Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Let’s Fight, Then

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Xue Xi got Uncle Li to head back first and she proceeded to walk there.

Crossing the road, she walked into the alley and the noisy street cry seemed to be blocked. There was quietness amid the noisy surroundings.

She continued to walk for another 200 meters before hearing a commotion coming from the corner. She turned at the corner and saw about seven or eight men.

At that moment, Xue Xi saw red.

Those seven people were wearing different uniforms and were students from different schools. The girls had their hair dyed pink while the boys had theirs dyed red with a lot of hair spray. The boys’ hair was standing and they all looked like a group of flames.

This group of students was currently keeping Qin Shuang in a circle.

Flame Number One pushed her. “Who allowed you to dye your hair black?”

Flame Number Two: “Qin Shuang, are you planning to leave us?”

Flame Number Three: “Have you forgotten how you’ll end up if you leave the society?”

Being surrounded in the middle, Qin Shuang was shivering, and her face, which was full of thick makeup, was marked with fear. She looked to one side and pleaded, “Brother Chen, I beg you to let me off.”

It was then that Xue Xi realized that there was Flame Number Eight.

That Brother Chen was leaning against a gray wall, and he too had exaggerated red hair. Still, he was quite good-looking. He lowered his eyes and leaned on the wall as he played games on his phone and the words “Don’t annoy me” were clearly written on his face.

Flame Number One said again, “Qin Shuang, have you forgotten the oath you swore when you first joined the society? I’ll give you one chance. Dye your hair back tomorrow or you’ll be betraying our Roaring Flame Society, and you should know the consequences!”

Xue Xi was at a complete loss as she stood at the entrance to the alley. After listening on, she finally understood what had happened.

Qin Shuang’s pink hair must be that Roaring Flame Society’s signature, and the leader of the society must be Brother Chen.

Everyone hid from Qin Shuang at school because they were afraid of Brother Chen.

Even Fan Han dared not bully him, and this showed that this boy was locked and loaded or a scion from an influential family. There was also a third possibility that he was both.

Although Qin Shuang was horror-stricken, she stuttered and asked, “What on earth must I do in order to not dye my hair back…?”

Flame Number Two: “Not dye? What international joke are you cracking!”

Flame Number Four: “Qin Shuang, who helped you when you were crying from being bullied back then? Now you’ve become so ungrateful; how ignorant to not know chalk from cheese!”

Flame Number One: “Since you don’t want to dye your hair red, fine. We’ve thought of a great solution and that is to shave your hair. Won’t that work?”

After saying that, he whipped out a pair of scissors.

Qin Shuang was so frightened that she squatted and covered her hair. “Don’t…”

However, her arms were locked and she could not struggle.

“Qin Shuang, you brought this upon yourself!”

Flame Number One lifted her locks and cut them mercilessly!

At this moment…

“Stop it.”

A cold and aloof voice rang and they stopped what they were doing to look at the alley.

Xue Xi was standing there as she looked at them with watery eyes. She scanned everyone before resting her eyes on Qin Shuang.

Looking at her, Qin Shuang was stunned but she quickly shouted, “Xue Xi, leave me alone and leave at once!”

Xue Xi walked toward Qin Shuang. Although she looked obedient and weak, the Flames subconsciously moved aside for her to walk past them.

Blocking Qin Shuang, she turned to look at Flame Number One.

The silence remained for a few seconds, and just as Flame Number One was doubting if he was wearing his uniform incorrectly, the girl finally spoke. “What must be done for you to let her off?”

Flame Number One replied subconsciously, “…Only one way, and that is to defeat Brother Chen. You’ll become the leader of the Roaring Flame Society and you’ll have the last say on the rules.”

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Xue Xi thought about it for a while before looking surprised.

Not caring about the complicated look on the others’ faces, Xue Xi proceeded to walk to the provision store while others were reeling from the shock.

Xiang Huai was still sitting at the counter and reading his book. As he saw her walking into his store, his dark brown eyes glowed. “What’s the matter?”

Xue Xi looked at him.

The man had well-chiseled features and a bandit aura. He clearly mixed around in the underworld, and even though he appeared skinny and weak with his fair skin, he probably knew simple fighting moves.

She slowly said, “Can you teach me how to fight?”

Sitting on the stool, Lu Chao was playing with his phone. “…”

He looked dazedly at Xue Xi.

She was rephrasing her words and thinking about how to explain. Sitting in the shadow, Xiang Huai did not question anything and simply stretched his long leg to kick Lu Chao. “Teach her the complete set of army boxing.”


Lu Chao had replied instinctively and only reacted when he stood up. Would she be able to get it in such a short period of time?

However, obeying orders was his duty. He began to teach. “Army boxing is made up of several key basic skills, which are kicking, hitting, slamming, seizing, twisting, and other wrestling components. Breaking them down, the actions are like this…”

He demonstrated them in an empty s.p.a.ce in the store as he stood in front of her. “First, attack.”

Xue Xi nodded.

Equipped with an extraordinarily retentive memory, she remembered the key points. Lifting her fists, her right leg took a step back as she bent her back and prepared to attack.

Suddenly, a warm palm rested on her waist, and as Xue Xi froze, Xiang Huai’s deep and charming voice was heard beside her ear. “You need to tighten your waist strongly.”

Only then did she realize that Xiang Huai had gotten to her side without her noticing. His hand touched her and moved away, and she did not overthink things.

She relaxed and focused on learning attentively.

Xiang Huai took a step back and his eyes rested on his hand.

He did not expect the girl’s waist to be so skinny and soft beneath the wide uniform. It was as though he could wrap around it with just one hand.

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