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Young Master Yan

Chapter 154 - Learn

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Chapter 154: Learn

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Just as Xue Xi was having dinner, Gao Yanchen’s message arrived.

Little Flame: “I got someone to ask around. They transferred her to an elite school on the outskirts of the capital. They have military-style management there, so it’s normal that they don’t bring their phones. It’s to be expected that she couldn’t reply to you.”

Seeing this, Xue Xi felt relieved and asked, “Is she alright?”

Little Flame: “I asked a few graduates from that school and they all said that it was alright. Those people have indeed changed from being good-for-nothings. Back then, someone even suggested to my grandfather to send me there. However, my grandfather did not agree. He felt that it was fine for me to be mediocre.”

Xue Xi: “…”

This was indeed how Old Master Gao pampered his grandchild.

Little Flame sent another message: “I’ve heard back. They get one break every month. The next break will be in a week. I’ll get someone to look for her and keep an eye on her.”

Xue Xi: “Okay.”

Ye Li ate two mouthfuls of food and stared at Xue Xi. Seeing that she was seriously sending a message, she even shot Xue Sheng a look. My daughter is finally starting to fall in love and is even sending messages!

Xue Sheng shot her a look that said, “You’re thinking too much.”

After her parents had exchanged glances, Xue Xi put down her phone. When Ye Li saw her eating seriously, she exclaimed, “So fast?”

Shouldn’t they chat for a longer time?

Xue Xi was slightly taken aback. She had originally intended to eat faster, but she slowed down and replied, “Right. Chew slowly and digest it.”

Ye Li paused and twitched her lips.

Xue Xi put down her chopsticks and looked at her. “Mom, the chatterbox was forced to transfer to another school by her parents. I can’t contact her. Will she be fine?”

Ye Li sighed when she heard this.

During this period of time, she had already found out who her daughter’s friends were through chatting. Moreover, she had contacted Mrs. Xia and the rest and more or less understood those children’s families.

She said, “How can there be parents in this world who don’t love their children? Actually, I’ve asked around about their family’s situation. It’s said that Qin Lu gave them honor and praise, but Qin Shuang has been rebellious since she was young. As time pa.s.sed, her parents started being biased, but I’m sure her parents wouldn’t hurt her.”

Xue Xi recalled the incident at the Academic Affairs Office and was not optimistic.

Seeing her worried look, Ye Li said, “I’ll help you find out where their child transferred to tomorrow. If you’re still worried, I can bring you to see her.”

It was not easy for her daughter to have these few friends. Since they were the same in that regard, Ye Li would naturally be more concerned.

Xue Xi then nodded.

After dinner, the two of them headed upstairs. Ye Li, who usually went to the art studio or went back to her bedroom, had unexpectedly turned toward the study room today.

Xue Xi spotted her anomalous action and looked at her in confusion.

Ye Li smiled. “Xixi, do you want to play games?”

Xue Xi paused. “No…”

She was going to study the elements for a while.

Other parents were worried that their children could not quit their internet addiction, but Ye Li was always worried that Xue Xi’s life was not rich enough.

Afraid that her daughter would not have anything in common to talk about with other students, she would occasionally want her to come into contact with something new.

Ye Li grabbed her arm. “Come play something for me.”

Xue Xi could only helplessly follow her to the study room. Ye Li picked up her phone and downloaded a mobile game for her.

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This was a five-man compet.i.tion game. Not only could it be played on a phone, but it also had a desktop version. Newcomers were taught just the basics, and every match thereafter was a random ranking compet.i.tion.

This was a MOBA game!

However, this game tested one’s cooperation. No matter how formidable she was by herself, her victory depended on the other four.

Fortunately, Xue Xi matched up with someone good in the third round. His name was Wild King, and he played quite well. Following his lead, everyone won the game.

Xue Xi exited. Just as she was about to start another round, Wild King actually invited her to play two rounds with him.

Xue Xi nodded in agreement.

The moment she entered, while the team was waiting for the ranking, Wild King typed furiously at her: “I’ve opened this side account and wanted to play a winning streak, but the random teammates are too stupid. You played well, so I’ll bring you along for a few rounds.”

Xue Xi replied: “Okay.”

The two of them played for two hours. In the end, Xue Xi had to go read her book so she said her goodbyes to Wild King. Coincidentally, Wild King also replied: “Mhm, it’s enough for a side account to reach this point. I’ll go make a main account. Are you still playing tomorrow night?”

Just as Xue Xi was about to say that she was done, Ye Li said, “Let’s play for another two hours tomorrow night.”

Xue Xi: “…”

She could only reply: “Okay.”

After the two had agreed on the next day, Xue Xi could finally return to her favorite desk and start reading.

In the following week, Xue Xi was dragged by Ye Li to play games every night. It was boring to play alone, so she played alongside Wild King. The two of them had great chemistry, and they actually won steadily without losing. They played from bronze to glory, but the higher they got, the more she felt that this game was fun.

It was soon and the international school did not have any break this weekend. Xue Xi had to go to cla.s.s as usual, but when she woke up this morning, she realized that Gao Yanchen had sent her a message: “Qin Shuang is on vacation today. The Qin family picked her up early in the morning. Let’s go visit her at the Qin family after school. If I go with you, they won’t dare to not let us in.”

Xue Xi replied: “Okay.”

Actually, she was still not used to not having a chatterbox nagging her every day even after a week.

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