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Young Master Yan

Chapter 151 - : Knowledge Is Strength

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Chapter 151: Knowledge Is Strength

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After answering the questions, Xue Xi looked at Qin Shuang and asked in confusion, “What is it?”

Qin Shuang could not speak. She pa.s.sed the phone to Xue Xi, who frowned when she saw the poem.

It was her first time looking at Weibo today, and she realized that verbally attacking people could be done so easily. Just because they were online, they could be fearless, and they did not have to bear the legal consequences.

“Although it felt good to watch Little Missy answer the exercise questions just now, Master has spoken. If you think about it carefully, she was indeed showing off her skills. She can be accused of making a scene.”

“As a parent of a student, I personally feel that children should focus on their studies. Live-streaming to earn money is indeed not something a third-year student should do!”


This group of people had no idea about Qin Shuang’s real situation. It was really laughable how they were pretending to be morally superior and accusing her of wrongdoing.

Feeling a little angry, Xue Xi typed a line of words on Qin Shuang’s phone. She then uploaded it on Weibo and returned the phone to her.

Qin Shuang was stunned. She saw Xue Xi stand up and put her papers and pen into her bag. “I’m going.”

Qin Shuang: “?”

She watched in a daze as Xue Xi’s cold figure quickly disappeared at the entrance. When she returned to her senses, she saw the live-stream’s comments being spammed.

“Little Miss is so awesome!”

“Hahaha, actually, I’ve been unhappy with Yu Wei for a long time. However, my literary talent can’t compare to his and I can’t win in a fight with a scholar. It feels great to see Little Missy do that today!”

“This Little Miss is too all-powerful. I’m a fan!”


Qin Shuang asked them in confusion, “What happened?”

The commenters replied with a “Hahaha” and then told her to look at her Weibo.

As they had been live-streaming, although the camera did not point at Xue Xi’s face, everyone could see their interactions in the live-stream. Hence, everyone knew that Xue Xi had taken Qin Shuang’s phone to post a Weibo message.

Qin Shuang hurriedly exited the live-stream and looked at Weibo. She saw a Weibo post that she had just posted:

[White Light] @Yu Wei

Bamboo handsome,

Bamboo wholesome.

Withering without joints,

Moonlike with joints.

Substance prosperous,

Substance numerous.

Can be made into coal,

Can be made into a pole.”

In just a few minutes, there were more than a thousand comments below. They were all praising Xue Xi. That kind-hearted person from before seemed to have heard about this matter and ran over to continue interpreting.

Kind-hearted Person: “I’m here again. I’m not partic.i.p.ating in the argument. I’m only in charge of the interpretation!

“Bamboo handsome, (Bamboo can be made into pens and bamboo slips, allowing one to write beautiful words.)

“Bamboo wholesome (Bamboo can be made into a flute or lute, producing beautiful melodies.)

“Withering without joints, (Bamboo have joints, where the joints represent integrity and morals. Without joints, a bamboo will wither. This denotes that a person without integrity will not have a good ending.)

“Moonlike with joints. (Bamboo with joints is normal bamboo. They are upright and honest, like the beautiful moon.)

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“Substance prosperous, (The forest is lush with resources.)

Just as she was chewing on the tip of her pen and worrying about the math questions she had answered, she suddenly heard a knock on the door.

Could it be that the girl who rented the apartment next door did not have a key?

Qin Shuang scratched her head. Her hair was in a mess and her makeup was all ruined. However, her mind was filled with the math questions, so she opened the door without thinking.

Just as the door swung open, a grinding voice was heard. “Qin! Shuang!”

Qin Shuang was stunned when she saw Mrs. Qin, Mr. Qin, and Qin Lu standing outside.

Her face darkened. “Why are you guys here? You’re not welcome…”

Before she could finish speaking, Mrs. Qin rushed over and grabbed her arm. “Why couldn’t you just study well? Why are you still doing live-streams? Everyone in the industry came to ask me if you are my daughter. You’ve embarra.s.sed the Qin family! Come home with me now!”

Qin Shuang was not as strong as Mrs. Qin. Moreover, Mr. Qin had grabbed her from the other side. She struggled and shouted, “Let go of me! Help!”

The neighbors heard the sound and opened the door to check. Someone asked warily, “What happened?”

Qin Lu hurriedly said, “She is my sister. She is too rebellious. Ah Shuang, come home with us. You are still a student. How can you run away from home and do live-streams?”

Qin Shuang used all her strength and wanted to hug the door, but Mr. Qin was a man after all. He immediately picked her up and Qin Shuang shouted, “I don’t have parents like you guys. Let go of me!”

The neighbors wanted to stop them, but Mrs. Qin showed them her household register. After the neighbors confirmed their relationship, they treated it as a rebellious child leaving home and watched helplessly as Qin Shuang was dragged away.


Qin Shuang was thrown into the car. She wanted to leave but was restrained. Both her hands were tied up, and she was returned home.

The next day, when Xue Xi was in cla.s.s, she realized that Qin Shuang was not there.

During the cla.s.s break, Qin Shuang’s mother came to the school to help her with the transfer procedures.

Xue Xi felt that something was amiss and chased after Mrs. Qin. “Auntie, where did Qin Shuang transfer to?”

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