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Chapter 156 - Something's Not Right!

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Chapter 156: Something’s Not Right!

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Upon hearing this, Mrs. Qin was surprised and her eyes turned red.

Her daughter’s words reminded her of how delicate Qin Shuang was when she was just born.

Qin Lu had always cried loudly, so she always had milk.

However, Qin Shuang seemed to be naturally optimistic and lively. Whenever she was hungry, she would just stare at her.

Hence, after the milk was prepared, she would subconsciously give it to Qin Lu to stop her crying.

Afterward, the two children gradually grew up. When they were five years old, they slept in separate rooms.

Initially, both daughters were afraid. Both parents agreed to accompany each of them, but whenever Mr. Qin was busy with work, he did not go home.

During such nights, Qin Lu kept crying and calling her mother. She could only make Qin Shuang sleep alone.

Half the night, she, who was a little worried about Qin Shuang, would go to Qin Shuang’s room and see her staring at the door quietly.

Mrs. Qin was shocked and asked her why she was still awake.

Qin Shuang said, “Mom, I will be very obedient in the future. Can you accompany me?”

At that time, her heart was also very soft.

However, in the end, when Qin Lu cried and threw a tantrum, she would visit Qin Lu. She did not know when, but there came a time when she could no longer see through Qin Shuang.

The girl had grown up and there were thorns on her body. She was stubborn and aloof, making it impossible for her to be seen clearly.

At this thought, Mrs. Qin sighed. She touched Qin Shuang’s head, but she did not realize that when her hand landed, the daughter under her shivered and her eyes became filled with fear.

Just as Mrs. Qin was about to speak, Qin Lu pushed open the door and walked in. She held a gla.s.s of water in her hand, and as she walked, the water in the gla.s.s swayed.

This made Qin Shuang tense up instantly.

Qin Lu said, “Mom, that school is so useful. Ah Shuang used to be too impatient to memorize these books. Look at how hardworking she is now.”

Mrs. Qin was stunned.

Qin Lu continued, “Ah Shuang, you have to work hard. If you keep at it, we both might be able to get into a university in a few months’ time.”

Mrs. Qin instantly understood.

Qin Lu was right. In just a week, she felt that the obedient and sensible shadow of the old Qin Shuang had reemerged.

It seemed that such a military school was indeed useful.

Mrs. Qin said, “Hold on for another half a year. Be good.”

She put down the milk and said, “Have a good read.”

Qin Shuang stared at the gla.s.s of water in Qin Lu’s hands and felt that the suffocating feeling was coming again. It made her feel as though her throat was being choked and she could not breathe properly.

She took deep breaths and turned around abruptly. She looked at the textbook and turned the page to the poem, “Li Sao.”

Seeing her like this, Qin Lu smiled and walked out of the room.

When Xue Xi and the rest arrived, Mrs. Qin was having dinner.

Her face froze when she saw the three of them walking in.

Qin Shuang had finally become obedient. Would it not be good if she interacted with the three of them again?


Her gaze landed on Gao Yanchen’s red hair.

What a headache.

However, Gao Yanchen could not be offended. She could only smile and say, “Are you here to play with Qin Shuang? She’s reading upstairs.”

Mrs. Qin looked at the time. “How about this? You guys can have dinner at my house.”

They would then leave after eating and not take up too much of Qin Shuang’s time.

Mrs. Qin had a good plan.

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Xue Xi shook her head. “No need. We’ll leave after chatting with the chatterbox.”

Just as she was about to speak, Qin Lu walked in. “Xiao Shuang’s workload is heavy. She can’t play with you guys anymore. You should leave.”

She continued holding the gla.s.s.

Qin Shuang held her breath and instinctively nodded. “Yes, you guys should leave. I want to memorize books. I want to study hard.”

The three of them could only go downstairs.

She had originally wanted to confirm whether or not Qin Shuang was doing well. Now that she saw the Qin family’s happy expression, especially Mrs. Qin’s friendly att.i.tude to Qin Shuang, it seemed to her that she was fine.

However, Xue Xi kept feeling that the chatterbox was being very strange today.

Gao Yanchen sighed. “This school is really useful. It’s only been a week and she’s already progressed this much. I wonder what method they used.”

When he heard this, Xiang Huai’s eyes flickered.

The three of them got into the car again and Gao Yanchen sent them back one by one.

When Xiang Huai returned to the provision store, he realized that Jing Fei had already sent the painting back and had returned to prepare dinner for him.

Xiang Huai washed his hands and sat at the dining table.

He pondered for a moment before saying slowly, “Go investigate the elite school in the outskirts.”

Jing Fei paused and acted cute. “Boss, I just came back and you’re already giving me a task. Aren’t you going to let me rest for a day?”

Xiang Huai did not fall for this and simply ignored him.

Jing Fei continued, “Boss, you look so scary. I’m so scared. Heh, can your face turn darker?”


“Fine, fine, fine. I’ll go investigate now!”


“I can’t even eat? Boss, you’re too cruel…”

In the end, Jing Fei took a piece of biscuit and ran out while eating.

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