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Chapter 150 - The Live Broadcast Is On Fire!!

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Chapter 150: The Live Broadcast Is On Fire!!

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Xue Xi looked at the comments with a cold expression. “Fire the questions.”

Someone really posted a question on the screen.

“Choose from five different colors to give the areas A, B, C, and D colors. The rules state that each area can have only one color applied, and the neighboring areas can’t be applied with that same color. How many color combinations can be applied? Note: ABCD is one of the four areas in the field.”

Xue Xi had just finished reading the question when she blurted out, “260 combinations.”

The comment section got filled with question marks, and there were also people who accused her of playing around.

Xue Xi frowned. “I think it’s also up to you guys to provide the answers to the questions.”

“Sure, wait for me to open the book.”

“F*ck, I can’t take this lying down. I must reduce her spirit! Wait for me to find a question!”

All kinds of questions appeared on the live comments. As more and more questions appeared, Xue Xi’s answering speed became faster and faster. Almost as soon as the questions appeared on the screen, she could give the right answer, and this made the live-stream explode!

However, there were restrictions when it came to typing. Some of the more complicated questions could not be fired at her. Hence, someone asked:

“Can we take pictures of the questions and post them on White Light’s Weibo first, then you can answer them?”

Xue Xi said, “Sure, but I’m in a hurry. I’ll do only the first hundred questions.”

Everyone: “…”

A hundred questions while in a hurry?

Make them do a hundred questions and it’d take them four to five hours!

Xue Xi opened the comment section again, and indeed, someone had posted a picture.

Before this, the questions posted on the screen could be written in simpler words. However, now that they could post pictures, the questions had increased in difficulty.

The first question was for Geometry.

Xue Xi took a glance and slowly said, “This question requires an auxiliary line…”

She picked up her pen and took out a piece of paper. In a few moves, she drew on the paper the picture of the question on her screen. After making a support line, she started reading the answer. “Because AC is parallel to BD, so…”

After answering one question, she started answering the next one…

The live-stream exploded and the popularity increased.

Weibo seemed to be monitoring the changes in traffic and also giving priority based on popularity. When Xue Xi reached the 50th question, the popularity of the live-stream had risen to one million viewers!

Qin Shuang stared at her phone and did not dare to move. She could only watch as her Weibo rose from 40,000 to one million! Moreover, it was still rising crazily!

“Wuwuwu, Mom asked me why I was kneeling while watching a live-stream!”

“Mommy came home and saw me watching a live-stream. She was about to rush over with a broom because this is the first time I’m being so self-righteous while playing with my phone. I pa.s.sed the phone to her and said that I’m learning from the curve wrecker. Now Mom is watching with me! I suddenly feel so honored!”

“The homeroom teacher requested us to take a look at a real genius!”


Bombarded with all sorts of comments, the staff from the Elephant live-streaming platform finally noticed them.

Qin Shuang was originally a small-time streamer who was targeted by the big shots. The fans had reported her fervently, and the live-stream platform could only block Qin Shuang’s account.

But now—the staff directly knelt down!

In the live comments, there were official statements from the Elephant live-streaming platform. “The streamer White Light has proven that she was not putting on a show for attention. Her live-streaming account has been unsealed and the official page has given her an apology!”

This comment went on several times before it was finally noticed by Qin Shuang.

There were also such comments:

“Sorry, I just sent up a university question and found out that this Brainiac knows how to answer it too. I’m kneeling!”

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“Let me say this in silence. I have also posted a Math compet.i.tion question, and Brainiac has answered it correctly.”

Makes the sages watching reel in disgust.

By having rotting mud on the bed and table,

Are you not afraid of the fecal flies sullying your label?”

Qin Shuang, who was dumbstruck after reading it: “?” She did not understand at all! However, there was a kind-hearted person in the comment section below the poem who answered for her:

Kind-hearted Person: “Come, Master’s poems are too profound. I’m afraid you mortals won’t understand it, so I’ll explain:

“The great rarely enter the grand halls since ancient times. (In ancient times, great scholars rarely served as officials and liked to live in seclusion. They didn’t like to deal with the opinions of the populace.) Has it become common to plagiarize amid these bustling eyes? (To do homework and write essays under the scrutiny of everyone, isn’t that a joke?) All academic theories originate from the same, (Be it science, philosophy, literature, or ethics, all knowledge stem from the wisdom of the ancients). But can a lowly woman share the same claim? (How can a lowly, unethical woman learn it well?)

“Playing to the gallery despite skills common as dust, (With skills as common as the dust at one’s soles, who are you trying to impress?) Makes the sages watching reel in disgust. (Don’t insult the knowledge of the sages with your filthy hands!) By having rotting mud on the bed and table, (It’s like placing rotten mud on the bed and table). Are you not afraid of the fecal flies sullying your label? (Doesn’t the stench get on your clothes?)

“I’m not the producer of these words. I’m just an interpreter. No need to thank me!”

They finally understood.

“The master is criticizing White Light. He said that as a student, she is using her studies to attract attention. The Internet nowadays is getting worse!”

“Master’s words are not unreasonable! A student’s main goal is to learn. Given your status, should you be doing live-streaming?”

Qin Shuang trembled in fear.

A famous literary figure of his caliber was criticizing her, and this would lead to a whole other discussion! There were now fewer comments in the live-stream, and some parents even said, “Master is right. Why is a student doing a live-stream?”

Qin Shuang clenched her fists as a look of humiliation flashed across her eyes.

Of course, she knew that her ident.i.ty made her unsuited to do live-streaming. However, other than live-streaming, she could not think of any other way to earn money and ensure her safety!

If she did not live-stream, she would starve to death.

This group of people did not understand her at all. Why did they bring up this topic to criticize her?!

She looked up at Xue Xi and shouted with a choked voice, “Sister Xi…”

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