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Chapter 146 - Xu Fang Won't Let Her Survive (4)

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Chapter 146: Xu Fang Won’t Let Her Survive (4)

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“This painting is too big. Even if we were to imitate it now, we wouldn’t finish in time!”

“It can’t be repaired either. Tea Leaves damaged it too severely.”

“What should we do? Many international guests came to see this painting. Ms. Xu Fang is too evil. How can she bear to use this painting to harm others?”


Fu Chun also sighed. “I knew that she wanted to harm others, yet I deliberately ignored her. By the time I found out that she was using this painting to frame someone, it was too late to stop her. It was me who’d made a huge mistake, so I’ve already contacted a few people about this urgent matter. Unfortunately, they can’t guarantee that they’d be able to send the other imitations to us tomorrow.”

Ye Li also frowned.

As Fu Chun had said, Xu Fang just wanted to harm her when she asked her to cooperate, but Ye Li did not expect Xu Fang to be so ruthless. She actually used this painting to trick her.

What should she do now?

Xu Fang struggled to get up from the ground. As though she was crazy, she suddenly shouted, “Hahaha, Ye Li, I lost! I lost! But so what if I lost? You guys still have to play with me!”

After shouting, she started crying again. “Why should I lose? Why must you always be the first? I’m clearly the one who is the most hardworking. You’re love-crazed—all you focused on is your relationship. What do you know about art?

“Also, why are you biased toward her? I made a mistake so I’ll quit my job. I’ll pay for it by sealing my brush! But what about you? The art exhibition is in such huge trouble now. Don’t you have to take responsibility? Ha ha ha ha… Ye Li, in the end, it’s you who harmed Recluse! All of you have to go down with me if you want to ruin my reputation!”

Fu Chun’s face darkened. “You’re really courting death. If you don’t want to hurry and apologize, just get out!”

A security guard rushed in and grabbed Xu Fang’s arm in front of everyone. He dragged her out and threw her out of the art exhibition. Her reputation was ruined and she deserved it!

In the room, when Tea Leaves saw this situation, his legs turned weak and he squatted down. He suddenly shouted, “This was all because Xu Fang forced me. She forced me to do it! My paintings are not famous. I draw seriously every day, but I can’t earn a single cent. I was mocked by my family and was forced to give up. She forced me and helped me sell my paintings. Every time I sold one, I had to give her a 90% share… Sob, I had no choice. My family is poor. I wanted to earn money…”

As he spoke, he covered his head and started crying. “I know that my actions defile art, but it’s too tiring. You guys don’t understand. Chasing my dreams is too tiring.”

When he cried, many painters could not help but also tear up.

There were so many painters around, but how many of them were truly well-known? What did the rest of them rely on to survive? Chasing their dreams was a painful endeavor. They were also humans and they had families. Many wives despised their husbands for not doing proper work and leaving their children without income. How many husbands despised their wives for being too stubborn and fell out with them?

No one could truly know the pain.

However, it was because of these people’s pursuit that so many famous paintings are in existence.

One couldn’t say that he’s wrong. It’s just that his method was devoid of the dignity a scholar should have.

The atmosphere in the room became gloomy. Someone even sighed. “So, what is the meaning of our insistence?”

Ye Li replied, “A dream and a legacy.”

Everyone was stunned.

Ye Li’s voice was very gentle. She spoke neither fast nor slow as she said slowly, “Our national art is becoming less and less noticed. If even we don’t persist, will it disappear down the long river of history one day?”

Everyone stood up straight. At this moment, a sense of mission arose within them.

Ye Li continued, “We can’t allow life to hinder us, but we also can’t give up life for the sake of our dreams. You guys are right. I think our art a.s.sociation should accept some projects and give everyone jobs and salaries. For instance, if we do it by ourselves, that game will definitely take time to finish as it requires many frames. Why don’t we let everyone partic.i.p.ate?”

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Fu Chun nodded. “I think you’re right.”

Xue Xi hung up and said to everyone in the room, “It’s settled. Someone will send the painting over tomorrow morning. The exhibition won’t be ruined. Don’t worry.”

Everyone: “…”

Why could they not believe it?

But they had no other options anyway!

The next day, everyone arrived at the art exhibition early in the morning. All of them stretched their necks out and stared at the entrance of the art exhibition.

The art exhibition opened at 8 AM and it was already 7:30 AM.

The painting had to be delivered by 7:50 AM for them to hang it up.

Everyone was on tenterhooks. Only Xue Xi had a calm expression as she looked at the entrance with her misty eyes.

At this moment, Xu Fang walked in. She looked pathetic, and her eyes were red as though she did not sleep well last night.

Fu Chun frowned. “Why are you here?”

Xu Fang looked harsh and vicious. Having had her reputation torn to shreds, she appeared a little crazy. “I’m here to watch you guys crash and burn today! Hahaha, without the ‘Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains,’ the people who’ll come to see the exhibition today will definitely make a scene. Let’s see how you guys can appease them!”

Fu Yuanxiu said, “Then you might be disappointed. The Xue family has already found a suitable replacement.”

Xu Fang paused before laughing. “A replacement? Haha, it’s hard to copy that painting. There aren’t many replicas around. If your replacement is too different from the real one, do you think everyone who comes to look at the art exhibition will be fooled?”

She then turned to look at Ye Li. “Also, do you know that the people who bought my paintings came looking for me yesterday asking for their money back? Even my husband wants to divorce me in order to protect his company. I’m done for… However, since you’ve ruined me, I won’t let you have a good life either! Today, I’ll see what kind of crude and makeshift imitation your Ye Li can find!”

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