now, because Sister Xi had come to save her, she was actually going to be detained?

Qin Shuang took a deep breath and suddenly shouted, “Sister Xi did not lie to the police officers!”

Everyone was stunned.

Xue Xi also looked at her, only to see that Qin Shuang, who was still terrified, had already lifted her head.

Wearing Xue Xi’s school jacket, her trembling body seemed to have found warmth from it.

She looked up and said, “The school is mistreating me. They pushed my head underwater. If I still refused to listen to them, they gave me electric shocks. The electric shock room is at the back!”

Seeing that she was still spouting nonsense despite her situation, Mrs. Qin said angrily, “Don’t slander them. If the school really did this, why aren’t the rest of the students saying anything? Why are you the only one saying it?”

“Because.” Qin Shuang looked up and enunciated every word. “The school has something on us all…”

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Suddenly, neat and powerful footsteps were heard. Qin Shuang’s last sentence was drowned out. Everyone looked at the door in shock and alarm. They saw a troop of armed policemen running in and surrounding the school!

The was stunned. Qin Shuang’s form teacher was still standing there in a daze. “This… Although this young lady is quite good at fighting, isn’t it going too far to have the armed police come?”

“It’s not going too far.” The policeman who had just answered the call put down his phone and frowned as he stared at the He then waved his hand. “Capture them!”

Qin Shuang’s pupils shrank. She was about to block Xue Xi, but just as she moved, she saw the armed police charging at the and security guards!

“What are you doing? You’ve got the wrong person!”

As Qin Shuang’s form teacher was captured, he shouted, “It’s this young lady!”

When the armed police moved earlier, Mrs. Qin and Mr. Qin had subconsciously looked at Qin Shuang as though they wanted to protect her. However, they were shocked by what happened instead.

They looked at the police in disbelief.

The policeman waved his hand. “The surroundings have been controlled. We have also found the video of you mistreating students!”

After saying that, the police looked at Qin Shuang and enunciated each word clearly: “Everything here, including what’s on the internet and on the computer, is under control. Nothing will be spread to the outside world, so you can rest a.s.sured.”

When Qin Shuang heard this, her eyes reddened even more.

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Xue Xi stood beside her and stared at Qin Shuang.

The “…”

Jing Fei picked up his computer. “Then let me show you!”

He immediately turned on the computer and played a CCTV footage from today. From this angle, one could see Qin Shuang. While memorizing the poem, she was so nervous that she could not remember anything. Then, her hair was grabbed…

This video clearly showed the seriousness of the matter to Mrs. Qin and Mr. Qin.

Mrs. Qin was stunned.

Her body trembled.

Meanwhile, Mr. Qin clenched his fists and suddenly looked at Qin Shuang’s form teacher. He rushed over and punched his face!

The police quickly stopped him. “Don’t attack.”

Qin Shuang looked at Mrs. Qin and Mr. Qin, but the smile on her face looked worse than if she’d shed tears. She slowly said, “Do you believe me now?”

Did they believe her now?

Despite their simplicity, she had put in a lot of effort to say these words.

She pointed at Xue Xi. “When I was in despair, it was my friends who saved me. As for you, my biological parents, you could not even believe me!

“You guys didn’t even care even though I asked for help. Mom, I really want to ask sometimes, is your daughter really that worthless in your eyes?”

Qin Shuang sobbed, as though she wanted to pour out all her grievances.

Mrs. Qin’s eyes turned red as well. At this moment, Qin Shuang seemed to have become a porcelain doll in her eyes. She wanted to get close to her, but she did not dare to. She could only say, “I didn’t know. I really didn’t know… I didn’t expect this to happen… You kept saying that you didn’t want to go to school, but I thought you just didn’t want to study…”

“I asked for help! I gave you a note!”

Mrs. Qin paused. “What note?”

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