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Young Master Yan

Chapter 160 - End of the Moment

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Chapter 160: End of the Moment

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The police officer was stunned.

Xue Xi slowly said, “As soon as I entered, I realized that this school is mistreating students! There are many pools in their courtyard. Many form teachers like him are pressing down on the students’ heads and suffocating them in the water. This situation does not only involve Qin Shuang but also the entire school’s students!”

The police officer was stunned. “There’s such a situation?”

Xue Xi nodded. “Yes, that’s why I saved Qin Shuang. However, I can only save Qin Shuang. There are still a few hundred people inside waiting for your salvation.”

When the police heard this, their faces turned serious. “This is a serious matter. We have to investigate!”

The panicked. “What are you saying? You guys are really putting in a lot of effort to escape the school! This is too much!”

Xue Xi pointed at the school gate and answered clearly, “I forgot to record it just now, but the pools inside are the evidence. Also, there are those students who were abused. Do you dare to let the police enter and see the evidence immediately?”

The was furious. “Our school is just and upright. It is built to educate those children who have gone astray. How can we just let the police in? If word gets out, won’t our school’s reputation be ruined?”

Xue Xi did not answer and just looked at the police.

The police officer frowned and lowered his voice to explain to Xue Xi, “Little student, we need to have a warrant if we want to go in. If what you said is true, but the won’t allow us to enter, we’d need to wait for the ID to be sent over…”

When… time, who knows what will happen in the school?

Xue Xi frowned.

The police officer turned to look at the in charge. “, since this student is doubting you and she said that she saw it with her own eyes, why don’t you let us go in and search? That can also prove your school’s innocence.”

The frowned. “Mr. Policeman, children nowadays are hard to teach, and it’s not a problem for them to be rebellious. If anyone calls the police, you guys will go in to search and it’ll affect our students’ cla.s.s. What would that make of our school?”

The police officer frowned.

However, he felt uneasy if he did not go in to search.

Just as he was thinking this, he saw the sigh. “But we can understand what you’re thinking. We can’t let the evil happen under your nose and not know, right?”

The police officer nodded.

The said, “So, I can allow you to enter and allow you to look for students to collect evidence.”

The policeman was delighted.

The then turned to look at Xue Xi. “But disobedient children are spreading malicious rumors about us. They even barged into the school and injured the security guards and teachers. You can’t just leave them be.”

The police also turned to look at Xue Xi, and their voices were filled with justice. “Don’t worry about that! If we investigate and find out that she lied to a police officer, we will definitely detain her and punish her accordingly! We will also issue a statement to prove that your school is innocent.”

The then relaxed and moved aside. “Alright, let’s go in!”

The policemen nodded.

When the police entered, the narrowed his eyes and looked at Mrs. Qin and Mr. Qin. “The two of you should go in and see if the school has mistreated your children.”

Seeing how straightforward the was, Mr. and Mrs. Qin’s hearts became even more biased toward him.

The two of them followed behind Qin Shuang. Mrs. Qin could not help but say, “When you were disobedient in the past, you were only fooling around. This time, you caused a commotion in the school. Do you really not want to go to school anymore?!”

Qin Shuang lowered her head and did not speak.

The group entered the school and was first stunned by the school’s atmosphere.

The explained, “There are all kinds of problems with the students here. In order to prevent them from escaping, we built an iron gate and surrounded them. There is nothing we can do.”

The police and Qin Shuang’s parents were doubtful.

Soon, they pa.s.sed by the front yard and arrived at the backyard.

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The moment they entered, they were shocked by the pools filled with water. There were about ten pools here, and there were some water stains on the ground.

Xue Xi then turned to look at the rest. “Can’t anyone speak?”

The rest of the students did not dare to speak.

The said to Qin Shuang’s parents, “Student Qin Shuang is too rebellious. Our school can’t control her. Please take her away!”

Mrs. Qin hurriedly pleaded, “, please let her off this time!”

The ignored her and was determined.

Mrs. Qin looked at Xue Xi in anger and shouted, “Are you satisfied that you caused Qin Shuang to lose her spot in this school?!”

The turned to look at the police. “Do you see the truth now? Policeman, she created a scene on our premises and even slandered our school’s reputation. Please help us!”

The police officer asked, “Do you have anything else to say?”

Xue Xi tensed up and her expression remained cold.

Before coming in, she had already guessed that the had probably already cleaned up.

However, she came here to save Qin Shuang. She’d asked the police to search the school, but the had already expelled Qin Shuang, even if the school got away.

Her rescue goal had been achieved.

And these people…

She blamed herself for not being capable enough.

She had nothing to say.

The police officer said, “In that case, I can only detain you for 15 days and contact your guardian to compensate the school’s losses…”

At this point, the police officer’s phone rang. When he picked up the call, he looked at the in shock and lowered his voice. “What? There’s evidence?”

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