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Young Master Yan

Chapter 155 - I Will Be Very Obedient

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Chapter 155: I Will Be Very Obedient

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In the provision store.

When Xue Xi and Xiang Huai finished their breakfast, their WeChat vibrated.

She took a glance and realized that it was Wild King’s WeChat message: “Do you have two hours?”

Xue Xi replied: “No, I have cla.s.s.”

The two of them had played games for two hours every night. In order to make it easier for them to contact each other, they exchanged WeChat messages and added each other as friends.

Wild King: “Today is What cla.s.s are you going to attend? You’re just short of three stars to become a King. Once you become a King, the gaming experience will be completely different. Don’t you want to try?”

Hearing that the gaming experience would be different, Xue Xi was a little tempted. However, she knew exactly how much time she had and continued rejecting him. Just as she was typing, Xiang Huai asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xue Xi looked up at him and suddenly had an idea. “Do you know how to play Bot?”

Xiang Huai moved forward and placed his hand on the table to cup his cheek. He smiled. “I’m alright.”

Xue Xi thought for a moment and said, “I still have to play three rounds before I can reach the King level. Can you help me fight?”

Just as Xiang Huai was about to say yes, he heard her say, “There’s someone taking care of me. He’s very formidable. You just have to fight with him.”


Xiang Huai narrowed his eyes and said in a dangerous tone, “How formidable?”

Xue Xi replied seriously, “He’s a little better than me right now, but I should be better than him in another two days.”

Xiang Huai: “…”

Xue Xi learned everything very quickly. She had already figured out the routine within two hours of playing this game.

The game’s phone version did not leave much room for improvement.

After saying that, Xue Xi sent a message to Wild King. “I do have I’ll let my friend play with you on my behalf.”

Wild King: “Sure, no problem.”

After both parties had agreed, Xue Xi happily ate her breakfast. Today was a potato cake, so she ate three pieces in a row before giving up.

Xue Xi left her phone to Xiang Huai and agreed to fetch it at night before heading back to school.

At 9 AM, Xiang Huai logged in.

Wild King also went online and pulled him along. The two of them started to line up.

Xiang Huai played seriously while giving marks to the little kid.

Although he had not played this game for a long time, this did not stop him from performing. After Xiang Huai successfully got two marks and waited for the third round to be matched, Wild King suddenly typed and chatted on the screen.

Wild King: “Can I ask you something?”

Xiang Huai typed: “Mhm.”

Wild King: “Is Learn really beautiful in reality?”


Xiang Huai’s eyes darkened as he typed a question mark and sent it to him. “?”

Wild King: “Her voice is very nice, so I believe that she looks very beautiful as well. What do you think of me pursuing her?”

Xiang Huai replied coldly: “Nothing much.”

Xiang Huai: “She already has a boyfriend.”

Wild King: “? Brother, are you kidding me?! If she had a boyfriend, would she play games with me every night?”

Xiang Huai: “?”

He sensitively caught the words: Play games with him every night?

Wild King: “Besides, she never mentioned any boyfriend, so she definitely doesn’t have one. Are you trying to woo her? So you said that on purpose? She’s beautiful, right?”

Wild King: “If you are willing to secretly send me her photo, I can give you 500 yuan. What do you think?”

Xiang Huai’s eyes turned colder.

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At this moment, the two entered the game.

Xue Xi tersely acknowledged him before replying, “To visit the chatterbox.”

Who is this chatterbox… That girl with thick makeup from last time?

Xiang Huai stared at the car. “Who are you going with?”

“Little Flame.”

This strange nickname.

Fortunately, he knew the little kid well and could match her nicknames with the right people.

As Xiang Huai thought this, he stood up and followed Xue Xi out. “I’ll go with you.”

To get through to this little kid, one must be direct. If he were to simply say that “I’m free tonight,” it definitely won’t go anywhere.

As expected, Xue Xi replied, “Mhm.”

Xiang Huai followed behind her and got into the Gao family’s car. Gao Yanchen’s face was cold, and his large eyes were filled with hostility. He looked arrogant and violent.

Xiang Huai ignored him and sat between him and Xue Xi.

Gao Yanchen: “…”

Before they arrived, Qin Lu returned home.

The moment she entered, she asked, “How’s Ah Shuang?”

Mrs. Qin was satisfied. “She’s much more obedient! I told her to eat and stay in her room. I went upstairs to take a look. She’s actually memorizing books! And she’s very hardworking!”

After saying that, Mrs. Qin brought milk upstairs. “She’s been studying for the whole afternoon and must be tired. I’ll give her a gla.s.s of milk.”

Seeing her smiling and being helpful, Qin Lu clenched her fists.

Mom’s gentleness could only belong to her alone!

She followed her upstairs. Before she entered, she heard Qin Shuang say, “Mom, I’ll be obedient from now on. Don’t make me go back to this school anymore, alright?”

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