Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 148 - Little Kid, Hold On Tight

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Chapter 148: Little Kid, Hold On Tight

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Lu Chao was really a coward. On the other hand, even though Jing Fei was a person who pretended to be the biggest scaredy-cat, he was actually more daring than anyone else. He would always say “I’m so scared” and then barge right in.

Moreover, why did his words carry a hint of mockery?

And was his progress slow?

He just felt that the little kid was too young!

Xiang Huai shot him another cold glance and ate a mouthful of food. “You might think it’s slow, but the little kid thinks I’m going too fast. So that’s that.”

Jing Fei: “?”

F*ck! He was so turned on by his boss!

Xiang Huai continued, “Anyway, you want to be fast, but can you get it up quickly?”

He slowly added, “You don’t even have anyone to go fast with.”

Jing Fei: “…”

He should not have asked about Xiang Huai’s relationship progress!

The corners of Jing Fei’s lips twitched for a while before he recovered. His life force was as strong as that of wild gra.s.s. Now it was as though such blows did not hurt him at all.

He continued, “Boss, is that really alright? You have breakfast with Sister Xi every day and talk for a while. But then you won’t see her for the whole day and don’t even talk through WeChat? You guys don’t seem to be in love at all.”

Xiang Huai made no answer to that and merely ordered coldly, “Give this painting back.”

Jing Fei pursed his lips. “Sigh. I traveled overnight last night to get that and now you want me to return it just as soon. Boss, you are too heartless! I wanted to have breakfast with your delicate wife!”

Despite saying this, he walked out.

After he left, Xiang Huai turned to look at the door. A couple in love walked past the provision store hand in hand. They were holding a single ice cream. One would take one bite, then the other would take one. It looked really pure.

He could not help but think that the situation between him and the little kid was indeed different. That was why she had always been unmoved.

Xiang Huai put down his chopsticks and suddenly picked up his phone to open a webpage. He typed: “What to do while dating…”

The next day was Monday. While Xue Xi was eating, she felt that something was amiss. Xiang Huai had been looking at her today and seemed eager to try doing something. It was a mystery what he was thinking.

After having breakfast and holding hands, she was just about to go to cla.s.s when she realized that Xiang Huai had followed her. Moreover, he’d pushed a bicycle out in front of the entrance and now sat on it. He used his leg to balance himself, then pointed at the backseat. “Come up.”

Xue Xi looked at him in confusion.

Xiang Huai looked ahead. “I’ll send you to school.”

Xue Xi: “?”

She looked in the direction of the school. From here to the school gate, it should be less than a thousand meters away. Was there a need to send her off? And ride a bicycle?

While she was hesitating, Xiang Huai said in a low voice, “I’m a very stable biker.”


Xue Xi helplessly walked over. Upon sitting on the bicycle’s backseat, she felt still a little lost. At this moment, she heard Xiang Huai say, “Little kid, hold on tight.”

Hold on tight?

What for?

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With this thought in her mind, the bicycle suddenly moved forward. As she was forced to lean backward, her hand subconsciously tugged at the corner of Xiang Huai’s shirt.

The students retorted, “Teacher, cla.s.s has not started yet!”

The language teacher chided, “Cla.s.s has not started yet, but I happen to have something to say. I saw Xue Xi on the way here, and even though she already has a guaranteed spot in Huaxia University, she’s not arrogant nor impatient. She’s still making use of her time to memorize ‘Encouraging Learning.’ All of you should learn from her.”

Xue Xi: “…”

This was truly a beautiful misunderstanding.

Her cheeks were hot and she lowered her head. It was only after two periods had pa.s.sed that the heat on her face subsided. At this moment, she realized that the chatterbox in front of her was a little off.

During the last two periods, she had been keeping her head lowered, and it was not clear what she was doing. She seemed to be on the phone and sounded very angry.

Qin Shuang was indeed very angry.

Logically speaking, the live-stream platform should have given her tips and dividends yesterday. She had received about eight to nine thousand yuan from the live-stream last month, which was an amount that could solve her pressing problem.

However, after she was banned on the live-stream platform, her remuneration was also frozen. She called the customer service, and the customer service’s att.i.tude was very official. “Your live-stream has been sealed because of its bad influence, so the remuneration can’t be settled for the time being, until you can prove that you didn’t put on a fake show back then.”

Qin Shuang was really infuriated. She had been explaining to them what happened for the past few days, but now, she was actually bullying others?

She roared, “You guys are too much! If you don’t give me any remuneration, I’ll expose you on Weibo!”

The customer service: “Then I’ll send you a lawyer’s letter.”


Qin Shuang hung up and was sulking the whole day. When school ended, she was still sprawled on the table with a listless expression. At this moment, the table was suddenly knocked on.

She looked up and saw Xue Xi standing beside her with her bag. “Let’s go.”

Qin Shuang paused. “Where are we going?”

“Your house.” Xue Xi’s expression was calm and aloof. “To prove that you didn’t lie or put on a show.”

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