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Young Master Yan

Chapter 149 - Little Miss A Blew Up!

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Chapter 149: Little Miss A Blew Up!

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“Sister Xi, how did you know about my situation?”

Qin Shuang had followed Xue Xi to the school’s entrance. On the way, she acted like her usual chatterbox self. After explaining everything, she cursed at the live-stream platform while feeling hurt before asking that question curiously.

Xue Xi carried her bag and placed her hands in her pockets obediently. As she touched the vocabulary book she had created, she silently memorized a word and replied, “Oh, I saw that something was amiss. I asked Little Flame.”

Qin Shuang: “…”

She thought that Sister Xi had seen it on Weibo. Indeed, she was thinking too much.

Xue Xi briefed Uncle Li and the two of them headed to the house Qin Shuang was renting. It was in a family complex near the school and she was staying in a house’s master bedroom.

When Xue Xi followed her in, she saw that the living room was a little dirty and messy. The master bedroom was very simple. Other than a bed, there was only a study table and a simple cabinet. There were not many clothes in it.

Qin Shuang cleaned up and said, “I left my previous house suddenly, so I didn’t take my clothes. Sister Xi, sit here!”

She tidied up the only desk in the room and pushed a chair for Xue Xi to sit on before sitting by the bed.

Qin Shuang looked at her. “Sister Xi, how do you intend to help me prove it?”

Xue Xi thought for a moment and said, “Didn’t they say that I was putting on a fake show by doing questions? Actually, that’s not true. I’ll do the questions live.”

Qin Shuang thought for a moment. This was indeed the most direct method. She immediately opened her phone’s Weibo. “My live-stream room has been blocked. Let’s do it live on Weibo, then.”


Qin Shuang opened Weibo’s live-stream and asked, “Sister Xi, do you want to show your face? Or just show your hand?”

She felt that based on Xue Xi’s personality, she would definitely not like to make too much of a fuss. Moreover, wealthy families were very wary of such things and rarely showed their faces.

Indeed, Xue Xi replied, “I won’t show my face.”

While the two of them were talking, some people had already entered the live-stream and started sending messages:

“Eh, Ms. White Light is doing a live-stream on Weibo? Why didn’t she inform us?”

“Who is the lady who spoke? She sounds so cold and l.u.s.ty. I’m a woman, yet I’m nearly being led astray.”

When Qin Shuang saw that more than 30 people had come to her live-stream, she thought for a while and posted on Weibo:

White Light: “Didn’t you ask me to prove it? Come on, @Great Elephant Live Broadcast Official.”

After the message was sent out, she returned to the live-stream and said, “The officials have insistently been saying that my previous video was a sham. It’s been three days since they’ve sealed my live-stream and they still haven’t given me an explanation. This is too much! Therefore, I pleaded with the straight-A student who sits behind me in cla.s.s and asked her to prove to everyone that she is indeed not putting on an act!”

After saying that, she pointed the camera at Xue Xi. “Sister Xi, let’s start!”

Xue Xi nodded and took out a blank paper from her bag. She explained, “This is today’s math a.s.signment.”

Then, she started doing it.

Indeed, she rarely used drafts to make calculations. No matter how hard a question was to solve, she could still see what the answer was with just one glance. While she was engrossed in answering the questions, the room was very quiet. All she could hear was the sound of her pen against the paper.

The comments were bustling:

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“This hand is really beautiful. Just by looking at that grip, I can’t take it anymore.”

However, the people in the comments were still mocking her:

“Even if you don’t have an answer sheet, you can make one yourself and just memorize that before doing it on the paper!”

Qin Shuang was infuriated by this group of people. “Why can’t we just trust each other more? Sister Xi usually takes half an hour to finish a set of math papers. She usually submits her papers early during the examination, and all the teachers know about it!”

However, the more she explained, the fiercer the commenters became. No matter what, they refused to believe her.

Qin Shuang chattered non-stop and quarreled with the people on the screen. “You guys are the ones who made me do a live-stream to prove I wasn’t faking. I’ve proven it now, and so many things have happened, so what exactly do you guys want? I’m really speechless! How can netizens be so scary?”

Even though Xue Xi was doing the questions, she could also mult.i.task. Listening to Qin Shuang’s retorts, she roughly understood what was going on. Hence, she looked at Qin Shuang and slowly said, “Don’t worry.”

Qin Shuang shut her mouth.

Xue Xi had just finished doing this set of papers. She picked up her phone and entered Qin Shuang’s live-stream. Looking at the comments on the comments, she thought about it carefully and said, “You guys can freely provide questions on the bullet screen. I’ll answer them. This way, you can at least prove that this isn’t staged, right?”

After a moment of silence, the comment section exploded!

“F*ck, that tone is so arrogant!”

“Provide questions on the bullet screen? Why do I feel that Little Miss A has exploded?!”

“Am I the only one who thinks that Little Missy’s voice is as nice as her beautiful hands? She evokes a sense of l.u.s.t!”

“Although I think that Little Missy is amazing, she is so that it’ll be easy for her to get into trouble.”

“The streamer is too arrogant. Anyone can give questions? Your words are too much and deserve a dislike. Quick, who here is a third-year student? Give her a question. I want to watch this streamer get into trouble online!”

“The young lady is too ignorant. I also want to know how the streamer will explain herself after the disaster.”

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