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Chapter 159 - I Want to Call the Police

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Chapter 159: I Want to Call the Police

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His head was pressed into the water.

Just as he was about to suffocate, Xue Xi lifted his head and kicked his stomach, sending him flying and hitting the wall behind him.


He hated it so much that he fell to the ground. His entire body was in so much pain that he hugged his legs and arms and rolled around. He could not even stand up.

Still not enough to vent her anger.

However, Xue Xi was also worried that it would be hard to deal with a life-threatening situation. She could only turn around unwillingly and look around.

In order to prevent students from committing suicide, the school had taken many measures. There was not even a single spot around.

After staring for a long while, she picked up a chair and tugged at Qin Shuang. “Let’s go!”

As for the rest of the security guards, whenever someone stepped forward, Xue Xi would immediately swing a chair. Simple and effective!

She was strong, and after being hit, those people fell to the ground and could not wake up.

However, there were too many security guards and it would be difficult for her to leave.

However, she acted as though she did not know fatigue and fought as many as she could.

They arrived at the school gate and saw that they were getting closer and closer to the metal gate.

Before she could leave, the had already rushed over with his men. “You actually came to the school to create trouble. We’ve already called the police!”

After saying that, he turned to look at Qin Shuang. “And you, Qin Shuang. Your parents sent you here to study hard. Tell me, does this person who tried to abduct you have nothing to do with you?”

Qin Shuang was stunned.

The glared at her and she shivered in fear.

As though she had some reservations, she said to Xue Xi, “Sister Xi, you… you should leave first.”

Xue Xi’s eyes darkened.

She knew that the chatterbox definitely had a reason for being like this. Perhaps the had something on her, but what could the school possibly have on them that made the whole school afraid to speak?!

She had already checked. This school had been running for more than ten years and many students had graduated from it. However, no one had ever talked about being abused. The whole thing was filled with strangeness.

However, she grabbed Qin Shuang’s arm tightly. “I came here to bring you away.”

Without another word, she grabbed Qin Shuang and led her to the gate.

Her formidable martial prowess made the security guards tremble in fear. Some people were holding electric batons, but before they could touch her, she grabbed their arms and struck them!

The security guards dared not get any closer and could only watch as the two of them left through the gate.

However, just as she stepped out, she was stopped by a few policemen. “Someone in the school reported that you entered the school to commit murder and injured many teachers! Please put down your weapon and release the hostages!”

Seeing the police, Xue Xi put down her chair.

At this moment, the police moved aside. Mrs. Qin and Mr. Qin, who had received the news, rushed over.

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Mrs. Qin grabbed Qin Shuang and shielded her behind her nervously. She shouted at Xue Xi, “Xue Xi, what exactly are you doing? Why did you kidnap my daughter?”

The word “escape” agitated Mrs. Qin.

After all, Qin Shuang had run away from home before. Moreover, to Mrs. Qin, Xue Xi was one of Qin Shuang’s uneducated companions while Qin Shuang herself was a disobedient child.

Compared to them, she trusted the teacher-in-charge more.

She turned to look at Qin Shuang. “You… Why are you so shameless?! You even came up with such an excuse just to escape?”

Qin Shuang looked at her mother. Her lips trembled and she could not utter a single word.

Was she worthless in her mother’s eyes?

She turned to look at Mr. Qin and saw that he was also looking at her in disappointment…

Qin Shuang suddenly felt as though the suffocating water was filling the air and pressing down on her from all directions. The suffocating pain surged in again.

She took off her father’s coat in anger and threw it on the ground!

She widened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she could not utter a single word. All she could do was step on the clothes on the floor as though she was resisting her parents…

Her loss of control made Xue Xi’s heart tighten. She hurriedly removed her school jacket and draped it over her body before hugging her.

Qin Shuang slowly quietened down.

At this moment, the pointed at Xue Xi and said, “Mr. Policeman, she broke into the school and injured someone. She even made up rumors to slander our school. A person like her should go to jail! Police officer, she is very capable. You guys have to be careful!”

Mrs. Qin also pointed at her angrily. “Xue Xi! Why don’t you want to see my daughter get better?! It’s only been a week and she’s already starting to study hard! Your grades are so good, so why did you come and disturb her? You actually injured the teacher…, teacher-in-charge, I’m sorry. Please keep Qin Shuang. If your school doesn’t want to bother with Qin Shuang anymore, what should she do?”

While comforting Qin Shuang, Xue Xi became a little anxious when she heard the and Mrs. Qin’s words.

It was not that she was anxious over being wronged, but that she wanted to save the entire school. Thinking of what they had just done… the usually slow-witted Xue Xi said firmly, “Uncle Policeman, I want to call the police!

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